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WELCOME! :heart:

This is a group made so that if you have an idea for a story, but can't write it for varying reasons (no time, you haven't fleshed it out enough, etc.), you can share it here and maybe, MAYBE someone else looking for ideas will find it and decide to write the story you couldn't :D

You can share ideas in the forum, and if anyone does make a story out of the ideas here you can put them in their respective folders.

Example: Person A shares an crossover idea between equestria girls and strawberry shortcake. Person B sees this idea and makes a story out of it. Person B is now free to add their story to a folder. (If you pitched in an idea and later you manage to write it yourself, you can also put it in a folder)

I made it like this because it'd be pretty sad if someone actually used your idea and you never knew about it.

1. If you want credit for your ideas please make sure you say that.
2. NSFW ideas should be marked accordingly.
3. Have fun :)

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