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Obvious German

I'm a writer mostly into gritty, down-to-earth war stories with all their gruesome details and the like. Also, crossovers are apparently the only thing I can write about, doesn't stop the fun there.


In worlds ravaged, be it by war, natural disasters or extraterrestrial causes and left with no discernible future, there is always those insane enough to differentiate themselves from the shattered populace of their kind, often taking up arms against the unknown.

Kazimir Omelchuk, one of the most experienced Sparta Order stalkers in D6, is one of them.
Rita Vratsaki, a veteran Ranger whose history makes her one of the scarred survivors of the Mojave, is also one.

When these two are transported to a wasteland that only offers more nightmarish dangers and maddening sights, they will find that the fight for home and the future of three worlds, with the aid of unintentional and unexpected allies, has begun.

(No spoilers here, until I get to it)

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On the last throes of the battle of the Shield World that held an armada of Forerunner Dreadnoughts the Covenant wanted to activate, a ragtag sortie of soldiers and armored vehicles known as the 'Hell's Jesters' are unknowingly left behind as the planet falls apart. When a certain figure intervenes at a cost, the members of the group land in Equestria, scattered and very hostile to almost everything, on an unlikely mission to save a world again while battling their inner demons.

With an onslaught of disastrous events, can the Jesters live up to the fulfillment of the Lifeworker who had sent them here and stop the impossible?

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"War, war never changes. Even if the technologies used to fight the battles change, the basis of war and its objectives remain the same. No matter how far anyone goes to stop it for good, it will always come back, one way or another."

A loyal Conscript’s duty is to die for the Motherland, a convicted Flak trooper’s duty is to lay waste to enemy armor. But they are similar as they are merely the beginning of a regular Soviet armored column’s advance, and alas they serve nothing more than just cannon fodder, people swept away in the misery of the War of the Three Powers.

But two soldiers of these very roles beg to differ, as they awaken in post-apocalyptic Equestria, a world worse to wear than their own. Their purpose is unknown and with no clear objective in sight or mind, the only thing to do is to survive.

A special thank you to Kkat for creating the wide universe of Fallout Equestria.

I don't own Red Alert 3 as before, only those two characters that I have created for myself.

A gracious thank you to Ghostwriter95 for proofreading this.

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Vinyl Scratch has taken upon a new idea for a song after a fierce thunderstorm rolls over Ponyville. But even innocent intentions can go horribly wrong and as the result, Vinyl is teleported into the Capital Wasteland, a place wracked by death, desecration, slavery and most of all, the terror of insane pro-Americans accompanied by the usual, hideous radioactive mutations.

Can she survive the nightmares of this world, with the companionship of a man who seek to make a name for himself, just like the Lone Wanderer whom he is friends with? If they weren't so drunk, then maybe.

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The Empire of the Rising Sun. The world’s most terrifying and technologically advanced enemy, now reduced to a shadow of its once great self.

Nothing more than just an freak accident, a result of the elimination of Einstein by the hands of the then-Premier Anatoly Cherdenko, who now resides in cryo prison for his crimes against humanity with his accomplice.

But what if the Imperial's foretold divine destiny is somewhere else, and their accursed upbringing a blessing, that even the late Emperor Yoshiro himself couldn’t imagine?

What if another Empire of the Rising Sun needed their help in another world different from their own and technology so much more inferior to theirs, and their legends taking ahold of six different and current warriors and ages before, a great leader who’s successors unified the whole of feudal Japan?

It is time for the Imperial army to restore its former glory and to redeem itself from their justifiable atrocities, and with it comes a new age for them and the inhabitants of the other world, the age of the rising suns.

Crossover with; Command and Conquer - Red Alert series/MLP.
Teen for foreign cursing and extreme gore.

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The hectic and fast paced action of the Activision-financed war between six warring factions has landed in Equestria! The Equestrians must now deal with the possible loss of their sanities, teabagging soldiers, sudden swarms of aerial and suicidal drones that can cloud the sun and more for two rounds of different, totally original and fun modes! And now, with the inclusion of the $49.90 Destruction DLC, they will also watch their homes and monuments possibly burn to the laughing charade of beings high and mighty!

Totally endorsed by the absolutely shitty super radical and awesome Activision, Treyarch, My Little Pony, SeaNanners and EatMyDiction1!

"The best multiplayer experience ever,"

"Treyarch's finest work so far in the history of Call of Duty!"


Shamelessly ripped offInspired by MaterialDefender's really entertaining Equestria; Global Offensive!

... Expecting a refund?


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Moshimoshi! I am Yuriko Matsui, or for some if not all of you as Yuriko Omega, the Empire of the Rising Sun's most venerable Psi-commando. And the only one there will ever be.

But this little tale isn't about my life, in Japan anyway. This is about the time I went to a place filled with beings that possessed my powers, with more knowledge and control then I will ever have after a little raid at one of Futuretech's facilities.

This is about my last day there, and the last few things I will have with the Princess and her ponies who taught me the ways to control my powers and even teaching me some new ones. But what was the most important thing they gave me back, you might ask?

Some humanity, and I'm happy for that.

Cover art thanks to the great ~maxwindy

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"Causatum; situation following an event, occurence"

They say you can find the weirdest shit in Tehran, according to the US Force Recon Marines. Lieutenant M. Hershowitz and his remaining crew of three just happen to find one such anomaly that could be classified as 'weird shit' after a catastrophic earthquake, and it happens to be none other than a rainbow-maned, clueless, hotheaded and speedy pegasus from a child's show. But there's more to her arrival than it seems, as enemies seek to exploit the newcomer to the war-torn world.

Welcome to the aftermath of Iran, Rainbow Dash. Check your gear, strap up and get ready for one hell of a ride with Delta Squad.

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Bill Overbeck. Soldier, veteran, old man, wise head, zombie apocalypse survivor and a dead man. Did I say a dead man?

Indeed, he's dead saving his beloved and the others in order to let them escape to an isolated island with no Infected. Finding himself after death in a world in conflict just like his from beings odder than the zombies and somehow, he's died again.

Well, it's going downhill from there, just like the outbreak once more.

Inspired by Eakin's Hard Reset fiction (And it takes place in that same universe too!) Read the comic first, it'll help you understand the situation. To make a note, I might not update this as often as I do with Command and Blunder because well, I was so bored with this one.

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Now how do I start? I know, dinosaurs! I have a very intense fascination about them, even more so for a certain predator that seemed to beat the Tyrannosaurus and the Gigantosaurus in size and ferocity. The Spinosaurus. With a very odd sail and a snout like a crocodile, who wouldn't want to examine them? I did, and after treating a mother and her whiny son quite roughly, the equivalent of a holy punishment lands me in Equestria in the middle of an apple orchard belonging to everyone's favorite cowpony and as a Spinosaurus.

So how will they deal with something quite terrifying? And how will I deal with being a theropod that I know very little of?

I got this fairly ridiculous idea after this guy posted about the Helicoprion shark. Thank him, don't thank the German.

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