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This story is a sequel to Three Guys in a Stryker Save Canterlot

Buckle up kiddies, Echo One is back! After breaking the changeling invasion, unfortunate circumstances lead the Stryker crew to take it easy and stay in Equestria. However, despite their service and hero status among many, shadows are playing in an attempt to force the three BLUFOR soldiers from their world. Their problems don't stop there either.

Is a little slice of Heaven too much to ask for?

A sequel to the story inspired by my unhealthy ArmA addiction.
Vulgarity is present in the story. Like it's predecessor, gore is a non-factor. Our guns are still firing magic, logistics has been consulted; they told us to deal with it.


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She clucked her tongue, considering the taste, before taking a larger drink. Silent moments passed before Celestia's eyes dilated in half a second.
"I can see sounds." She whispered, standing rigid.

"I have seen the end of all time..." Celestia whispered. Still in a shock-like state.

"I am Crossroads." She whispered, before snickering to herself quietly, with her eyes leaving their posts and turning away from eachother in their sockets.

Oh my gawd I love you so much for this! :rainbowlaugh:
hahahahahaha! X'D Oh man, this... this should be canon, Celly hopped up on NOs. I approve!
Awesome job man!

So awesome to see a sequel!
This was full of laughes, and I can't wait to see more! :D

Keep it up!

Splash hadn't screamed like that since the Cloakers.


6029599 Yep. They used to scare me senseless, i'd scream and my Skype buddies would laugh at me. :c

Then I rolled Fugitive.


All of my yes are belong to this.

Are you going to have the Russians in their Hind from the Crystal Empire join up w/ them, or something?

6030594 I hadn't thought of that. I was just settling in for the night, it's not likely but now you've got my head whirring with new ideas. :P

6030667 I mean, Cadence said that she had the power to send only one of them back, but what would they say to three others who were playing the game, and Celestia's ability to transfer them, and their APC, back and forth across dimensions, while injured?

6030682 Ah you're referencing Tech's story. That story is completely alternate from this one, his own take on it, really.

Raptor shrugged and turned to Splash. "We gave Celestia your phone while you were out, by the way."
Panicked, Splash looked down and checked his pockets, finding no cell phone. He looked at his leader, his mouth moving but had no words coming out.
"There's nothing bad on it, is there?"
Silence for a few moments."N-no?" Splash croaked.
The three stood there awkwardly.
"We should probably go get your phone, shouldn't we?"

"No one," He rasped. "Shall ever read my fanfictions."

Hahahahaa, now I wonder... what did he write? :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome new chapter man! Legitness! :rainbowkiss:

Heeheehee, Celly knows~ :rainbowlaugh: hahahaha, so much yes with that.
Man, nice chapter so far! :D Someone tried to kill poor Spalsh? He a cool dude, I wonder why... hmm...

Good show!

lol, don't piss off Canadians 8D
Nice work on this chapter, heehehe.

Frag grenade for a ball...
Well why the fuck not? :D

Writer's block, I know it all too well my friend ;v;
It sucks!

Awesome chapter though, this was great!

"How're you paying?" Raptor raised an eyebrow.
"In bullets."
Raptor and Splash stared at their friend, eyes wide with alarm. It took a moment for him to catch their looks.
"Oh, oh Jesus not like that. I mean i'm literally giving them bullets."

I lost it XD hahahahaha, that and the pants bit with Rarity XD

Hahaha, nice job man, nice job!
I wonder what the flash was though... curious.

...... Who the fuck is that Noble? Fucking Snake? Sam Fisher?

I have a feeling that a noble that is in the castle whom seen the striker before and could bypass the guards with no trouble at all I'm taking about royalty witch in this case I declare its prince blueballs

Another well done chapter :yay: Hahahah, nice job!
And some ponies stole one of their weapons... lordy lordy, they about to get owned! Dx

Nice job!

1st to comment.
Oh and this too.
Ahh yeah burn those sonic wannabes out. :pinkiecrazy:

Mmm mm mmmm... scud missile and destruction...
It had to be done Celestia, it had to be done :pinkiecrazy:

Nicely done!

Mmm mm mmmm... scud missile and destruction...
It had to be done Celestia, it had to be done :pinkiecrazy:

Nicely done!

YAY! A continuation!
Okay, a few errors here and there.

