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Courage - scion

Evil has come to the Everfree and Ponyville. The Elements must stand against it... but they will not be alone. The mysterious blue-eyed wolf will aid-or hamper- their efforts to bring harmony back to Equestria.

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Extra Scene: Every End is a New Beginning

Spike was in a foul mood as he rode on Twilight's back to the Library from Sweet Apple Acres. It was his sword, not Link's! He was the one who had wielded it to save Rarity, not Link! He was a wolf, he couldn't even carry it right! It was HIS!

Spike felt himself grow nearly an inch.

He quickly clamped down on those thoughts, focusing instead upon some of the meditation readings Twilight had given him after his greed-induced stint. Deep breaths... in... and out... think non-greedy thoughts...

Spike slowly felt himself shrink back to his normal size. He breathed a sigh of relief; after his greed-induced growth last time, he had no desire for a repeat, not after what he had done, what he had almost done, what he could have done...

He wasn't able to think on the topic more before Twilight swung open the door to the Library, and both beheld a new sight. A shield, with the painted unidentifiable crest unmarred and shiny, and a sword just behind it, leaning against one of the bookshelves.

Spike was off Twilight's back and running as soon as his brain processed the sight. He rushed over inspecting the sword and shield that were obviously meant for him with a critical eye..

"It's not the same," he pouted, crossing his arms and sitting down on the floor. The shield he had never been particularly attached to, he was happy with that, but the sword was clearly not the one he had used to help save Rarity, the only sword that mattered to him, the only sword that would let him win fair Rarity’s heart. The hilt was all wrong.

Then Twilight clocked him on the back of the head.

"Ow! Hey, what was that for?!" Spike asked, surprised. He wasn't hurt at all, his scales were thick after all, but he hadn't been expecting to be hit from behind.

"I thought you would have learned your lesson after the giant dragon incident," Twilight scolded with a frown. Spike drew back from her 'I'm very disappointed in you' voice.

"That sword and shield were never yours, Spike, and you know it even if your instincts say otherwise. We've been over this. He loaned them to you, Celestia help me, so that you could aid him and he took them back likely because he needed them. By all rights you should not have a sword and shield at all. The fact that Link has been good enough to gift you another pair is extremely generous of him, and yet you turn your nose up at it? I know you are better than that, Spykoranuvellitar, no matter what your instincts say on the matter," Twilight lectured.

"But Twi-"

"No buts, Spike. I felt you grow on the way home, and that means that your greed is getting the better of you again. And I know that Princess Celestia, and Mom, and Rarity all expect much better from you. So, what was it that you learned from last time?"

"I have to control my instincts or they will control me," Spike repeated, still a little petulant.

"Good. What does that mean here?"

"That the sword Link loaned me was never mine," Spike grumbled. He hated to admit it. But, as much as he hated to admit it, he knew he needed to do it, otherwise he would always think of that sword as his, and his greed for it would overtake him, like last time.

"Good. And these?"

"I should be grateful that he gave me a different sword and shield," Spike said, defeated. Twilight's stern frown softened.

"There. That wasn't so hard, was it, Spike?" she asked softly. She pulled the little dragon into a hug, and he buried his spiny head in her barrel. They stayed like that for a few moments before Twilight pulled away, turning to the (thankfully sheathed) sword and shield.

"Now, since it is clear that these aren't for me, I will give them to you-"


"-AFTER I do some research. And some modifications. And after your punishment is done," Twilight told the little dragon as she examined the shield. It had the same leather strap as the other one did, as did the hilt of the sword; those would be replaced first.


"No buts, mister. You were very rude to Link and Epona saying goodbye because of this, and so as punishment you are grounded for a week, and you won't get these until that's done."

"Aw ponyfeathers."

"Eight days. Swearing any more will only get you more," Twilight warned. Using her magic, she unsheathed the sword. It was not as decorated as the other, but there was some unfamiliar lettering on the blade that she made a note to take down. She ran the frog of her hoof over the edge (carefully, this time) to check the sharpness; it was just as sharp as the other one. "And you won't be getting this until you are at least sixteen."

"But Twilight..."

"A sword is a dangerous tool, Spike, and I will not have you waving it around until you are old enough to understand what that means."

