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was born, which was cool, then stuff got weird


Princess Celestia Finds a major breech in security in the royal castle that may mean that someone is coming after them. To find out who, Luna searches the Multiverse for someone with the detection skill necessary to get the job done and save the Royal sisters.

F.O.4 Crossover

Teen for swearing.

(after three years of writing on this site, and over 15 stories, this becomes my first "popular" story, i have no idea what to say but, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.)

(we did it)

(Made popular list 2/4/2016.)

(lets see if it make featured.)

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Oh... My dear sweet Lord...

Well, this is going on my Read Later list! :pinkiehappy:

Man I love this game, also great story.

this is actuary really good


Favourited for the justice

Find out what happens next with Valentine's Detective Agency and the Mystery of the Missing Cake.

Ah, My second favorite Synth. Nick is one mean machine.

Ladies and gentlemen the only Fallout 4 story on this sight...Took long enough...also I'm still trying to keep from laughing...Also Dis gud

6906386 Who is your favorit?


6908343 Eeyup. Her French accent and her personality just makes her adorable.

This seems to be a promising start.

But I won't lie to you: you REALLY need a proofreader.
Especially with uppercase , lowercase and general grammar.

It would also be good to add the cover-source. Just for formality.

Also you should add separators everytime you change the scene. Best would be separators like that one unter this paragraph. You can create it with [ hr ] (without the spaces).

But like I said before: The story itself looks good.
Who is this mysterious cake-thief? At this point we only know it is a pony, since there are hoofprints (or it was a non-pony who claims to be a pony).

And why does Celestia check their browser history?! What is she up to?
(Maybe she just invented everything about the cake to keep Luna busy, while doing her 'research'.) (Or maybe I'm just a bit overthinking.)

I like to see how it continues.

This is great! Keep it up!

Dis... Dis right 'ere... Dis is classic.

Fuck it! Imma follow

GO FORTH...FOR JUSTICE....can't breathe....laughing too hard:rainbowlaugh:

I'm liking this start. Nick is one of my favorite companions to use in Fallout 4, so him being in the story makes it even better!

7936239 ive been toying with the second chapter for a while but u know,....life and depression keep fluctuating. and soon i might be in a position where i wont be able to write for a long time and if that happens well i be shure to pump out at least one more chapter for all my unfinished fics

So in short, nothing soon nothing guaranteed but hopefully someday.

are you going to finish this story?

meh, probably not. but hey he might just have writer's block, or lack internet, or just is done with writing

honestly ive been kicking myself alot to get back to this, or writing at all

but earlier this year i took on a big career change in my life and its taken alot of my focus, i learned along time ago that if you force writing it turns out to be shit and i really don't want to do that.

i wouldn't really call it writers block, i still have many ideas for this fic and all my others that are unfinished, its just a matter of sitting down, writing, editing, rewriting. ive been finding i have alot of lack of motivation on anything outside of work nowadays. kinda beat myself up for it. i really don't frequent this site anymore and i think thats part of the problem. i also been falling in and out of mlp, i usually have catch up days at the end of the month instead of loyally waiting for episodes, i still go on devient art and derpibooru to check on my favorite artists.

I wanna get back to writing i really do its just,....hard for some reason. it pains me bc every once and a while i still get comments and DMs asking for more.

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