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Sure compared to the other villains he isn't that bad, but considering the fact that he nearly caused a war between other nations and approved of a school just to get revenge of Twilight I don't think he should get away with that. Though what he did can't technically get him imprisoned it doesn't mean that he can just walk away and no creature do anything about it.

If he can't get imprisoned for his actions then there truly is only one other option. Getting fired from his position at the EEA.

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Yeah, he definitely needs to be fired.

I neer liked Chancellor Neighsay the minute-no, second I saw him:ajbemused:. He probably the most racist pony that I have ever seen:twilightangry2:! He totally needs to step down form the EEA and have somepony else take his place! Somepony who is actually willing to offer friendship to other species and established possible everlasting relationships with them:yay:! I have a pretty good idea who that should be:ajsmug:, just as soon as I have everything planned and in place so I can have her be put back into everypony's good grace again:raritywink:.

I read your story so I know what really happens, but do you think it counts and Neighsay getting fired

I agree that Neighsay needs to step down. His actions could've led to war, and no doubt have severely damaged the EEA's reputation after he started rubber stamping schools that met his personal preferences. Heck, I'd say he should end up in Twilight's School of Friendship, because I think it's clear he doesn't understand what friendship really means if he believes other creatures are somehow incapable of comprehending it outside of a weapon.

Down with Neighsay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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