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To represent everything it stands for.


How long can this war possibly last? Are they real, or is it just my dreams? Have I truly lost my mind?

Even if it is insanity, it's the only escape I've got from this jungle...

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A Platoon crossover? You are fucking amazing!

It's not actually Platoon (though that would be good) just the cover art best represents everything the character will go through and feel like. The main focus is still Vietnam because I've yet to see a good story that pays tribute to the vets of that war and what they went through, which I think Platoon did a good job at representing.

3426008 The cover is from Tropic Thunder. You should see it. It is fucking hilarious!
3426020 I thought that scene was spoofing scenes with overacting.

It's actually from Platoon; which, in turn, copied it from a real-life photo of a soldier in Vietnam.

3426132 Ok, and Tropic Thunder just copied it from Platoon. I get it now.

Tropic Thunder was a parody of all Vietnam/Jungle war movies. Saw that shortly after it came out. Funny as hell.

So it isn't a Platoon crossover but instead the idea that Platoon represents and portrays? Still sounds awesome.

3426238 I agree. I couldn't even tell that it was Robert Downey, Jr playing Kirk Lazarus until he took off the makeup! But my favorite guy is Jeff Portnoy. He is just funny!

Extremely interesting. Never seen anything like this. Fav'd, liked, etc.

Dude, I'm not military yet, but I gotta say, I think you pretty much nailed the Vietnam theme here. The uncertainty of the soldiers, the terrain being really nice but with hidden dangers... Great work. Keep it coming.

Thanks, I hope so. I'm not watching Vietnam in HD over and over for nothing.

Again, really interesting. I wanna see moar :D

Again, LOVING the uncertainty that the soldiers felt. You definitely seem to have a good grasp of the war.
Personally, I could use a little more pony, but the way you're writing this, I figure that'll come with time. And I'm a patient guy.
So yeah; great work, and keep it up!

Reminds me a lot of The Things They Carried, anyone else getting that vibe? :duck:

this is probably taking place in the base of khe sahn

Interesting the idea of him being transported to Equestria during his dreams.

3431599 Just gonna say that was the best thing I have seen on the History Channel that ACTUALLY covers something about history. :moustache:

3543369 But still this is a good story so far; Just keep posting and you have my full attention.

Great chapter. I hope you upload more soon, I really like this story. Please, moar!

American soldiers in battle don’t fight for what some president says on T.V., they don’t fight for mom, apple pie, the American flag…they fight for one another. OOORAH!!! Every pony Saaalute!!

then again... if it was a tasty one... I'd fight for an apple pie.

This is possibly the best military story I know on the site; keep it coming!

Thanks, glad you like it.

and I couldn’t rally argue with it, nor can I now


ever so slowly toughing the ground.


They holes were spaced out well,


Man I have a fever and I'm still noticing these things easily. :rainbowwild:

“VC; we’re got the jump on him

I believe they would've said "we"

It sounded rather humors, how most of their


their job wasn’t too kill individual enemies

Come on man, normally you catch things like that. :rainbowlaugh:

The sun’s stetting, which means

Okay, now it's just tedious. :ajbemused:

. Rubbing and them and blinking,

...What? :rainbowhuh:

As I promised, at sat down with Twilight to tell her about Earth.


Unfortunately, some people just just…have their time

Not sure if you did that on purpose or not...

So far so good. I wonder how Twilight's reacting to him just popping out of existence like that. :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Paddle Steamer deleted Dec 10th, 2013

This is what happens when I write long chapters :ajsleepy:

Thanks, though.

Another fine chapter my good man.:twilightsmile:

I had a third cousin that was a tunel rat in Vietnam.

I am Vietnamese but at least this is just a story lol.

And Southern too, so that is a plus.

Do you guys usually call it Saigon by habit or do you have to call it Ho Chi Minh City?


some of us call it Saigon. I think most of the south calls it by that, even after the Vietnam War.

The Locals calls it Saigon though, that's for sure.

Plus, it is a simpler and Cooler name than the god damn Ho Chi Minh City stuff. At least call it by something cooler, like what Stalin did with Stalingrad.

So Basically, yes, Most Southerners calls it Saigon. Even in some other countries like America.

we got call sign and pacific? man this is good.

We got of the trail and into a rather light forest,


something didn’t fell quiet right…


I was expecting more of a "that's horrible!" reaction from Twilight, since war involving death and stuff must be a pretty alien concept to Equestrians, whose most recent 'war' was fought with pies. (Can't really call the invasion of Canterlot a war, it lasted nought but a day, no building tensions, and there was no declaration. :rainbowwild:)

I mean you added it towards the end but... it kinda fell flat ya know? I mean even anti-war hippies here have bigger reactions than that. :rainbowlaugh:

friend into an enemy

I'm pretty sure that's the wrong way around.

Hm? Which part was that in? (Sorry, I'm pretty tired right now)

3988387 when he's talking to celestia, he says most of the problems in this world can be solved by turning your friend into an enemy. I'm pretty sure that's the other way around

Ah, ok. Yep, that's backwards. :twilightblush: Thanks.

Overall, good intro to the story. Two glaring things.

First off, NEVER call a NCO "Sir." That will get your head torn off so fast you won't even be able to crap yourself. Sergeant or their full rank will work, unless they allow "Sarge" but thats on a personal basis.

Second, unless the guy was a butter bar, men coming in wouldn't be met at the strip by a member of the O club. Much simpler to send PFC numbnuts to fetch the new guys before reporting. Also, officers in uniform ALWAYS get a salute unless overruled the higher ups.

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind for future references.

I'm sorry but the auto rifles bit is irritating as hell. It is a LMG (light machine gun) Also, you don't need to keep repeating "assault rifle" over and over through the story.

Beyond that, good work :twilightsmile:

I thought automatic rifleman was the official designation.

And sorry for the assault rifles piece. I also do some WW2 stories from back when they just had semi-autos and SMGs, so I got a habit of specifically naming some things to avoid confusion.

When i saw this was a Vietnam story I new some major battle would take place and when I read the fist sentence of the last paragraph, I already knew were this was going, and holy shit, did you do a good job of it to, I salute you

I do wish there were some more Vietnam stories. I still think it's a very misunderstood war.

Were did you get the letter segment from, it sounds damn to familiar

Off a website, but I can't remember where. Try googling it.

It's in a few Vietnam documentaries, it's just a really famous quote I gather, I just remember hearing it, just don't know we're exactly

Here's the link to where I got it from, but I remember seeing it somewhere beforehand.

But I do think I remember you. The Assassin's Creed one, right?

Assassins creed 3 reclamation, yup that be me, I didn't realize you had took interest into my lousy work...

Actually I think I should be thanking you and not being so erosive to myself

I remember enjoying it; that was back before I officially joined the site.

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