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I'm a highly imaginative and clever storymaker with a great imagination and desire to make great stories, I'm very dedicated to my stories and will always do my best to finish them. :)


Twilight has always been obsessive about her hobbies, but when she discovers that magic is real she let's it take over her life, and the bonds she formed are slowly fading.

But when a mysterious being warns her of impeding ghosts that will come to teach her a lesson, it's up to Twilight to get out of her own head.

Will she remember the true meaning of Friendship?

[My third writing binge, look forward to the next one coming soon after I finish this one, a requested story by JBlaser]

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"[I know Christmas is already passed but better late than never, I always say,] :pinkiesmile:"

There are 12 days of Christmas remember?

“I learned that there are more important things in my life than my obsessions, you guys,” Twilight said dropping the backpack.

Well, there's no reason she'd have to give up her research altogether - just sort out a healthy work-life balance.

Something like that, she just learned she needs a healthier hobby, one that won't take her the rest of her life to do.

As Future showed her.

To be fair, if Equestrian magic is leaking into EqG-ville, then logically someone ought to be researching it. Though there's no need for Twilight to dedicate her entire life to that if she has friends to share in the work.

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