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Obvious German

I'm a writer mostly into gritty, down-to-earth war stories with all their gruesome details and the like. Also, crossovers are apparently the only thing I can write about, doesn't stop the fun there.


Bill Overbeck. Soldier, veteran, old man, wise head, zombie apocalypse survivor and a dead man. Did I say a dead man?

Indeed, he's dead saving his beloved and the others in order to let them escape to an isolated island with no Infected. Finding himself after death in a world in conflict just like his from beings odder than the zombies and somehow, he's died again.

Well, it's going downhill from there, just like the outbreak once more.

Inspired by Eakin's Hard Reset fiction (And it takes place in that same universe too!) Read the comic first, it'll help you understand the situation. To make a note, I might not update this as often as I do with Command and Blunder because well, I was so bored with this one.

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Legit. But is Bill respawning? :rainbowhuh:

So is the AI Director is playing a role here in this one?

SCan't help but feel sorry for him.

Also this better end well, that badass deserves at least one happy ending.

Seriously, I will fund you if he doesn't.

Other than that, great story. I shall stal watch it with glee.

I will fund you if he doesn't.

This is what happens when you leave autocorrect on. :facehoof:

looks like someone found the respawn! :pinkiehappy:

Hi guys, this is Tank Dempsey, Richtofen left his Fimfiction account on.


I heard about Bill, he was sounded like a great soldier. Sacraficing himself for the good of other survivors? That's just kickass. Heh, he and I have same taste in Guns. Good old M16. I'd kill every single one of these undead sumbitches in honor of a fellow solider. Rest in piece, old man. You deserve it.

This is Tank Dempsey, signing off.

2182176 Arschloch! I knew borrowing the General's computer would give me something good!

But seriously, I think Bill was a badass dude enough to deserve his own fan fiction. Maybe more hunting in the next chapters?

Richtofen here, coming after you damn American!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA i love the respawning thing

This looks good. But, do I have to read Hard Reset to understand this? Additionally, is it that there's also infestation in Equestria, or is it just he got unlucky and spawned in the one changeling controlled town?

Kill Bill MoutaFucker! Cool story

I like where this is going, continue.... :moustache:

Looks like Bill no longer dies when he's killed.
Seems alright for an HiE, I'll keep my eye on this.

before posting this i check out how many stories you have, and the date you wrote this and I can see that you are not going to get on this for a long time or you are just going to cancel, this saddens me. :(

PS. F*** logic all the respawns

I'm liking this story so far. He's stuck in the loop, except he respawns with a different weapon each time. This could get interesting...

I'm especially looking forward to Bill meeting Hard Reset Twilight, and perhaps escaping the loop together.

Or... Maybe it's the Queen Sparkle variant? :pinkiegasp:

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