Still, if he has taken an interest in swords and swordplay, I had better get him started on the right path.

"You know, Spike, I'm sure Shining Armor would be happy to teach you how to use these," she baited. The look in the young dragon's eyes showed she was not far off the mark. "And even if you can't use this sword yet, I'm sure Shiny wouldn't mind giving up his old wooden practice sword for you to learn with."

Even with the impending grounding, Spike smiled.

Author's Note:

I know I've caught some flak for my portrayal of Spike in this story, and I hope this doesn't increase it. Too much.

By the way, changed a bit of the chapter 'Goodbye', with Spike's bit, so I'm hoping this dovetails nicely into that ending.

Have a happy Saint Patty's Day! If you don't know what that is, get something alcoholic (if you are old enough) and drink it and you pretty much have the gist.

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Wait, after all the details on the difference between Pony and Hylian swords, wouldn't the training for each sword style be different as well? Still don't like Spike for being a jerk, but should he use this as a point to improve himself for the future, I'd accept that. Character development and all.

I have not even read this yet but I know there's totally a Legend of Zelda reference in here just from the fact that the Tri-Force is clearly involved....LOLZ!!! So I look forward to reading it....Ill comment again after Im done!!!

Have a happy Saint Patty's Day! If you don't know what that is, get something alcoholic (if you are old enough) and drink it and you pretty much have the gist.

In other words;


...what would a pony use instead of a leather grip/strap, I wonder? A particularly sturdy fabric?


Sure, he's not going to swing a sword like Shining (maybe; shining is a unicorn after all, he could use what we consider to be a normal sword with little issue), but there's many other things that can be taught- discipline, mental attitude, weaknesses and strengths...

Besides, I bet Shining could also hook Spike up with a Minotaur trainer if worse came to worse.

They make saddlebags all the time, I'm sure they've come up with SOMETHING that is similar by now.

Nice timing! I just finished reading this story the other day!

There's been a deluge of Zelda/MLP fanart for some reason which made me realize I needed more Zelda/MLP in my life, so here I am! :)

I think this is the only completed Zelda fic I've read, though I have read a few. Definitely a good one.

I especially like how you kept the plot moving. Many writers tend to write at a slow pace and it slows everything WAY down. You may have gone a bit too fast in some cases (such as the final "dungeon", where we skip a whole buncha mane 6 rescues) but I think you did a good job for the most part.

This has been on my mind a bit, though I never got around to mentioning it. I feel like the reason Link is able to understand ponies is due to him being in the wolf form. I remember that from the game itself, Link can talk to animals while in his wolf form if you go up to them and it's decently significant to some events within the game from what I remember. It also kind of explains why Fluttershy might not be able to understand him properly, since he's not quite talking as a wolf might, given his natural form.

I don't know if this is what you had in mind, but the idea made sense to me.

Y'know, if you ever do decide to write another Legend of Zelda crossover, you could try doing something with Majora's Mask. Plenty of races in Equestria to get masks from. You might even be able to use another story as a way to "redeem" Spike. Just a suggestion. Please. I need more stories from you.


Unfortunately, I do not feel I could do Majora's Mask justice. Why?

Because believe it or not, I've never played it. I have ocarina of time, wind Waker, twilight Princess and some of the newer ones, and even played a few game boy ones that I never managed to finish, but I do not have Majora's Mask.


Ah. I hadn't played Majora's Mask, but a friend convinced me to get it when it was released on the 3DS and I've recently been slowly pushing through the game. I still think that Twilight Princess is my favorite LoZ game, but Majora's Mask is pulling a close second and I haven't even finished it. I highly recommend playing it if you have the opportunity.

The training and discipline I get, but Shiny's sword would be a different type still, unless he somehow decided he liked minotaur swords and got one (as well as a wooden practice minotaur sword).


Yea, yea, Twilight probably hasn't thought out all these things yet. Sheesh, you keep assuming that everything is going to go perfect and Shining can magically teach him everything there is to know about swordplay, which is wrong, and not just because he has a different sword type and has four legs instead of two arms. He also is the Captain of the Guard, he doesn't have time to teach Spike everything he knows. Spike learning how to swordfight would likely be a story in its own right (not that I'm planning on writing one to that effect).

