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Warning: Silliness inbound.

By order of the high lords of Terra themselves, a lone soldier from the Death Korps of Krieg has been sent to the planet Epona to wipe out its Xeno population. Starting with Equestria, the Korpsman has sworn not to leave the planet until he falls or completes his mission.

However, no Korpsman should fight without setting up a proper trench first, and so the Korpsman must dig...and dig...and dig.

Destroying Equestria is going to take a while.

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:rainbowlaugh: is right when you read it all.

Alright this got in. Hopefully people like it. Going over final edits.
EDIT: Thank god for live readers. Got a bunch of mistakes cleared.

This is oddly great.

rofl. oh god im dying of laughter!

Just... all of my fucking yes.:rainbowlaugh:




Yay Death Korps!

This was fucking glorious.

4887155 Sorry about what happened with Skype, earlier. My laptop crashed and I'm running scans on it right now to find out why a brand new laptop is being shit. Hopefully I can find the problem and fix it, otherwise...yeah...stuff. Otherwise, what I have read of it so far is great, though I wish that, thing, didn't happen. I was enjoying reading it aloud, and I know you were too. BACK TO READING!!

Dat ending. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh god, why can't I stop laughing:rainbowlaugh: THE CODEX APROVES THIS!

Even if I am Conglomerate,

Lol for Terran

"Matt Ward?"
"Heresy." scowled the Korpsman.


4887413 There! Finished it! I really wish that my laptop didn't poot, because there were a few more errors. Also, I love this guy!! Got a name for him? Cuz I think he's the new HAS mascot! Well, second only to the God-Emperor. May his Aeternal Will be done!

Corporal 42-7 is his designation.

Best story, indeed, on this entire site. :moustache:

4887490 Ah, right. I forgot that bit. Also, Featured Box for you!

4887347 Don't worry, we got Tux to replace you. :rainbowwild:

4887522 Oh, good. I was worried you wouldn't get an awesome voice-overer to read for ya.

Yes, I can play that game too. Also, I'm pretty sure Tux wasn't on today.

4887600 And also Featured Box. Plus your first downvote! YAY!

4887607 GREY!! We need your fire! Somebody go get Grey, he needs to burn things.

I'm suddenly very interested on what a korpsman is :twilightblush:

Kreig Korpsmen are Kool.

Yes, they are interesting.

Fuggen faved

Sorry, this trench's taken: 4887502

And now, to become a heretic.

This so far has been the ONLY time I could ever enjoy ANYTHING derived of Warhammer. Really. Call me a heretic xeno but I just cannot stand that setting. Except for orks. They's alright.

Wow, I did not expect my fic to recieve this much attention. Sweet. :pinkiehappy:

He dug his way out of Tartarus. This is the best thing I've read all day. Freaking beautiful. Just beautiful.

Is.... is the title a reference to "Dig a Tunnel" from Lion King 1 1/2? :rainbowderp:

Did someone say die for the emperor?
Gotta love the Death Korps.

"Matt Ward?"
"Heresy." scowled the Korpsman.


All Hail the Void Dragon!

Ya know, now that I think about it, korpsmen do tend to have certain attachments to their shovels and picks...I wonder what would happen if you gave a korpsman a rocket launcher and told him to attack a demon on the other side of a chasm with his shovel...

Hmmm, clade Vindicare approves. Good work guardsman.

This story... it pleases me

This is one of the better funny stories I've seen in a while!

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