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With Equestria being overrun by an new enemy, Celestia decides on a final gamble; transporting her world to another, random world in hopes that it's inhabitants will assist them. Unfortunately, they come into a world that has had it's own share of hardships. Having just exited a war and survived the impact of several thousands of meteorites, no nation is in the mood to fight for group of aliens that appeared out of nowhere demanding help.

Luckily for them, there is a special type out there that can be hired to fight for them, and stories have been heard regarding a particularly deadly unit from the last great war. Despite the unpredictability of these 'Mercenaries', they make an attempt to find it's former members. If the two can be reunited, Equestria may stand a chance; their only chance.

This is a rather serious Ace Combat story, heavy in it's material. Prior warning that if you aren't a major fan, you may feel lost. This is mostly a tribute story.
Story one of the Aces Trilogy.
Rated T for language and violence.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
Ace Combat owned by Namco.

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It does say 'Trilogy', doesn't it?

>No Scarface Squadron


Don't get too far ahead of yourself, George. :raritywink:

REALLY GOOD, just keep them as silent protagonist.

I prefer it that way, it leaves the character's true personality up to the player (or reader in this case). I think i'll use Pixy and the others as the main source of narrative and info.

i like this story but i hop you update Team Yankee soon keep up the good work

I'm planning on it. It's been too long for it.

3380556 agreed your story got me reading on this site and my first favourite :pinkiehappy:

Thank you. Feels nice to make an influence.

>Allenfort Air Force Base

The nostalgia is hitting me right in the feels.

So what ace style is Cipher in this fic? also im extremely happy you made it that PJ survived.

I'll try to mix it up so the reader can still decide, but it will be leaning towards Mercenary.

But, I am planning on making this a trilogy. Each Ace's actions will lean on that ace style.

i like feels a little rush but over all not bad keep up the good work

Very good. I have high hopes for this story. Keep up the good work. I know a few combat pilots, and I have heard plenty of stories and they have shown me plenty of maneuvers with paper planes as stand ins, so I hope you know how to write a dogfight.

That depends, if you want an Ace Combat style dogfight, then it'll be here.

If you want a realistic dogfight, me and a friend are going to start co-writing a story over the weekend.

3395378 I know Ace-Combat is pretty out there in terms of dogfights, so that is what I meant. Also, I will definitely read the realistic dogfight story.

between the two interestingly.

To make the story flow, I suggest this be "between the two with interest."

A god number of the formation was down now, and

probably should be good, not god.

Thank you

My auto-correct is God-awful (and that was meant to be God)


So Awesome:rainbowkiss:

Well, keep up with it; I've got plans...

Nice. I would think that Cipher and Pixy would eventually upgrade to F-22s, though.

Soon enough, hopefully.

I like pj

I hope not betray pixi (again) and if so I definitely vote for silence

ofcourse a mega ost aerial battle with this

(if I do not like is my first choice and then follows the ace combat 5 which is good but the zero is better XD


but it's just my taste)

(not angry) XD

OK greetings

The Belkan makes this chapter pretty cool.

It just felt right. It's nice to add other elements in.


Was it any specific Belkan ace, or just a random from the war?

Just some random guy I made up.


4214047 I'm dissapointed in myself, I can't remember if any of the aces from AC Zero flew in Su27s.

There were none. The closest was Gelb in SU-37s.

I really like how you gave the wonderbolts F-18s. Considering how the wonderbolts are pretty much the Blue Angels, and since they fly F-18s as well, it's just a really cool little connection. :rainbowwild:

I think I finally found a piece of heaven...

Excellent story as a long time fan of ace combat this story is amazing. I hope the next chapter comes out soon

>meant even know if this matters anymore, but the enemy frequencies are intercepted transmissions.

3806912 I don't care how old this is I want more!

4328533 yep, just add the mercenary skin, and boom.

you know given the way the guy was talking it sounded a lot like the rot team leader though having confirmation that it was not him does alleviate some concerns.

still its nice to see more ace combat content.

You know who I would like to see in this story fighting for the ponies the Belkan sepratists and their Mig-31B Foxhounds. Because I always wanted to know what happened to those brave pilots who saw nuclear bombing their own country as the same madness as Pops did and took up arms against their own countrymen in an attempt to stop it.

Wait a minute pj died... but I will forgive it because I loved his character and there is a lot of explanations on how he could have survived

This was a great story may it Rest In Peace

Can you PLEASE continue this story, or if it is finished, indicate that the story is 'Completed', please!

I've asked once, and I'll ask again.


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