But, he can get him started. And a little encouragement can go a long way.

Never thought anything worthwhile would be easy. This easily could translate into its own story. Keeping an eye on any story coming from you next.



Because Anglians, that's why.

Seriously though, the British Isles were invaded so frequently by so many nations that their language became like some kind of freaky lingual dresser crab. There's bits of grammar, spelling, and punctuation that come from French, German, Italian, Latin, Norse, Gaelic, and even tiny bits from Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian (and others). In fact, the few languages that truly had no involvement in English's development are the Far Eastern (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) and lower African (Swahili, Afrikaans, Zulu, etc.), and most native English speakers find those languages especially hard to learn because of it. (Even the Native American languages have distant similarities with English, as they were also affected by the Norse.)

Suffice to say that it's why English has so many freaking rules and exceptions. The language of each culture that conquered them was fairly simple originally, but their lingual rules would be different, forcing the Anglian language to adapt.

Anyway, I did make an error. "Hath" does not apply to "we" or "they." Given the way I'd written that post, I was probably quite tired. Still, that's no excuse, and I apologize for the mistake.

The translations (because that's what they are!) are mostly correct, except for "are = art" and "do/does = dost." All of these words existed together once, and were used based on the situation. "Are" was plural or formal (they are, we are, you are) while "art" was familiar 2nd person (thou art). Similarly, "dost" was only for familiar 2nd person (thou dost), while "do" was for for 1st person (I do), and "does" is the modern version of "doth" (he/she/it/the lady doth protest too much, methinks).

For the others, those are both right for Middle English, but "thine" acted like "mine" in Late Middle English (also called Early Modern English). For instance, "this is thy book" compared to "this book is thine." However, it wasn't very common, as it was around that same time that the familiars were fading out.

Finally, at the time, "have" was exclusive to formal 2nd person and plural formal. Hast was for familiar 2nd person.

What is it with me and being late? How did I get a reply and not notice it? Will I manage to eat the entire crate of fire ants in one sitting?
Find out next week on...

Anyway, I don't mind if you use the Twilit name I gave Nightmare Moon, and I did enjoy the story. It's da good stuff.


Thank you, it took a couple of tries to get things to everyone's semi-satisfaction.

As for an editor, yep, too little, too late. I might go back through it one day with an editor, but for now, it's in its first draft glory.

5851072 For some reason FimFic didn't show me this response in my notifications... I only saw this when I read up this far.
But yeah... Anglians. I'm currently working with someone in Colombia, and explaining some of the mistakes he makes is sometimes almost impossible. Too often do I find myself saying things that all generally mean, "Well, just because." And this is with modern English!

Everyone else said they wanted to play TP after reading this. So did I. So, because I am a child:
Unfortunately, the last sentence kind of ruins it...
If you want the full album...

can we expect a sequel? :rainbowhuh:


Whoops. I'll fix that.

Yea, I wrote this story without an editor or a pre-reader, and it shows at times. One of the more frequent complaints. I will say that I am going through the story right now with an editor to clean everything up. I don't think it will be all edited by the time you finish, but at some point in the near future this story will hopefully not have nearly so many grammar or wording mistakes.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it despite the flaws though.

It happens to us all. I got lucky and scored a literal grammar-nazi, sometimes refereed to as "pocket-German", early on. It's always easy to overlook things in your own work because you know what it's supposed to be so your brain just omits the errors, or that's how mine works anyways.


While that would be nice to have a picture of as well, I think that a rainbow wolf would be a bit funnier than a pink and yellow one. It just clashes with what I think of when I imagine wolf link. Wolf link is like a shadow. Trying to imagine him as a rainbow just made me giggle uncontrollably.


True, she can speak. That said, can you actually understand her by any other method than reading the subtitles?

I could have had her speak, I suppose. But there's no real need to show her speak, her actions tell us what she wants to say. I liked the idea of having her remain as mysterious and alien as Link was to the ponies.

6053292 I get your point and don't really mind Midna's lack of speech but just for the sake of arguing I must bring up that no character really "said" anything in the games. most of every bit of speech for every character in every game is text. any voice acting was a word or two for navi while most are grunts for emotion

Great story had a lot of fun reading this.
I really hope for a sequel.

