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Terrorism, in the past century, has come to be one of the greatest threats to nations all over the world. It has always existed, and may always exist and threaten peace. Despite the danger, governments still bicker, as usual, and hamper any real attempt to counter it.

Officially, there is no multi-national effort to combat any and all terrorism. Unofficially, that organization is Rainbow. Consisting of the best soldiers from nations around the world and armed with the best equipment, this 'blacker than black' unit battles terrorists wherever and whenever; no matter who they are by any means necessary.

These men, who do not exist, receive no real credit for the battles they fight and the lives they save. That doesn't matter; even existing doesn't matter to them. They are dedicated to protecting innocents from an enemy who seems everywhere and nowhere, no matter where they are...

In memory of Tom Clancy. R.I.P. (April 12th, 1947-October 1st, 2013).

"One way or another, we all fight for what we believe in. Doesn't that give us some common ground?"

-Jack Ryan, The Cardinal of the Kremlin

This will be a cross of both the book and the game series. Characters from the book will appear first, game characters will come later on.
Rater T for language and violence.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
Rainbow Six written by Tom Clancy.
Rainbow Six video game published by Red Storm Entertainment and Ubisoft.

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Okay, so... not much to say really. :derpytongue2: The operation scene was pretty Rainbow Six-ish, not Tom Clancy level, but, what can ya say? :derpytongue2: One thing I don't exactly get, though, when exactly does this story take place in terms of the novel? If this is happening after the novel, then you've got a minor inaccuracy as John Connor Clark was already born. Yeah, I know, kinda nitpicking. :twilightblush: But, anyways, hope to see more! :pinkiehappy:


Yea, I figured the timeline would be a bit of a problem, so i'll clarify in the authors notes (I can't just write an in-between date since the book doesn't give any real dates). Basically, it takes place during the novel, in between the operation at Worldpark in Spain and the PIRA's ambush of the team in Hereford. That way, all the members of the novel are alive. I am planning to bring the eco-terrorists into the mix.

3304992 Gosh, I hated those eco-terrorists in the novel. :twilightangry2:

Comment posted by Marathon deleted Oct 6th, 2013

RIP Tom Clancy ;(
I had planned on doing a Rainbow Six story, but the idea never really came out to me, so im happy to see one on the site! will read later. :ajsmug:

Thanks. I'm going to miss him, too


I'm curious, will we need to read the books, or, for that matter, have actually played the game to understand what's happening?

Well, no. Not really. You probably will run into some confusion a few points along the way, but hopefully nothing that will completely wreck the plot for you. If there is any confusion, I'll either point it out in the author's notes or answer them directly

I cried when Tom Clancy died. :'( He was my favourite author.

RIP Tom Clancy

I like it. A lot. But I have to be that ONE guy.
The head shots were a bit much. They're obviously good, but a lot of readers on this site would say "I reject the premise of this because no one is that good!" Even if people are that good, these guys will still say this. Instead of doing headshots, my first suggestion would be center-of-mass shots. My second suggestion would be to use words other than head, just for the sake of variation, like using more specific parts of the head (forehead, eye, cheekbone, orbital [under the eye], maybe even nose).
But I gotta say, I am definitely liking this story and it's potential.

Well be honest, thank you. I NEED that one guy.

In the book itself, Rainbow truly has to be the best, and it's stated that they prioritize on head shots for definite kills (indeed, around half of the kills in the book were from headshots.) In fact, they state that missing counts as not putting the burst extremely close (I forget exactly what, but I think it was something insane like a few inches) of exactly where they targeted. Though, I do plan to add a bit of variety; especially when I put them under pressure. This is just the first chapter, after all.

As for the second, I believe you're right. A little extra description can never hurt. I do hope you enjoy the rest.

Holy shit, Tom Clancy died this week? Fuck. Rest in peace.

Christ, I remember first reading his books back in primary school. Such a shame and a sin to lose such a great man and an amazing writer, it really is. And wonderful work on the chapter n' story so far, I really enjoy it.


I can suspend my disbelief about how everyone constantly lands headshots, but when this happens:

The final terrorist was a bit troublesome. He was first spotted by Price, but due to the surprise of the flashbang, was flailing and stumbling around wildly, pistol in hand. Price took a couple seconds to try and get a clear shot on his head, but he was simply bobbing around too much. Price wouldn’t have preferred it, but when the subject began to fire off his pistol wildly and blindly, he knew he had to act, firing the three bullets into the man’s side, just above the waist. He stopped and screamed in pain, the shout filling the bank, until Price put another three-round burst into his chest and he collapsed, bleeding heavily from the wounds.