"It made us very ded." Raptor supplied, remembering the pain.


"And i'm Raptor, Echo One-One Actual,"


"I've mentioned the things 'crew"

the thing's crew

And i'll have you know,

And I'll... (happened a few more times after that)

Do you see the armor on our vehicle?Those changelings

(Missing a blank between vehicle? and Those)

Great, can't wait to read further. :twilightsmile:

The three could about fit side by side, and had much more headroom that a vent shaft on Earth.

Nice chapter, lol'd hard at all this randomness :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, that was crazy :rainbowlaugh:

Ah, writer's block. Still keeps me from continuing my own story :-/
But seems like you got over it, as we have here another great chapter :D

Sone Some random errors here and there:

Get the fuck away from him!" Splash heard his leader scream out from beyond the circle of ponies that had formed between him and Grape, the guards divided and made a path for him panic at the crazy human waving around a rifle.

I do not fully understand what is said here.

"Something like that. Anyway, could we talk to you? Somewhere that isn't here?"
"I... Suppose so."

Wait, she walks away with some strangers without asking her CO or even informing somepony?

There was a knock on the door, and very quickly each of the men's primary weapon was trained on the door when a blue head poked through the door, the owner shocked by the reaction.
"Is it a bad time?" Luna asked.




Intentional, it's one of Raptor's quirks. :P

the guards divided and made a path for him panic at the crazy human waving around a rifle.

... Was I drunk or something?

Wait, she walks away with some strangers without asking her CO or even informing somepony?

Good point, that's a bit ridiculous on my part.

I think I resolved everything. Thanks for the point-outs, was hoping I'd attract a reader that'd inform me of any mistakes. <3

He lay on his chest,


"No hold on." Roar cut in. "You did, there was a written document before we left and everything."


I wasn't sure q-quite was I was looking at until I took it apart and spent a few hours analyzing the parts.

And wow, what a douche.
Hmm, who could this noble be... I bet it's Blueblood.
Nice chapter, moving on to the next one!

6469682 Dude... spoilers!

6569862 You're welcome :D Btw, I am working on an Arma II MLP mod (shameless self-advertisement here...)

"We're ready, bring us over."

"Beam us up, Scotty!" :rainbowlaugh: Sorry, couldn't resist to say that...

And wtf Echo, why did you do that... :rainbowhuh:
Couldn't they've just brought one of the Urals with a ZU-23 with them? Would have been enough to bring down their walls, and if they bring another AAV with them they'd have won.
But that aside, I hope this was just a dream... I mean, you called it "Intermission", after all.


And wtf Echo, why did you do that...

Echo One; "Escalation of Force." Hooah.

Link to pone mod please?

Oooooh, interesting~ :yay: heehehehe, nicely done, nicely done!

Oh, Colonel Armstrong!


Hot damn! New chapter! TIme for funni-

"Is this really just a machine? Does it follow your will at the pull of a lever and the turn of a valve? Or is it some twisted creature, bred to raze and kill? Because I'm... I think I'm afraid to think it's just a machine."
She took her gaze off the autoloader, and looked directly into Raptor's eyes. "I'm afraid to think that intent to raze and kill is yours."


"Undying... Spending your eternities engaging in constant warfare." The mare said. She looked back at the autoloader.

Whoah dude... that's like... deep man, holy crap... depressing thoughts there...
I laughed when Celly said your ass is grass though :rainbowlaugh:

Hahaha, awesome chapter man.

Also, Arma 2 is awesome! I do hope to play at some point... those sweet types of Arma that hundreds of people play, like the DayZ mod and shit, heeh.

Nice job.

Just a note, the M1128 is proof to 14.5mm HMG ammunition. The M1128 also has two M2 Browning HMGs.

I mean... Game universe...

His hands fell upon his trusty hockey stick, and when they did, thunder cracked in the distance. This was no ordinary hockey stick, it's power was immense, rumored to have been forged in a volcano. The Canadian man himself had pulled the stick from an enchanted stone, and he alone bore the will to wield it.


Sucking air back into his lungs he was able to reply. "So you like it rough?"

insert lenny face

"I am Crossroads." She whispered, before snickering to herself quietly, with her eyes leaving their posts and turning away from eachother in their sockets.

This has inspired fear of a new kind in me.

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