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Hello everyone and welcome to the displaced hybrid group.

This group is for those who want to make a story that takes aspects, elements, monsters or plot points from multiple different franchises and mash them up into one story.

For example, one could have a character buy the black and gold clothes of Kat from gravity rush and the mantry reacter from Asuras wrath. You can use the plot from ether one or somehow mash them up into something new.

Your not limited to just two, you can have a story crossed with ten different franchises if you want.

However there are some rules.

1: No comment War's or negative responses. Only constrictive criticism. Multiple offenses of deconstructive criticism or just being down right unsocial will result in being banned from this group.

2: Please place your story's in the correct folder. Failure to do so will result in suspended access to this group and your story rejected.

3: Don't place your story here if it doesn't follow these guidelines.

1: The story must be more then one crossover. For example the story can have the displaced as a combination of two or more different characters, or have multiple different people being displaced as different characters but ending up in the same world.

2: Your character cannot be overpowered. For every one strength they have they need to have three weaknesses on top (This is not an accurate measurement. Just make it so they can be beaten). If at any point a displaced character shows signs of being to powerful without a reasonable explanation or go's passed a certain point of strength, the author will be notified and asked to correct this. Failure to do so will lead to the story being removed.

3: Place your story in the correct folder. First time offenders will be given a warning, but repeated offenders will have there story removed and the user banned.

This group was made to allow easy access for displaced story's this group is modeled over, and to get a new concept out there. The displaced genre is owned by its respectful owners.

If you have any questions or concerns, just PM me and I'll answer them.

Happy writeing. ^^

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Constructive criticism: Displaced is shit, contain your shit to one group instead of branching out whenever one of you has a hissy fit about how other shitty writers deluded into thinking any of this is good have a disagreement about "Displaced."

Stick to one fucking group, have all your Displaced shitfics in that group, and have different folders for variants like this. For fuck's sake.


This group have some great potential.

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