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Make sure your "view mature" option is on to see all my work!! ;)

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Celestia kills everypony over a sandwich: brilliant hilarious I loved ......PS. I have a dark sense of humor

1413362 Of course.:pinkiesmile:

And no i dont know what to call it... sorry:fluttershyouch:

*Thanks* Dumb xbox keybord set up.

Thans for the reviw. I have had the idea to combine those... one shots in to an actual story... but I wouldn`t know what to call it. Would you happen to have any ideas.:pinkiehappy: If it does become an actual story though, it may take away from Fallout Stalliongrad`s creativity with me doing 2 FOE stories at the same time.

  • Viewing 53 - 57 of 57
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