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It has been nearly sixty years since humanity witnessed the devastation of a World War, or any other kind of large-scale conflict. Equestria's abstinence has been even longer, with battles that rage across the entire land not being seen for centuries. Though both have seen their share of small-scale skirmishes, a duel of total annihilation across a large scale has been avoided by both sides time and again.

But peace is never lasting. For both sides, it lies on a cliff, requiring only one good push to send the participants into a plunge of death. Equestria's unexpected appearance may turn into that final push, as alliances, deception, and distrust threaten to launch a conflict that will lead both worlds to utter ruin.

This work contains characters and parts created and written by other authors. I am grateful to have become friends with each of them.
Captain Jack R. Williams of the U.S.S. Boxer (LHD-4) created and written by An A10 Warthog
Captain Wilbur Hart and the U.S.S. Tippecanoe (CG-74) created and written by Totallynotabrony
Captain Starry Skies and the R.E.S. Horseshoe Bay (CSG-2) created and written by The Grey Pegasus
H.M.A.S. Sydney created and written by An Iowa Class Battleship
H.M.C.S. Presence created by Sockeye101 and written by The Rainbow Brony
USAF Pararescue team Prancer Two created and written by CptBrony
Carter Jones of the 130th Engineer Brigade written by Routine Blast
1st LT. Silverglow and the Karalian Army created and written by Silverstein.
Sergeant Jeff Thompson of C Troop, Royal Canadian Dragoons created and written by Goldenarbiter
Junior Sergeant Korrector and the 115th Motor-Rifle Division created and written by Kalash93
(More may be added over time)

Rated T for violence and language.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
Any and all other works belong to their respective creators.

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Eh, kind of but not really. That was just practice for me, trying to figure out details for the setting ahead of time and test things out.

Well, I'll admit you added a nice dash of comedy in. It's just that this is going to be strictly serious.

Though maybe I'll drop a subtle tip-of-the-hat somewhere.

Yea, that's the idea. Everything was tried trying to find that miracle plane. Wasn't a very bright idea, but that's what the point is, in terms of the story.

It is indeed. I assume you're working on your intro, right?

Interesting story so far. It's nice to see that here are stories on here that have a significant degree of realism when they involve the military.

If you guys would like any help, just ask.

Looks like the start of a great equestria on earth story. Plus its told from the pov of best pony who you seem to have captured the voice of very well... Can't wait for more.

My heart was pounding with adrenaline, which just goes to show how well you conveyed the emotions. Good work! Here's a favorite and a thumbs up!


Be honest, there's a nice amount of military stories with a good degree of realism. The problem is finding them spread out around the site.


Want to start guessing what plane Dash gets to fly?

Thanks a bunch! That means a lot to me! :twilightsmile:

Hey I remember you! I'll give this a read!

And you as well...

SAM! It's not over yet!

Actually I do remember you. I never did get back to reading that Lightning II story, did I.

I suppose it's time I catch up on that...

C'mon, c'mon, get to the ground war.


the real war


Now, in all seriousness, it's still a good start, and I'm waiting not so patiently for the next chapter.

Comment posted by StarChaser01 deleted Jul 12th, 2014

4680423 This reminds me of the opposite version of 1632. Maybe it's the similarity of the dates (2000). Oh well.

I can't say I've heard of that before.

Now this seems like it can be an awesome story so far. Keep it going! :rainbowdetermined2:

well a very intersting Story, Keep going:pinkiegasp::twilightsmile:

Seems like a hell of a pain to hit a pony with a radar guided missle. Artist lisense gets you out of this one though. I'm sure a million others have already said it, but the real problems with ponies vs jets is that ponies are so slow the jets cannot go slow enough to target them. Pegasi are faster and more maneuverable than helicopters, I don't see why they could go jets speeds. Ah well, it's magic.

Looks like we have our main characters! Lets see where this goes! PS. Might wanna as a line breaker when you switch viewpoints, I got lost after the jet hit a pony with a missle.

