• Published 7th Sep 2013
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Courage - scion

Evil has come to the Everfree and Ponyville. The Elements must stand against it... but they will not be alone. The mysterious blue-eyed wolf will aid-or hamper- their efforts to bring harmony back to Equestria.

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Canon Deleted Scene: Angel versus Nightmare

This scene happened during the story, but I did not include it because I felt it would have broken the flow of the chapter.
This scene takes place during the chapter Shatter, after Twilight's scene but before the castle scene.

Nightmare Moon grinned as she stood over the unconscious body of Kindness. It had been an amusing little game, simply getting close to the mare; her animals had been quite fearsome in their protection of her. The manticore especially was aggressive; he would serve her well now that he had been brought to heel. The mare on the other hoof, true to her nature, had cowered before the Nightmare, begging for Luna not to do this. Foal. Could she not see that Luna, weak, pathetic, sniveling Luna was no longer here? She did not exist anymore. Nightmare Moon was everything Luna could be if she but used a fraction of her power. Luna was weak because she failed to take the respect and power that was her birthright, something Nightmare Moon would do without hesitation.

Musings done, the Nightmare lit her horn, probing for the subtle pull of power of the Element of Kindness.

It was close, like all the others. Celestia and Luna may have thought giving the Elements to their bearers made them easier to use, but it also made them easier to find. The subtle pulls upon her magic brought her to a hole in the wall, a well kept and very nice hole but a hole nonetheless.

Her horn flared as she magically reached into the hole and tugged at the source of the pull. A moment later, a golden necklace with a pink butterfly gem floated out of the hole. Unexpectedly, so did a small white bunny, who clutched the Element in a death grip as she hefted it to eye level. The glare he shot at the Nightmare was so at odds with his appearance that she had to laugh.

"Hahahaha! What is this? This was her plan? Of all the animals she could have as a guardian, the manticore, the bear, even the boars, she gave it to you? How pathetic. Let go of the Element and I shall not send you- oof!"

Nightmare Moon reeled from the blow- the rabbit had kicked her in the muzzle hard enough to cause her to stumble sideways. She brought a hoof to her jaw, feeling the area of the kick for damage; there was no blood, nor would it bruise, but the force the rabbit had put behind the kick had been tremendous in order to snap her head sideways-

The rabbit, hefting the Element, hopped out of the room.

Naked fury replaced outrage and surprise. With the bearer of Kindness forgotten, Nightmare Moon thundered through the door after that despicable rodent; down the stairs she flew before she spotted the bobbing white poof of tail of that spiteful rabbit. She wasted no time in seizing it with her magic, dragging him up to eye level by the tail, this time making sure to keep him well out of kicking range of her face.

"You will pay for your insult, bunny," she hissed at him, baring her fangs. "I shall enjoy your punishm- yeouch!"

Nightmare Moon clutched her hoof in pain. The infernal rabbit had thrown the Element- the Element of Kindness, no less!- into her fore left hoof with such precision and force that it had caused the Nightmare to flinch in pain. Her magic fizzled around the rabbit, dropping him, and he was just as quick to grab the Element from where it had landed and take off towards another room. But Nightmare Moon was not so easily beaten.

Before the little white rabbit could make good on his getaway, magic ripped the Element out of his little paws, coming to a stop just in front of the Nightmare.

"I tire of this game. Your insolence will be punished, but for now, I require-omph!"

Nightmare Moon collapsed as her hind hooves were kicked very forcefully out from under her. A half second later, another kick caused her head to snap back, before the bunny tried to use her head as a springboard to reach the still floating Element of Kindness...

"Enough!" Nightmare Moon roared. A wave of magic blasted out from her horn, rattling dishes and causing paintings to knock against the wall. The little rabbit was sent flying out the kitchen window, his cottonball tail alight with flames even as he made a rude gesture towards the Nightmare. And then he was gone, into the depths of her night.

The Nightmare slowly got to her hooves, before snorting towards the window. When this was done, and her throne secured, she would find him, and she would visit punishment upon his little body for every insult he had dealt her, oh, yes.... It would not be quick, but it would be oh so satisfying.

But she could not do so now, no matter how much her anger screamed and raged. Business before pleasure, after all.

With a bit of magic, Nightmare Moon picked up the unconscious body of Kindness and threw the windows open to the night before leaping out, Bearer and Element following in her wake as she climbed into the sky.

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