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For the longest time, Epona has served as the loyal mount of Link, hero of Hyrule. But one day, she finds out that she's actually from a world inhabited by intelligent, colorful equines. And not only that: Her daughter is one of the six main heroes from that world. But that is only the beginning.

When the worlds of Equestria and Hyrule get into contact after a millennium, lots of hidden conspiracies are revealed. Evil fiends from a time long forgotten emerge and some ponies begin to understand their powers as sages. But the one important question will be: What will Epona choose? Her friends from Hyrule? Or her family from Equestria?

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i like the story the only thing i find weird is that epona is a apple but whatever

Epona was originally from Equestria? And you seem to be implying that she's the Apple trio's mother?....Awesome Head-cannon accepted. :rainbowkiss:

Great story thus far. {Though the apostrophes seem a bit strange. It's not that off-putting, but it does distract me and sometimes confuses what is being said.} Granted, it's not hard, but I wonder if this is some sort of different style.

Otherwise, fine.


The apostrophes are weird. I assume that's some kind of copy-and-paste error. You should fix them.

What is Rauru doing outside the Sacred Realm? In-game he takes the owl form Kaepora Gaebora, and his existence is not public knowledge. He's the Sage of Light, not a librarian, and it's really strange to hear him mention having scholarly colleagues.

And another thing, if Link cured Epona using the Song of Healing, where's the mask? That song always leaves a mask when it cures someone. And can she (or he) use the mask to change into a pony/horse?

So far, off to a good start. :eeyup:

First, I agree. Apostrophes do be weird.

Second, Rauru is specifically in the Sacred Realm in Ocarina of Time, because he is being hunted by Ganon because he is the sage of light. This specific fanfiction follows the child timeline after the events of OoT in which Link goes back in time and prevents Ganon from accessing the Sacred Realm. Only those who went back in time with Link (Navi, Epona, Zelda) would remember what happened. If Rauru was not forced to flee into the Sacred Realm to avoid Ganon he would be free to do whatever the fanfiction dictates. Given that he states that he knew Princess Zelda, it is not that big a stretch that he may have been the castle librarian.

Third, and finally, the Song of Healing only leaves masks for those who are dead. And even then it puts the dead to rest instead of reviving them. In some games you can use the Song of Healing to recover yourself; but not in Majora's Mask, which it originates from. Epona was not yet dead and was instead bodily healed. Both from the wounds, and what I think, was her forced body to exist in this world. Since Link had never played the song of Healing on Epona before, it stands to reason that it would have returned her to her original state.

Oh hey, that one guy I follow on Fanfiction.net is here. Awesome, with my backlog there I'd have never gotten around to reading this on there.

Well, this is interesting to say the least.

I mean, it's got the feel of both LoZ and MLP, it's a bit stupid in an endearingly cute way, and it has "This is a fanfiction, in case it's not clear enough by the site it's on!"

~The lizardman shall favorite it :twilightsmile:

He huffed and puffed a bit, then he took a deep breath and asked: „Did you say… pony? With a… mark on her flank? Maybe a… cutie mark?“

Lady, are you by any chance... an Equestria pony? Oh my!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I am very confused as to why you're using German/Icelandic/Estonian/etc.-style quotation marks in an English language story.

Please fix.

Hm, I've read a few crossovers, but no Zelda ones yet. Sure, why not? To the 'read later' list it goes!

I was the one who carried him through thick and thin.


Took so freaking long to walk across the map...

the second game managed to be even worse


Are you sure that song did what it was supposed to do?

Link what did you doooooo

I've noticed a lot of you seem to be confused by apostrophes or quotation marks. The main reason for that is probably that I'm German and we have different rules for them, and while I'm very good at English, I'm not perfect. I honestly didn't know that they are different. I wrote fanfiction for some time now and this is the first time somebody pointed that out. So, I hope it's not too distracting.

4484008 That was a different Link. He had no horse.


But it was the same player... :applecry:

Haven't read it yet, but can I just say that I absolutely love you because you actually know and can differentiate between the Zelda timelines, and because you wrote something that goes with my "My Little Epona" shirt.

Is there a reunion next chapter? If so, then get it out quick! I can't wait much longer!

