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This is for all my friends on this site who are so loving and supportive of me, even though I'm very new.
I thought a fan club would be a great idea, so here it is! My fanclub!

All normal site rules apply here, and breaking them will get you banned from the club, so watch you back.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!

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Happy to have you here:pinkiehappy:

Happy to be here!:pinkiehappy:

And we thank you for your purchase
SR Steakthedog

(Rarity Voice)

Wonderful darling! Absolutely wonderful!:raritystarry:

Then I thank you at Pinkie Inc for your service:pinkiesmile:

They come with all units of Pinkie Inc party supplies!
SR Steakthedog
And here is the operators manual.

(photo finish voice)
I, Epona, have awwived! :coolphoto:

Yes please.
And do you have those multicolored streamers by any chance?

nice would you like an Orbital Party Cannon (OPC) with them?

I would love some!:pinkiehappy:
Sounds cool!:rainbowwild:

I've got 20 tonnes of spare party supplies so... Ya want it?
the other 500000 tonnes are over at final fantasy forever's page.

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