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Aether Spark

I'm a highly imaginative and clever story-maker with a passion for telling stories and presenting my ideas (even helping others who need it). Need another reason to be my buddy? I like pizza (:


Gonna be absent for a little... · 1:51pm February 29th

My grandmother just passed away... :raritycry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2:

I'm going to need a little bit before I can post any stories, I've got another country to travel to and a funeral to attend.

Wish my tear ducts luck... :fluttershysad:

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And the winner is.... · 8:45pm January 15th

I have looked at the thread, my stories last chapter and the blog post and found the winner.

the final tally is as follows

1. 3

2. 0

3. 2

4. 0

5. 3

6. 6

The winner is... 6: Friendship is absolute chaos

I'll get to work ASAP, be seeing you guys, ciao. :pinkiehappy:

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MERRY CHRISTMAS · 6:26pm Dec 25th, 2019

To everyone, I hope you all have a good holiday. and though my present of my next story will come somewhere in January I look forward to what you all will vote for as my next project until then.

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My next story idea · 10:10pm Dec 5th, 2019

Well, my inherited story is complete. :yay:

As for what's next... I'm not sure, to be honest. I have so many ideas my head hurts trying to contain them all. :rainbowwild:

So, I'll let you all pick from these 6 choices, let me know in the comments which one you'd like to see.

Voting is closed for now, until next time my fellow writers

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