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Aether Spark

I'm a highly imaginative and clever storymaker with a great imagination and desire to make great stories, I'm very dedicated to my stories and will always do my best to finish them. :)


Imma back · 1:09am September 10th

The title says it all my vacation was great, [minus a bee infested shack where the family spent time together] and now I can resume making the stories that you all love, works coming at me hard and fast though, so I won't be super duper fast, but I'll do my best. :raritywink::pinkiesmile::rainbowdetermined2:

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Brb · 12:12am August 29th

I'm going on a family vacation for a while, so updates may be slow for a while, I am sorry for the delays.

I have been working hard at my job and my mother got a minor case of COVID-19, so after all that I'll disappear for a while.

Till then stay awesome my viewers. :twilightsmile:

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Good news · 5:23pm August 20th

September 21st to 24th Dark Deception is going to have a demo released which means Dark Deception Friendship is magic is going to as well.

We're so close I can feel it 😁

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Romance · 1:27am July 20th

I've been wanting to write something new with a touch of romance to it, which is why I am planning on also coming out with another story called...

The spell of destined love

Don't worry, this won't affect Friendship is absolute chaos, just thought I'd give a heads up.

Boy, this is going to be a busy time writing all of these stories, my fingers are going to be killing me. :rainbowlaugh:

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Chaos... · 12:43am July 17th

Yep! Now that The Strange Six has seen completion [for now] let's go back to a story you've all been wanting a continuation on.

Friendship is absolute chaos: fixing a distorted world.

It'll take some time but the final part of the saga comes soon.

Be ready! :rainbowdetermined2:

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Crossroads · 2:47am July 2nd

I will admit I love working on both stories, but I'm thinking that it will go quicker if I focus on one story first.

I turn to you viewers, which story should I focus on more, Fusion Life, or The Strange Six.

I will leave it to you guys. :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

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Incoming! · 10:27pm May 16th

I have a new story in the works that will be worked on alongside The Strange Six: Adventures of the six

It's called Fusion Life.

It'll be another great story, I need your opinions though.

This story will be the first among my stories to feature... risque things as well as romance and shipping.

I ask you people, how far should it go? I'm rather uncomfortable writing clop so I'm sure it won't go that far, we'll see.

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New art! · 12:36am April 13th

My beloved story Dark Deception friendship is magic is looking to update with new concept art provided by Indigo Storyheart.

Come swing by if you wish to see it.

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Read once you finish reading the story · 8:31pm January 22nd

Wasn't that a great start to a great series?

Now for the best part... It's all in your hands/hooves now! :pinkiehappy:

I am accepting adventure requests for the strange six, seeing as I plan for some adventures, help me build my stories with your ideas.

[Idea givers will be credited,]

This will be a journey The Strange Six and you will take together, so as a change in pace, I will post my first chapter, look at ideas and then pick one and build a story around it.

Read More

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Surprise! · 9:25pm January 19th

I saw how many votes for The Strange Six came up, so I went ahead and wrote out a starter for the series.

That's right, this is going to be a big adventure.

And as always unless I die of a heart attack tomorrow or something, I'll never let one of my stories die. :pinkiehappy:

Stay tuned in for it. ciao!

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