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I'm a highly imaginative and clever storymaker with a great imagination and desire to make great stories, I'm very dedicated to my stories and will always do my best to finish them. :)



Fluttershy has been keeping things from her friends, ever since she was a filly.

She has passed on many opportunities to tell them and that will stop today! She finally decided to call a meeting in with her friends to find out if they'll even stay her friends afterward.

However, she is quick to realize...

She's not alone...

[Credit to KingSombraTheTyrantRuler for helping me straighten this short story out, and credit to whoever made the cover picture,]

[Side note this soon-to-be series is a clear spinoff [with permission obtained long ago] of Undead Robot Bug crusaders I give credit to Banjo64]

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I for one don't believe Twilight Fully here for there is still what happens when she gets really angry, so it might just be she does not know it

maybe she is a Ifrit / half Phoenix or Seraphim?

Twilight could be perfectly technically honest in claiming to be a pony and still have a suitably weird secret. Like, say, being actually Celestia’s daughter (so that’s why she eventually became an alicorn!) or simply not the ‘real’ Twilight (whom none of the others may in fact ever have met) after all...

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Remember readers if you have any story suggestions for the upcoming sequel to this go to the blog post I have and let me know.

Idea givers will be credited. :raritywink:

Although the setup is clearly influenced by the CMCs story, this also reminds me of another un-finished hilarious story called Family Secrets: The Reveal where everyone of the Mane Six has anything but normal pony's background.

It sounds promising and hopefully won't be abandoned like the others.

Wait....Spike was there too......anything special about him?

Spike is literally a person who has lived through multiple generations of ponies (up until the current generation there has been a version of spike in every single generation)

Stuck in a reincarnation loop? No final rest, but the big wheel keeps bringing him back?

Pretty sure although with generation 4.5 sparky has taken his place (same color scheme just alternate emphasis on colors and is also a baby dragon)

Also I meant that quite literally there has been a version of spike in every single generation of MLP we might even see the truly fully grown version of Spike in generation 4.5 soon enough

I'd want Twilight's secret to be something really weak sauce, something just pointless to keep secret... Or the other option it's a secret she doesn't even know. Like Celestia has been spending centuries manipulating pony blood lines to produce Twilight, or in a slight twist Twilight isn't Celestia's child but one of her parents is.

What if nightlights a far off decedent of luna. Also I like the very real headcannon that twilight's got a bit of kirin blood which is why she went Ponyta that one time and is prone to lose herself in other emotions easily "twilinanans"

One suggestion is all ponies are infact related to the Sisters and are genetically split between "Say" Ponies and "Night" Ponies and Celestia has spnt centuries minipulating pony marriages to create Perfect genetc hybrid of the two lines, a "Twilght" pony. Twilight Sparkle is the result making her a "Proto Alicorn" who just needed a magical push to transform into a full Alicorn. And if Alicorns embody all ponies and of Kirin are a pony subspecies, they'd have a bit of Kirin in them. This would also help explain Flurry Heart. If Twilight is a "Proto Alicorn" so is Shining Armor, he has supessed Alicorn genes and had a child with a full Alicorn, so Flurry was born with a fully active Alicorn genes.

That sounds like a great idea 🙂 but I am curious about one thing.🤔

How does that explain the Grogar era? The pre Sisters era?🤔🤔🤔

Nah Kirins are half ponies and alicorns don't have all the pony traits only the main 3 otherwise Luna would have batwings and they would have crystaly coats.
Ps is solstice kirin just a pegasus hybrid or first of the generation thus stronger blood . Can there be more types like make flutters a summer solstice and there could be a winter solstice or equinoxes. And winter solstice niriks are ice types.

Later on you will find out that a Solstice Kirin is a special Kirin born on a Solstice, winter or summer and they have... other abilities than normal Kirins.

To be revealed when the story continues in...

The strange six: Adventures of the six.

Its a let down that Twily doesn't have anything to hide, but its reasonable. But I always thought of her saying that something is stalking her- like an observation, since she became an alicorn 'n all of that.

Canonically the Main 6 ARE constantly being stalked, ever since they became element bearers S.M.I.L.E.(Secret Monster Information League of Equestria) has been stalking them and helping them in secret. They even all have code names and are classified originally The Flower Rangers then as Agents of F.R.O.W.N. (Friendship Rangers Order of Worldwide Negotiators) after the Cutie Map showed up. Bon Bon aka Agent Sweetie Drops and her "best friend" Lyra Heartstrings constantly shadow them. And yes Celestia disbanded S.M.i.L.E. but a shadowy pony known only as "L" didist reform it, Huzzah!

Make alicorns tentacled 4 dimensional beings, with the normal pony appearance just being the part that fits in 3d space. And maybe throw in a few spells from celestia to keep twilight from noticing or using the eldrich powers.

Sunset, "I AM SUNBUTT JUNIOR! Wait, that doesn't sound as cool as in my head."

Here's a suggestion for Twi's big secret. One SO big even she does not know about it but Celestia and Luna do! Every time Twilight dies she is reborn as a new Twilight. sometimes in the far far far past, somethings in the far far far future, never remembering her previous incarnation. and not always looking the same as before

Sounds cool. 😎😎😎

How many stories are going to be in this series?

To be honest, i'm not sure, part of the fun will be finding out! :pinkiesmile:

“Sunscreen…. Lots of it,” she replied.


Love the setup. With most transformation based stories we either see only one of the Mane 6 transforming or all of the into one race. But all of them being such a wild mix is really great.

And even better there is a sequel already up, guess I know what to read next :raritywink:.

Thanks :twilightsmile:

I plan to go solo with this series as well, to give my editor a break, so hopefully, it'll still be good.

I look forward to some feedback. :pinkiesmile:

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