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This group is mainly about have no limits and being free to do whatever you can dream of. Feel free to touch the sky because the sky is limitless.

The folders are simple but to clarify to the people who don't get it:

Tiny Wings is for 'Everyone' stories only.

Not Too Young is for 'Teen' stories only.

Old Nightmares, New Dreams is for 'Mature' stories only.
- This folder has two other folders that separate the clean from the filthy. Please put your stories in the right folder.


- No fighting, bullying, teasing, or confusing fun with fulfilment or pleasure with happiness!
- If you start the fight, you will be banned.
- I do not care if you cuss. Just don't call others out of their name.
- When posting in the forum, please be respectable and don't post anything NSFW. (graphic gore and bad memes are included in this category)
- Try to live in peace and love one another. We are all friends here.
- Be yourself!
- Speck your mind!
- Don't be scared!
- Dream on!!!

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