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A safe haven for movie lovers and TV bingers alike to read and share Human in Equestria or other pony related stories inspired from, satirizing or parodying film/television, whether good or Norm of the North bad.

It's gonna be supercalifragilisticexpialadocious!

Feel free to join this group as well:

1.) No trolling, harassing or fighting each other.
We're not bucking children here, only MANCHILDREN (or womenchildren, idk) here! šŸ¤“

2.) Stories must be related to movies or shows in some form.
Whether it be a parody/spoof, homage, a character talking films, etc., movies in a way have to be the main focus. Just having a random crossover fic doesn't count.

3.) No spamming.

4.) All submitted stories must be COMPLETED.
It makes sense. It's like if you release footage of a movie without any of the special effects...

5.) NO NSFW!
No mature stories allowed.
*loses 90% of the pervy users here*

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Comment posted by Stolas deleted Oct 16th, 2021

Hello I have now joined This group

Hi! Glad to be here!

Hello. I'm new here. I know my story isn't a crossover or movie/tv show parody, but is it okay if I submit my story here?

Iā€™m here too :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Apr 6th, 2021

Are crossovers acceptable?

EDIT: It looks like they are. OK, then.

Dislikers have no lives ya know...

this is where I belong

Ah that makes sense Ill keep a look out for such storiea and add accordingly. :twilightsheepish:

Solely HiE parodies to films or parodies to films in general?

*roblox death sounds*

(No NSFW or crossovers!):pinkiehappy:

So I guess my Irreversible crossover with Rarity can go in the trash...

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