4484009 that's ok mate your a dif language so you write dif like me I'm Australian and some words are spelt dif

This deserves every single bit of praise that it gets! My friend, you have my follow and favorite as a veteran of fanfiction!

This story is the best story in the history of stories and you should be given a award.

"Let’s talk about him from a completely different point of view." "...not from his friends..."

"individual who sees herself as his closest friend"

We are viewing this story not from someone that is his friend, but someone who is his friend.

A minor detail that's not worth fussing over. I'm just poking fun.

Who the buck would down vote this?

Apparently in Equestria, Epona already grew up and had kids. What was her cutie mark then? Did she always have a Triforce there? A symbol of something that didn't exist in her homeworld?

was having a pony in your library really a reason to freak out like that?

A reason to freak out? Yes. Like that? Nope, that's pretty unusual.

Don't worry, in a later chapter, everything about the cutie mark will be explained.

Navi's role of navigator makes sense. Heck, it's in her name.

Wow, lots of praise for this story in the comments already. I kinda feel like it's just another crossover fic and a few things are too convenient, but I'm enjoying it all the same. That's just my first impression anyway, it will probably change.

Well if you buy into the reincarnation theory about the games, that was TECHNICALLY a different Link.

Comment posted by Chrome Masquerade deleted Jun 2nd, 2014

Not perfect, but I'll be following this story with utmost interest... Too bad this Link doesn't have access to the wolf form, that would have been interesting.
You ought to use more standard quotation marks though. It makes the dialogs easier to read.

Yeah, I didn't even realize that we use a different format in Germany. I'll try and change it before I upload the next chapter.


I assume you will go back and sort the other chapter's quotation marks.

and i like the story

Link of Zelda exchanged confused glances.

Is this implying anything? perhaps that link has the hots for zelda?

wow. fantastic. i see one major flaw that I must point out.

Although this story all depends upon when epona appears in equestria, the main issue I see is, if epona was sent to hyrule after her life in equestria. And the way you indirectly implied that applejack is Epona's daughter, the time that epona spent with link would still cause (theoretically, anyway) time to pass in equestria. It seems to me that time dilation would cause epona to meet applejack when she is granny smith's age.

Or i could be just rambling on about nothing. I did see this as a plot hole and I thought I would address it.

Yes, I will. As soon as I upload the next chapter.

The time differences will be addressed. I can already tell you that there was some timey-wimey-wobbly stuff involved when she came to Hyrule.

*Gets done reading 3rd chapter.....THEN SUDDENLY 4th chapter is added!*

This is certainly a great idea and tale you got here. Keep it up, can't wait for Ep...I mean for Miss Romani to reveal her true identity. :ajsmug:

Welp I certainly like the way this story is going. I also wonder a bit about the time stuff since Epona was transformed into a filly when she arrived in Hyrule.
Now to see how this story will improve.

Really interesting story and FINALLY somepony gave Diamond Tiara what she deserves without the story being a gore or clopfic ^^ Yay can't wait to see what else is coming up. Also can't wait for Link's reaction to how rich he is considering in hyrule all the money is gems^^ Only thing I hate abojt following new stories, the chapters run out but you want more

Don't worry, the next chapter will come soon. I've already finished up to 14 chapters, I just have to copy them over from ff.net. I just decided to post one chapter at a time, three times a day, so people have actually the time to read them all.

Plus, readjusting the formats takes some time and I also have some other things to do. :raritywink:

4484914 XD doctor who reference, but, you missed the wibbly bit out :pinkiegasp:

I actually have never seen a single Dr Who episode in my entire life. But I've learned about the phrase by reading pony threads. :twilightsheepish:

4485068 smart to make that many chapters before posting them^^ I wish I had done that from the start but no I was stupid and posted chapters as i finnished them so the biggest thing I maneged to do was putting preasure on myself. Still can't wait for more


What about her? She's still cooler. I'm sure Rainbow Dash would have done the same thing."

ya missed one.

That wasn't really planned. It's just that I already wrote 14 chapters on another fanfiction site before I had the idea of posting the story here. Usually, I use the same method as you when I write.

4485135 I see, well hopefully I have the next chapter to read during my next break. Yes I'm at work right now

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