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This is a group dedicated to tabletop games, of all kind, and a place for you to gush about them on the forums if you feel the need. Tabletop RPGs, Card Games (of all kinds), and some of the more obscure games you can fit around a table with others (preferably friends and/or family). Just stick to the rules and we won’t have any problems.

The Rules:

1) No bashing other people, ponies, or creatures on a personal level

2) When praising or trashing a game give reasons why that are easy to follow, nothing vague like “this game is awesome” or “that game is terrible, steer clear” without the addition of clear reasons why you think that way

3) Play Nice, we want everyone to have a good time here no matter what it is they’re doing

4) If and when you use this group to set up play sessions with others specify how the gaming session with gather and what the game you are making a go at.

5) Anyone found being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk, which means being a hater about someone or something without giving clear reasons for it no matter how many times they are asked to specify will be dropped

6) Don’t ruin another’s fun just because you’re in a bad or sour mood

7) If you find any stories that heavily focus on or around tabletop games add them to the archive so others can potentially enjoy them as well

8) Everyone here is has a love and appreciation for tabletop games, so no ranting about how other types of games are “superior”, especially since there are probably groups for that. If you’re going to rant about games that aren’t tabletop in any way then you’re in the wrong place.

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