This really strains suspension of disbelief. In a mission where it is explicitly stated that every millisecond matters, the super counterterrorist guy waits until his target opens fire before going for the kill because he wants a headshot. This doesn't feel like a professional military operation. This feels like a bunch of gamers hunting achievements.

The sound of the two stun grenades going off signaled Team 2 to start their run up. Ding was a little worried, as the hostages were a little ways back, and by the time they got up and got a few shots off, the shock would have worn off enough to allow one of the two terrorists guarding them to use one as a human shield. These worries quickly vanished as the team’s two long-riflemen reported in.

“Ready, Weber?” Team 2 sniper, Homer Johnston, asked his counterpart over the radio form another building nearby. “Eyes on the hostages; two guards. One is partially blocked from my view by a pillar, the other is in full sight.”

The scene transition here is confusing. There's no indication, but time skips back a few seconds.

I suppose you're right for the most part. I probably should've cut the time down. My bad. Same goes for the missing time-skip. At first I didn't feel like one would be necessary for something so short, but i'm seeing it now.

There are actually two incidents in the book concerning the firing procedure. One where sniper Johnston puts a bullet into a terrorist's abdomen; causing him to fall back and lie there, but his death was slow and painful. It's shown that Johnston intended the shot to be that way (to the point of having is fellow sniper, Weber, shoot the weapon out of his hands to get a clear shot (more disbelief)) because the gunman had executed a Dutch girl. He did die, and was combat ineffective immediately, but Clark still chastised him for it back at base. The only reason he didn't get into trouble was because of the terrorist's actions and the fact that the shot did make him combat ineffective immediately; and, in the official sense, stated he "slapped the trigger too hard".

There was another incident when the team was roping down through the windows and one landed directly in front of a terrorist. By instinct, he punched him to the ground (strong enough to disable him then and there) before firing a kill shot (yes, again into his head. That's kinda where I raised my eyebrows, too.). He, too, got into some slight trouble, but nothing major. More along the lines of 'how can we improve slightly' like at the end of each mission.

So, yea. Tom basically made Rainbow to be the ultimate super-soldier Captain America badasses, and I did find it to be a bit much at times. Still, it was the basic concept that grabbed me.

Thanks for the feedback. Other than that, how is everything else?


Other than that? It's chapter 1. The plot hasn't really started yet. We'll see where things go.

It's crazy to me that he knows more about the military than almost anyone else, yet only got to the Army ROTC.

I think i'm about to die of a happy overdose.:rainbowkiss::raritystarry::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

So... next chapter?

These kind of things take time, mate.

Well speak of the devil, something tells me Celestia won't be too happy about all that. :twilightoops:

When you refer to the MP-10, are you referring to this SMG made by Special Weapons Inc

Mess with the best, die like the rest

Well I don't condone killing innocent ponies I understand the team actions, if anything I blame twi. She attacked defenseless beings, who retaliated in self defense

The MP-10 used by Rainbow is an improved version of the Heckler & Koch MP-5 SMG.


I don't really like it either; it's more just for the story. And, for some reason I just enjoy messing with the RG.

Time for a very unpleasant battle, leading to the finding of a most heinous misunderstanding.
That was a nice chapter. Looking forward to more.

OH NOES!:pinkiegasp: Slaughter of RG by guys with guns time! :raritycry:

While the scenario you set up is highly detailed, I feel that the writing could use a little more polish. Just a little extra to make it more like a novel, rather than a dry report.

Also, not even a highly modified helicopter can be silent. If it's hovering right over your building, you're going to hear it.

When I first read the title, I was thinking Rainbow Dash in spec ops. A while back, I made up some cover art for a story like that, although it was never used.
image source

I've noticed that you have inconsistent paragraph indents. Something to keep in mind.

Where did the team get their gear? Were they flying with it in their seats or did they recover it from the crashed plane?

While I don't really enjoy stories about people killing ponies, I really can't think of any way this would have gone differently. I still think that Twilight isn't the stun-first-ask-questions-later type, but if she was like you've portrayed, then this is about how I would expect Rainbow team to react.

