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Forward Unto Dawn


Miles Worth, a young marine, discovers that what he thought was the end, only began another chapter of his life. Will he ever be the same again? Follow him on his journey throughout Equestria, as he discovers who he really is again.

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Okay, first, may I say that as a supporter of the troops I applaud you for writing this... on a second note... it could be much better, more thoroughly written out... expanded on... and maybe could use a few runs through the gauntlet known as an editor/pre-reader. So far I have only read the prologue and will now move on to the next chapter.

Hm... Can't say that I'm disappointed with this development. I'm impressed as it has taken a solid step above your previous writings. I look forward to seeing where this goes. I also currently don't have the energy to argue my little nitpicks. That will come at a later time.

Thanks for your comments guys! It's be a while, and I forgot to put the story on hold. Well, even though that was a small chapter, I felt that I needed to get out a small portion of my new, more thoughtful writing process. Also, I was trying to get the story prepared for the third part of the prologue! The chapters after will be longer and more thought out, but won't be so long where people lose interest. Thanks again!


Thanks Clumsy I appreciate it!

Make the chapters longer! Message received! Thanks for telling me that! I'll make sure to make this new chapter longer

P.S. - About the last four chapters: I had started rewriting this story a long time ago, and I had uploaded the prologue in parts. Seeing as I had already started that, I just finished the prologue with the third and last part, unfortunately as a really short chapter. Part of me just found that I didn't like the prologue and I just wanted to get it over with. You can include Just a bump with the prologue as it was really meant to be short. I am currently writing the next chapter (Objective Unknown) as a longer chapter. I'm probably going to start uploading a chapter about every 2 to 5 days depending on how long it is, and how much time I had to spare for writing. This is so that I can review and locate errors and expand off of the wip chapters.
Thanks for reading!

-Forward Unto Dawn

A certain poem comes to mind... Look it up, it's called 'Fiddlers' Green'.

5593956 I have those quite often. Often enough to make me sad, at least.

5908170 This is actually really similar now that I've read it! Thanks for showing it to me! :D

Why did you change him back into a human?

5949471 It was a piece of the puzzle. You'll see how it affects him later. For exactly why he's a human, he can do so much more as one. He has hands and fingers, and ponies don't if you catch my drift :p I also find it more comfortable to have human protagonists

I'm changing this story to the first person now. I've been busy over a long period of time and I can actually breath now. Also, I find first person easier to write for me. Thanks for understanding! I'll do my best to expand on the story's chapters!

6230332 Oh, you might wonder what happened to the original chapters. Well, I erased them. They didn't fit with what I wanted this story to be, so I got rid of them. Thanks! :D

...um....why dont I see words....:applejackconfused:

Where are the words for the first THREE CHAPTERS!?!?!:flutterrage:

Is this story dead?:pinkiesad2:

Um is this story going to going still be worked on?

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