I'll be watching, I always do


Errr.... he was.... really hungry?

I actually don't know anything about fish, I don't particularly like seafood (and I live in a landlocked state a thousand miles away from any ocean), so, I just picked a fish I knew....

Maybe the manticore likes trout instead...

I found this story along with one called "The Wolf's War". Needless to say I'm gonna be reading for a while.


We took two different directions, I hope you're entertained by both :)

6208424 I'm definitely entertained. Dear god, yes. I've been waiting to see if fics like this would ever come to light, and lo and behold, they already have.


My characterization of Spike in this story has caught me a bit of flak. My only defense up to this point so far has been 'he's a kid', and I know it's not much of one but it's what I have. Toddlers don't like giving up their toys. Anyways, at this point, I don't think that's going to change, as it means re-writing several sections of the story, but maybe that will change when I run back through and fix all the mistakes with an editor (I swear I'll get to it one of these days).

Anyways, glad to hear you're enjoying the story so far!

Well that's that...

Another awesome story finished...

I wonder what to read next...

Only time will tell...

This is the first part of the game, can't switch forms yet. You haven't reached the point in the story where he can freely do that yet (though he gets it offscreen. This isn't a Human in Equestria story. Or a Hylian in Equestria story).

You are correct. What I really mean is a fifth 'area', a fifth spring.

Ha, yea, fair enough. I need to go through the entire story with an editor at some point. Haven't done it quite yet, but it's part of the plan.

6476195 Ok. Thanks for clearing that up.

Very interesting story. I like it! I am currently working on my own My Little Pony/Twilight Princess crossover. I'm just waiting for its approval. Which is taking a while :facehoof: (I just registered today, so... yeah). It is having some trouble passing moderation, but I am doing my best to get it up. :rainbowdetermined2:

7401955 I took fall damage in the Zora section of TP. It seems he does have that problem. granted it was far less than I thought it would be, but still.

7630729 That's what I was talking about, fake leather (vinyl/latex/whatever)

Im really tired of people acting like giving someone a sword suddenly means theyre going to find a way to kill yourself...

Oh, hell, I agree on Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass, and partially on Skyward Sword (I can withstand the controls for the story, but it's a fucking chore to play), but by all means, shoot me a message. I actually LIKE hearing other people's opinions on the series.

8062600 No, manticores already have bat wings. So the manti part covers that.

Great story. Idk why, but I keep imagining this as a good dlc for Twilight Princess.

The story was good, though. The whole time it kept bringing back memories of playing the game and having fun with it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna replay one of the best Zelda games.

Second read... still one of my favorite stories on this site, crossover or otherwise, well done good sir or madam. :moustache:

I love this story. It changes nothing. It doesn't change or alter anything in either story-line, neither Twilight Princess nor FIM. And that's why it's so great. Nothing changes. But a whole adventure is added, with characters we know and love. I almost consider this story cannon, for both series. It's just that wonderfully great. Well written too. All the POVs are on point. It's just great.

But there are other magics in this world. Intelligent life requires three things:
Wisdom, to decide upon an action.
Courage, to go through with the action.
Power, to carry out the action.

So someone who’s born without legs isn’t considered intelligent because the lack to power to walk?

Well... I mean... Imagine if you left your younger sibling (10-12 years old) home and went out to try and rescue your friends but get caught up in a siege against an impenetrable fortress. Then your younger sibling shows up in the fortress and opens the door for you and your friends from the inside. Turns out someone gave him a gun, showed him the backdoor, and said "fire away". Now after taking his gun back and then later earning your friendship... He, behind your back leaves your young sibling a loaded gun as a farewell present.

He has no safety training, no experience shooting a firearm beyond the rescue, and is extremely young for such a weapon (except country kids but they're an exception not the rule... Gotta get those varmints somehow, and even they mostly start on .22 or pellet guns). Would you let them keep they're hands on that gun? Or would you do what Twilight did, confiscate it, research it's safety and usage (and legality), get them training on safe usage from a professional if they insist on keeping it, and promising that when they are of age they can have it again.

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