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To represent everything it stands for.


There is a small town that lies in a serene countryside, populated by an average collection of ponies and ruled by a minor piece of royalty in a castle. It is a rather ordinary town, it's inhabitants happy and simplistic, but they are all about to fall into a horrible position. One that none could imagine but one that is very real, and exists everywhere. They will soon have to face this, and it could well lead them to destruction.

Short story for The Barcast's 'Halloween in April' horror contest.

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It has been nearly sixty years since humanity witnessed the devastation of a World War, or any other kind of large-scale conflict. Equestria's abstinence has been even longer, with battles that rage across the entire land not being seen for centuries. Though both have seen their share of small-scale skirmishes, a duel of total annihilation across a large scale has been avoided by both sides time and again.

But peace is never lasting. For both sides, it lies on a cliff, requiring only one good push to send the participants into a plunge of death. Equestria's unexpected appearance may turn into that final push, as alliances, deception, and distrust threaten to launch a conflict that will lead both worlds to utter ruin.

This work contains characters and parts created and written by other authors. I am grateful to have become friends with each of them.
Captain Jack R. Williams of the U.S.S. Boxer (LHD-4) created and written by An A10 Warthog
Captain Wilbur Hart and the U.S.S. Tippecanoe (CG-74) created and written by Totallynotabrony
Captain Starry Skies and the R.E.S. Horseshoe Bay (CSG-2) created and written by The Grey Pegasus
H.M.A.S. Sydney created and written by An Iowa Class Battleship
H.M.C.S. Presence created by Sockeye101 and written by The Rainbow Brony
USAF Pararescue team Prancer Two created and written by CptBrony
Carter Jones of the 130th Engineer Brigade written by Routine Blast
1st LT. Silverglow and the Karalian Army created and written by Silverstein.
Sergeant Jeff Thompson of C Troop, Royal Canadian Dragoons created and written by Goldenarbiter
Junior Sergeant Korrector and the 115th Motor-Rifle Division created and written by Kalash93
(More may be added over time)

Rated T for violence and language.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
Any and all other works belong to their respective creators.

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Following the destruction of S.I.N. and the weeding out of any traitors in his organization, the tyrant M. Bison launches the next phase of his plan to re-build his terrorist organization and conquer the world. Though his intentions are noticed, Bison's plans are never clear-cut. He is determined to realize his dreams of ultimate power, and will drag anyone and anything else into his camp to accomplish this; even if it comes down to an entirely new world.

Rated T, contains heavy violence, possibly a slight swearing, and material that some may find dark.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
Street Fighter developed and published by Capcom.

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A convicted pony is sent to starving city of Leningrad in 1941 as punishment for his crime. He can only go home when the siege ends, and if he survives it. Stuck in the shattered city for an unknown length of time, he keeps a journal recounting what he sees in during the battle; from the greatest act of heroism, to the darkest act of cruelty.

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Monty Python has often been credited with 'doing to comedy what The Beatles did to music'. It seems to fit, as the famed group of Brit comedians did change the way comedy was done. There are dozens upon dozens of sketches that have become classics; from The Spanish Inquisition and The Argument Clinic to The Black Knight and Brian claiming not to be the Messiah. From beginning to end, this collection pays tribute to them.

Notes: I'll leave it rated for everyone, but some of the sketches may contain language and other inappropriate references. If said sketches do, I will post their contents at the beginning as a warning, though that does not necessarily mean I will do any of these said sketches.

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After a rather odd storm over the Everfree, Twilight and her friends are sent to look for a castle that apparently fell right out of the sky. But finding it will not be the problem; the challenge comes from dealing with the inhabitants. It might have been better if they had never gone looking in the first place...

Now in its native language thanks to System!

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The Beatles; almost everyone knows their name for some reason. Some know it simply from hearing it somewhere randomly; many more know it from their extensive influence on music itself. In the short decade of their existence, the 'Fab Four' forever changed music, with each member continuing to do so after they left. Breaking down several walls and creating many new sounds and styles, they unintentionally influenced dozens, if not hundreds, of future musicians. Though the matter is always one of opinion, no other can more deservingly claim to be the best.

But, as the sad old saying goes, all things must come to an end.

As another old saying goes, every ending comes with a new beginning.

All songs were done by their respective creators; The Beatles, or former members of the band. I do not claim to own or have created them, nor do I intend to profit from them on their expense.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.

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How long can this war possibly last? Are they real, or is it just my dreams? Have I truly lost my mind?

Even if it is insanity, it's the only escape I've got from this jungle...

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With Equestria being overrun by an new enemy, Celestia decides on a final gamble; transporting her world to another, random world in hopes that it's inhabitants will assist them. Unfortunately, they come into a world that has had it's own share of hardships. Having just exited a war and survived the impact of several thousands of meteorites, no nation is in the mood to fight for group of aliens that appeared out of nowhere demanding help.

Luckily for them, there is a special type out there that can be hired to fight for them, and stories have been heard regarding a particularly deadly unit from the last great war. Despite the unpredictability of these 'Mercenaries', they make an attempt to find it's former members. If the two can be reunited, Equestria may stand a chance; their only chance.

This is a rather serious Ace Combat story, heavy in it's material. Prior warning that if you aren't a major fan, you may feel lost. This is mostly a tribute story.
Story one of the Aces Trilogy.
Rated T for language and violence.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
Ace Combat owned by Namco.

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Terrorism, in the past century, has come to be one of the greatest threats to nations all over the world. It has always existed, and may always exist and threaten peace. Despite the danger, governments still bicker, as usual, and hamper any real attempt to counter it.

Officially, there is no multi-national effort to combat any and all terrorism. Unofficially, that organization is Rainbow. Consisting of the best soldiers from nations around the world and armed with the best equipment, this 'blacker than black' unit battles terrorists wherever and whenever; no matter who they are by any means necessary.

These men, who do not exist, receive no real credit for the battles they fight and the lives they save. That doesn't matter; even existing doesn't matter to them. They are dedicated to protecting innocents from an enemy who seems everywhere and nowhere, no matter where they are...

In memory of Tom Clancy. R.I.P. (April 12th, 1947-October 1st, 2013).

"One way or another, we all fight for what we believe in. Doesn't that give us some common ground?"

-Jack Ryan, The Cardinal of the Kremlin

This will be a cross of both the book and the game series. Characters from the book will appear first, game characters will come later on.
Rater T for language and violence.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
Rainbow Six written by Tom Clancy.
Rainbow Six video game published by Red Storm Entertainment and Ubisoft.

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