I'll start calling them Rainbow team or force or whatever to distinguish from Rainbow Dash

Thanks. Mostly just more stuff I need to keep an eye out for.

I think the novel stated the operatives always got their gear on at Hereford and wore it on the trip and back, so as to keep their ID totally secret the entire time. I think the only changes that could be made would be to the Helicopter; writing words like 'police' on the side in the country's language to keep it secret, as well.

No, it's not just going to be them Vs. the Royal Guard the entire book, that's just a setup. There will be a main antagonist(s) for the story.

Finally someone posted a rainbow six story instead of another Ghost Recon or splinter cell story

Not just that

'Finally, someone makes a story based on Clancy's books instead of just a game with his name on it.'

Seriously, I feel like the only one who read his work before even seeing his name on a video game box. Soooo lonely.


I've read some of the book back when it first came out but never got to finish it.

A story with humans killing ponies instead of instantly turning into pansy-ass flower sniffers. Have my thumbs up.

3377600 I half agree. I agree they wouldn't just forgive this, but I doubt a real Spec Ops team would kill 20 soldiers from a nation they known nothing about and risk a war. They'd be more likely to have very intense 'formal' discussions with the leading authority in the location that would end with some form of punishment for incarsarating their men.

But now that it's happened I'll probably be more pissed if the ponies just give Rainbow a slap on the back and forgive them for killing 20 of their soldiers. That is an act of war by any nation's definition.

It's not even comparable to the HiEs where the human gets beat up because he was thought of a monster and forgives the ponies, we're talking 20 dead whom had families. At the very least the family members would be screaming for blood.

3381007 Have you even read Rainbow 6? Or any Tom Clancy book? Heck, ANY book written by someone with actual knowledge of the military? These guys aren't fucking politicians.

Also, Twi is going to cross the Despair event horizon after she realized every one died, not murdered as the Centurion at World park demonstrated, unless Celestia ex Machina.

3409505 Even not being politicians they should still have basic understanding of laws involving this situation.

The situation being that they are on a foreign nation's soil without orders, permission, visas or passports; therefor the Equestrian government would be legally allowed to arrest them.

Least I'm fairly sure that's correct. Politics is too wibby wobbly timey wimey to understand. :moustache:

Will read when I get home.

R.I.P. Tom Clancy you will be miss.

I like this story. How is Rainbow going to explain this to Celestia they killed a lot of guards.

Oh well let's see how this goes when it updates.

An M60? I'm not complaining, but there are lighter, more practical 7.62 machine guns out there.

...wood would have looked nicer, but deteriorated over time.
That, and wood expands and contracts more in heat/humidity changes. Any material can, really. That's why a lot of serious rifles have barrels that don't touch the stock at all.

2 clean head shots from 1000 m?

In a training section of the book, Johnston got two headshots at 900 m easily. I think 1000 would be within his range. Yea, get ready for your jaw to drop when you hear how precise and strict these guys are.

But I don't think I specified the exact range, did I?

Yea, I know. It's still a crossover, so I have to stay true to Clancy and what he said. He chose the M60, not me.

And the wood, you'd know better than me. The exact quote stated that along with wood deteriorating and warping over time, "Kevlar was dead, chemically inert, unaffected by moisture or time." So maybe Clancy was wrong, but I wouldn't know exactly.

Time for Rainbow Six to hunt down some MF's.

Have the unit explain what happened, train the RG (with some ass kicking here and there to bust down the pride), vest the Rainbow 7 and get teleported back to earth in a cruel twist of fate

Rainbow is going to do what they do best.

Stop the bad guys before they even knew what hit them.

Twilight did not get much sleep that night, though few in the town did. She didn’t see much of what was happening, but as soon as she did step inside, a royal guard immediately ordered her back in.

I think you mean outside.

took and arrow


Aside from these mistakes (and others that may or may not exist but I did not see), I enjoyed reading this chapter. Even if it is interfering with my own writing.

Thanks, i'll get to fixing them

3427449 I love this story, are you planning on continuing it soon??????? Please do

As you can see, I have a lot of other works to tend to. Patience, my friend. I'll hop to it in no time!

Tom Clancy was and still is, in my opinion, one of the best military historians and authors to live. May his soul rest with God. :fluttercry: I am glad to meet another Tom Clancy fan. :pinkiehappy:

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