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They've only been in one episode but that didn't stop them from becoming instant faves.

Just in case you don't know Shimmy Shake is the with the orange mane and tail and Lighthoof is the one with the blue mane and tail. So yes, this group is for any and all stories featuring these to cheerleaders. Also you can't tell me that there was a sort of romance vibe going on between these two.

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Agreed. These girls are fun characters in my opinion. It is a shame that this will likely be the only time we see them.

The moment I saw these gals in “2, 4, 6, Greaaat”, I immediately couldn’t help but find them to be some of my instantly favorite characters.

I’m so happy that a group for them was made and that I found it, because I wanted to join a group about them for some time.

In my opinion, they’re even better than Lyra and Bon Bon.

Wow I'm shocked to see my story was put in here before I even discovered the group. I'm even more shocked that it became the first story here too.

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