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Have you ever wanted to make a show out of the stories you write? Or maybe you wanted to read said stories? Well look no farther than right here at T.V Shows! From Episodic stories to overarching ones, we accept those stories here. As with all groups, there are some rules:

1.The stories have to been made no earlier than May of 2020. This is to ensure newer stories get some time to shine as well(although promotions to older stories that follow the group rules are still allowed).

2.Each chapter must have a name of the ep or must be noted that it's a arc(Example Ep 1: A New Beginning or in the case of an Arc story- Arc 1: The Start)

3.All Tags/ratings are allowed so long as they are relevant to the story and don't break the site rules.

4.Promotions are allowed but please don't spam the comment sections and only one story/promotion a week.

5.Be respectful towards and keep profanity to a minimum. While I'm not againest foul language, using it to harm others will not be tolerated.

6.The stories don't have to be complete upon submission. The stories can be complete, incomplete, Hiatus or Canceled. If the story/s are on hiatus, you should inform the readers why and when an update will be available (if possable).

7.While there is no word limit to each ep/chapter, try to keep it consistent (I.E, if you write roughly 2K per chapter, that should be the average). You are allowed to have parts in your stories (I.E, Episode 2 The Big Maze part 2)

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or one of the Admins. I hope to see all of your amazing stories:heart:

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I like Goulash.
Thanks for the inv!

Wouldn’t make sense to deny an offer to join a group run by my partner in FimFic writing. So I decided to join.

I'm member 10. I wonder how many people will join.

Thank you for the invite!

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Yay! Fifth to join and liking here!

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