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After a rather odd storm over the Everfree, Twilight and her friends are sent to look for a castle that apparently fell right out of the sky. But finding it will not be the problem; the challenge comes from dealing with the inhabitants. It might have been better if they had never gone looking in the first place...

Now in its native language thanks to System!

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As a Frenchman, I fand zis iz most distastefoul.

Beute you get moustache nonezeeless :moustache:

Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!

Translation: Your mother was a slut and your father is an alcoholic.

There's actually tones of hidden Easter Eggs and innuendos in Monty Python's work.

And of course the...not-so-hidden

No Way! Someone actually wrote a fic with Mo- give me a sec, I gotta read this.

Bahahhahahahahahhaha-:rainbowlaugh:-hahahhahahahhaa-oh that slaps me on the knee! Is it odd if I read all the frenchmen's voice out loud? This should be a radio play!


I thought they were insulting her mom's size and that her father liked to eat psychedelic fruit... Of course I don't know what elderberries are though...

I wave my private parts at your aunties!

Good god man! That was BEAUTIFUL!!!! MOAR!
You keep hitting return at random spots.

Then Celestia gathers an army and storms the castle only for the British Police to come and haul her and Twilight away :pinkiehappy:

The Big Blue Blob strikes again! Frances is OP, nerf plz.

3749891 Elderberries (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elderberries) are used in some types of wine. They have no halucinogenic properties, though the french do make liqueur from them (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Germain_%28liqueur%29). Therefore, probably an alcoholic reference. Not certain about the hamster though.

You know what this means right? The French will breed like bunnies until there are more of them then parasprites.
I for one support our new French overlords! :pinkiehappy: Vive le français!

I read this aloud. Only way you can do this piece of literary art justice.

3751448 i like to imagine your profile pic as your reaction face :fluttershbad:

you should do constitutional peasants.

Because I would love to see how they act differently towards imperialism.


or do the ponified Mr.Hilter

or Biggus Dickus

whatever's your choice, I love these stories

Cute. And since Fluttershy discusses French fashion in one episode, it is canon that there is a France somewhere in the Ponyverse...

I wonder how Fluttershy could tame the killer rabbit.

Such genius has never before, nor will it ever again grace Fimfiction.

Well done, sire. Well done.

In case anyone is curious.

It took me a bit to get the accent down right, but I got it and damn was it hilarious. It is probably my biggest regret that I have not yet seen Holy Grail in it's entirety.
Hamsters, like rabbits and other small mammals, are notorious for their impeccable breeding rate.
Throw Angel at it. One of them has to die.

I fart in your general direction!!


Oh God my lungs! Can't stop laughing! :moustache: X 9,000

“Ooh, I’ve never seen a land shark before!” Pinkie exclaimed, moving to get a closer look.

GODDAMN YOU PINKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:


anyway fic is f***in Platinum!! :raritywink:

I needed this! This is great! DO MORE, DO MORE!

I already did the 'Romanus Eunt Dominus' thing in one of my stories, though with needed changes, of course.

Quite fun. But I found it a bit hard to think Twilight, Rarity and Celestia didn't use their magic at all.

Wowee, wowee, zowee, someone replaced all the monty python characters with ponies? How well-thought-out and original. What creative idea will you think of next?

That was hysterical. I actually laughed out loud, which is rare for me. BRAVO!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

3752286 You should do a sequel to this one-shot where Celestia and the Mane Six arrive back at Canterlot...only to discover that the French have taken control of Canterlot. (Like how the French suddenly showed up at the Castle Aggghhh in the movie.)

3750644 You would think that Celestia would be happy that the French are in Equestria. I mean...lots of French people means that they will make lots and lots of French cakes, right?

This is awesome! I was kind of waiting for someone to write about the French from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.:pinkiehappy:
Too bad Fluttershy didn't find the Killer Bunneh...
:fluttershysad: :Oh, it looks so cute and harmless!
:ajbemused: :I'm warning you...you haven't seen what I saw it do earlier!
:rainbowhuh:: what's it gonna do?....Nibble your bum?

As fun of a read this was... I still found it rather disappointing that a good ninety percent of the jokes where just taken straight from the movie. Which isn't that bad, because the movie jokes were funny. But I was going into this thinking that you had a whole line of pony/french related jokes ready for me as a reader.

Other than that the few original jokes that were in there, and by that I mean few. Were good and I'll give this, 3.5/5. Which is average in my book. It made me chuckle, but it didn't leave me impressed.

Shut up spoiler!

Well, people seem to like.

I did this because i thought it would be funny, and thought others would find it funny. I don't know why you're so bothered, but you might want to at least try and be a little more respectful to people in general, if anything. I can respect your opinion, but if you've got to word it in such a sarcastic, smart-aleck way, then that sort of rebukes any real reason you have. You've got very little room to talk.

You'll see a good 50% of my work is more military related. This is just something i didn't see done, and decided it'd be fun to do. I wasn't really trying to be impressive, just keep it normal and free of mistakes.

3756222 You could have them throw out all of Celestia's secret cake stash.

Though i would like to sincerly thank you on the constructive criticism; I like to get it with each story i make to become better. I thought I wouldn't have any for this one, but that's impossible, of course.


You've got very little room to talk.

I have plenty of room to talk as I have an opinion, like everyone else here, and I at least try to be original every once in a while. Does no one here have any room to talk?

I did this because i thought it would be funny, and thought others would find it funny.

Maybe next time you should just not think.

you might want to at least try and be a little more respectful to people in general

Why would I respect anyone on a MLP fansite?

but if you've got to word it in such a sarcastic, smart-aleck way, then that sort of rebukes any real reason you have

I guess next time I'll just come straight out and say that I think randomly ponifying everything is stupid and uncreative.

>I can say what i want because i can have an opinon.
>Maybe you shouldn't think.


Christ, not even politicians are this contradicting.

I didn't contradict anything.

Christ, even children in third-world countries aren't this uneducated.

You honestly don't see any contradiction? Ok, you're either drunk or a troll, and considering just how blatantly rude you're getting, bringing up poor third-world children and saying others don't have a right to think while you do, I'm guessing it's the latter.

I'm not wasting time with you any longer, so I'll leave you with this; maybe it is clear enough to flow down to your level.

Your problem is you assume thinking and having an opinion are the same thing. They're certainly not, and mentioning the level of education for children in third-world countries isn't rude. It's well-known that they generally aren't very educated. I think you're just too sensitive. In any case, I enjoyed our brief talk, and I hope you'll consider not plagiarizing in the future. Until next time, adieu.

Don't do anything you might regret.

Uh, you think you might be over-reacting? The only effort i had to do was make sure everything fit properly and was gramatically correct. It's not really the Gone With the Wind of MLP (or some better fitting example). It's just that no one ever did this scene before.


Heh, well, perhaps. :twilightsheepish: Admittedly I'm incredibly biased and love that movie, so do take my praise with a grain of salt. :twilightsmile: I'll profess I may have been simply taken by the premise, sire.

It's ok, I do appreciate it. I mean, I get it's basically Monty Python with a few MLP replacements, but the sheer fact that no one bothered to do this before just baffled me. Premise alone can be enough to gain praise.

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