You mean a Horizontal Rule? Actually, I really did use one to separate character POVs. Just for some bizarre reason the system changed to where they're incredibly hard to see.

To demonstrate-

I don't know why it changed. But, check closer; I put them in. I also noticed that before publishing, so I put a bigger gap to use, but it's still odd looking...

In terms of jets, there really isn't any fun/realistic way a pony can take down a machine built for war like a fighter. But that's why I'm not keeping it like that. I know some people will be unhappy about it but, in a realistic world like I'm aiming for, ponies would probably end up with their own set of aircraft.

First chapters were pretty well done, despite a couple of grammar hiccups. I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel any satisfaction when that pegasus took a Fox Three to the face.

My intro is coming along. Hopefully done sometime this week.

Silver out!

You can take your time; I'm still waiting for Grey's chapter, and I need to write one of my own. Yours will come after those two.

“Blake, get a man down there with fags and respond!”

Might wanna change that...

Oh Christ. Yea, easily the most embarrassing typo I've ever done. :facehoof::twilightblush:



Smoke breaks are taken at the most inopportune times...

Good chapter. What kind of dunce would fire missiles in an environment packed to the brim with friendly and neutral targets, including a U.S. vessel? He couldn't have used the 5in or the 25 mike-mike? Damn squids.

Well, like I've said before; Word seems to recognize some errors and sees others as being on purpose. And I'm fairly confident I've never written that word at any point, no did I ever save it to the dictionary. So... I don't really know. But thank God Machinist found it early on.

And involving the firing problem. Well... I can't honestly say that even the military is pure of screw-ups, but this does go deeper than just a guy going crazy, as do a few things in this story. But I can't spoil it, for obvious reasons.


I wasn't saying you were off taking a smoke break, I was remarking on the word. It's slang in British English for cigarettes, so essentially the captain was telling him to go smoke. It... wasn't really that funny, and less so now I had to explain it.

I kind of figured there'd be a bit more to be said about Commander "Trigger Itch" Blake, so I'm eagerly awaiting that.

Huh, that is British slang, isn't it? I forgot about that...

“No, no! Don’t attack yet!” Blake pointed out quickly. “Just sand by,

..... I can't make a joke. :twilightangry2:

Fixed, thanks.

I'm making an unusual amount of typos on this one...

ok, Looks like things went FUBAR, great chapter

... ? Unlikely. You 've omitted a lot of the regulation of the navy. In reality, the commander wouldn't put so little trust on the captain orders. And he jeep repeating " that are hostile? Those are hostile?":flutterrage: that made me angry, and he dont have the autority to give orders to other ships without the captain consent
A real captain would be mad to him before all that mess :trixieshiftright:

Well, sorry; there's a few protocols I'm not familiar with, but at least some can be accounted for.

It was stated to the Commander that the Captain said they could return fire, if fired upon. Though it didn't really count as being fired upon, ordinance landing near the RHIB can be technically counted as fired upon, at least in the commanders eyes, thus justifying a response.

In terms of the sub, the commander never really gave an order, he just made a request whilst failing to properly inform it's captain of the situation, and allow him to use his judgment. The sub's captain did not have to listen, but they have no idea of what's happened in the past 24 hours in being under the surface and out of contact the entire time; he did not have to take the advice, but he was not sure of what was happening at the time with other naval vessels in possible danger, so he followed what he thought was a reliable source of information, while sadly it wasn't.

In terms of the rest of what you said, I'm afraid I can't answer from how jumbled it is. I'm not trying to say you're stupid or something for bad grammar, but the way you word it is confusing me to the point where I can only answer parts of your problems. If you can explain what the other concerns are, I could possibly provide an explanation for them.

Why would you shoot 4 anti-ship MISSILES at a wooden frigate, that close to allied ships!?! I feel that a more sensible approach would be to fire a single missile first, wait until it hits, then fire more if the need arises. And why wait for the order to stop the rest of the missiles to hit? And - UHG!

