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Obvious German

I'm a writer mostly into gritty, down-to-earth war stories with all their gruesome details and the like. Also, crossovers are apparently the only thing I can write about, doesn't stop the fun there.


"War, war never changes. Even if the technologies used to fight the battles change, the basis of war and its objectives remain the same. No matter how far anyone goes to stop it for good, it will always come back, one way or another."

A loyal Conscript’s duty is to die for the Motherland, a convicted Flak trooper’s duty is to lay waste to enemy armor. But they are similar as they are merely the beginning of a regular Soviet armored column’s advance, and alas they serve nothing more than just cannon fodder, people swept away in the misery of the War of the Three Powers.

But two soldiers of these very roles beg to differ, as they awaken in post-apocalyptic Equestria, a world worse to wear than their own. Their purpose is unknown and with no clear objective in sight or mind, the only thing to do is to survive.

A special thank you to Kkat for creating the wide universe of Fallout Equestria.

I don't own Red Alert 3 as before, only those two characters that I have created for myself.

A gracious thank you to Ghostwriter95 for proofreading this.

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An interesting idea, and more so to see another Human in - Fallout - Equestria. One thing that... sort of turned me off though was the main character's name. I realize it is petty of me to say this, but that name has been used to death in a lot of stories, ever since Metro came out. That isn't to say I don't like your story, just a small (large) peeve of mine.

Did you get the idea of having human soldiers abducted and put into Equestria from the story Fallout Equestria: Rules of Engagement? (AKA, soldier is transported to Post-War Equestria because of an experiment) Its an interesting idea, and I'm just wondering if there is any correlation between this story and that one.

2404197 Yes, I based off the idea from RoE. But the storyline of that one is about Stable-Tec while my one involves the Grand Enclave Pegasi. That one also has the protagonist looking for details about the past, while the Russians have no clue on what do to.

I like this... Very much so.... CONTINUE!

I wouldn't mind a chapter or two from Dmitri's point of view c:

nope, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3.

Ah, the Soviet March...

Best piece of video game music I've ever heard.

You have caught my interest.
So please, continue..


Well, at least it's not a pair of GDI commandos... I'm serious, they would tear the wasteland a new one. Also the scarab probably would be crushed in seconds by an Armored Core (From the Armored Core games).

Fallout Equestria and Red Alert? Keep writing it. :yay:

Alright, I've never played Red Alert so I'm probably missing a lot, but I am enjoying this story. Love the concept of human soldiers in Fallout Equestria (it is my concept after all :derpytongue2:). For some constructive criticism, the first chapter is telling us a lot about the protagonist, rather than showing it, you 'say' that he is 'a born leader' and 'a great tactician' but it would be much more compelling to 'show' us these traits through his actions. Overall, a good read so far, I'll let you know what I think once I've read through chapters two and three as well. :twilightsmile:

The English seems really poorly translated, and the two soldiers are very unlike the Conscript and Flak Troopers in-game. I realize that not every trooper would not realistically fit the same stereotype, but they are both wildly different from their established template.

Conscripts are young, misinformed peasants that aren't aware of the realities of war, and they are played for laughs. ("Next time I drive tank, okay?" - when under fire) Their "training" consists of a firing range and a propaganda movie, and perhaps some physical fitness regimens. It's not intensive, heck, it's not even adequate. Artyom may have more experience, what with being a veteran, but now he's got more ammunition (and panic attacks from thinking about his girlfriend) than personality. Where's the RA3 humor?

Flak Troopers are always grumbling about their imprisonment, and their Flak Cannons are actually better anti-air weapons than anti-armor. They have satchels of explosive mines meant for taking care of ground vehicles more efficiently. (Of course, they have a tendency to be run over when moving close to vehicles, which detonates all the mines at once... Ka-boom.) They are sarcastic and have a dark sense of humor about things. ("Hold this for me." - when using mines)

This video has both units' quotes (including death noises, if you're wondering what's with the extended sections of shouting) to give a taste of their usual personalities.

Randomly warped into the world for experiments is a better excuse than just dying and turning up there (though that's awfully close to what happens), but it's still extremely flimsy. Was the purpose of the warping project to escape Equestria by switching places with a more fortunate universe's inhabitants? (If so, HAA HAA they really picked the wrong pair to switch with! :rainbowlaugh:) EDIT: The reason given in later chapters (to stop a nuclear device from being activated) is strange. Why pluck two nobodies from a different universe with a low chance for success to do that? They should/would have gone for someone actually important if they were looking for a hero from another universe, like Natascha or Tanya! (Though the former is less useful without a Badger squadron on standby.)

TL;DR The writing is nearly illegible, the characters are flatter than the Trinity test site's ground zero, and their reason for being there is complete BS. Dangit, I just want to see one good Red Alert story!

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4256258 Do please read up Red Alert's history, since this is clearly a RED ALERT crossover, not a World War Two one. A man-portable flak cannon is probably the least ridiculous thing in a world filled with anime-based 3 story high mechas, transforming destroyers, lethal tesla coils utilized as offensive weaponry, and giant ants.

Red Alert Conscript in Fallout with Pony ???


2405288 Need Kirovs and Twin blades and last but not least A-A-A-APOCALYPSE TAANKS!!!!!!

this has a MASSIVE potential.....Original Fallout: Equestria Potential

Please update, this story pweaseeee

The Flak Trooper is SURPRISINGLY civil.

And so the games begin...

Does anyone else not see that the Scarab in this is a copy of the Scarab from Halo? Including the description? Seriously, Halo Scarabs really were originally mining vehicles...

Da, comrade. You have my rapt attention. Do continue.

actually, in red alert and in later iterations there are different timelines where soviet tech is far more advanced, who is to say flak troopers carry miniature versions of a flak cannon and the accompanying shells.

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