Good story, still. I like how you are combining other nations as elements in the story. Many other authors forget there is more than just America in the world (THE ONLY FREEDOM), and the way you added China into the story made this feel much more realistic. I don't believe China will be very happy that America fired upon them... and that's the understatement of the year.

I hope to see this situation de-escalate a bit. The tensness is fraying my nerves and is literally making me cold sweat.


also, if you need help with Chinese, I can help :)

Here's the interesting point; I actually like you and (some) others getting upset over obvious screw-ups from they're illogicalness because it gives the story some more realism; not so much in the way of that's how the military should react, but how there's always that one guy that, in the wrong place and time, can throw all that planning and training out the window. It gives a story more complexity, as rather then just disliking the antagonist, you're disliking someone who should be on the good side. Though it may get some people upset, that does make them think more, and that in turn makes the story more desirable to continue on, as it's not as clear-cut as the usual. Just figured that would be a fascinating writer's tactic to bring up.

But, Chinese is something I could use a bit of, though in a different way than military. Can you translate any?

What and not a single crew member mentioned that their missiles were not aimed at the Chinese ship? That is important information! There could be something seriously wrong with their targeting computers! What happens next time when the Spraunce or some other ship of the same class fires their anti-ship missiles and they target a friendly ship instead?

Why did the first missile just not hit the Griffon ship, and why did the last two suddenly decide to hit the Chinese?

If you mean strictly in terms of tech rather than someone on board arguing the commander's innocence, then it's a basic idea that everyone, at the moment, is too shocked at first. Of course they do find out, and it is mentioned a few chapters away. Technical things like that and the comms being horribly inconsistent is to be the center of that, but it's not as simple as maintenance. I'm afraid I can't explain what yet, as it is one of the other points later on in the story, but don't forget about it, either. Some 'errors' are there for a reason.

The first Harpoon hit and killed the frigate, wiping it off the radar. The remaining three targeted the Chinese ship, since it was nearby. Now as to why it did it: the official statement will be that it was a technological foul, but it's not. Like I said before, unfortunately, I can't tell what actually happened, as it would spoil things.

I am sorry if things in this chapter seem a bit... off, or up in the air, but most of the mess-ups were done for a specific reason. It is an odd chapter, I'll admit, but it's also the divergence event that sets up the timeline for this story, so something had to go wrong to set things in motion; I just figured this'd be the most interesting way.

4706330 Well until I get more evidence I am inclined to say that there is something wrong with the software used in our weaponry, or that the "magic" ponies use somehow screw with our technology.

I'm questioning the use of missiles on a wooden frigate. The 5 inch probably would've been better. Not to mention that a missile going supersonic might just plow through a wooden ship.

That happened.

Well, you should; it's not logical. But, it was ordered by an illogical-thinking officer. Like I said, some of the errors and missteps in this chapter are on purpose.

I'm honored you devoted a post to a single reply to me :D

I'm not angry at this... incident happening. Its a good way of getting the story to move, plus with more heartstopping actions and retarded protagonists, it makes it all the more exciting. As ever, looking foward to what happens next.

Feel free to PM me with any Chinese translations you may want to use in your story to me, and I can help, or something, :)


Oh, and oh man! You really did catch me off guard with using China instead of Russia as the other 'superpower'. Not many people acknowledge the greater state XD

I personally would have gone with gunfire. It's quicker to respond and fits with escalation of force - they fired their cannons, I'm firing mine.

And I think you meant an SSBN

4706437 The Harpoon isn't supersonic.

What a waste of ammunition and lives...but that's war for ya.

Silver out!

... Herp derp thinking of SM-2s. Nonetheless, I'm still not sure how effective it would be against a wooden ship.

N? What's the acronym for it? I thought the M stood for 'missile', is N 'nuclear'?

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