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Echo 1 is the callsign belonging to a group of armored vehicle operators in Takistan, the battlefield where every warfighter respawns. They're labelled loose cannons after an explosive incident, and are confined to their base as punishment. As the three start to ponder their use, a freak accident results in their arrival to Equestria.

Another day, another area of operations.

Echo 1-1 Actual: "Raptor", Stryker Commander (Sport Shades)
Echo 1-2: "Roar", Stryker Driver (Aviators)
Echo 1-3: "Splash", Stryker Gunner (Striped Shirt)

No gore, projectiles are magical. The level of violence shown is hardly above that depicted/suggested in the show.
A story inspired by my unhealthy ArmA addiction.

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Stryker? Respect mate.

Putting on the read-latter list.

I would have loved this if you didn't use video game physics and if the strkyer fired out normal rounds.

3712446 I hardly like the idea of having a bloody massacre in my story while trying to be slightly humorous.

3712475 I just, when people write a fanfic using video game physics and make their weapons all pussy hippy shit, it gets awkward and not as enjoyable.

3712498 Can you tell me where I used ArmA physics in any chapter other than the first? No, and reason being because they were in the ArmA universe at that point.

Also, keep in mind this is a My Little Pony fic, one that takes place in canonical Equestria at that. Of course it's going to have awkward and non-lethal stuff.


pussy hippy shit

I'm not sure if there's anything "pussy-ish" or "hippy-ish" about offensive magic. Especially that of the explosive department.

Happy New Year!! From U.K.

3712583 Thanks! :)
I'm not quite there yet, so happy 6pm from Central United States! :twilightsheepish:

3712590 Just reply when its New Year in the U.S. and then we can all say "Happy New Year!! From -insert your country name here-":pinkiehappy:


Reminds me of metal gear solid

Comment posted by Sniperwolf24 deleted Jan 5th, 2014

I think we would always take a chance to get away from an angry CO.

3712617 Happy New Year from Central U.S. :3

MOAR! This was funny as shit! :rainbowlaugh:

This just makes me want to play some Arma with you again time xD, and this story oddly reminded me of when we got that slammer in Arma 3. :3

3743985 That was tragic. I'm surprised I only had three friendly-fire incidents in that thing.

Holy shit an ArmA crossover? As in, not another shitty DayZ fanfic? Have my like already

VES! THAT WAS SO AWSOME!!!! Now to go on to the sequel to see what happened to the Russian Hind.

God I remember a time in DayZ Epoch, we had a STRYKER, rammed a MV-22 Osspray that was locked, the freekin MV22 suplexed the stryker blowing both up, the guys in it got out as i flew in my my armed lill bird, we were all yelling at my friend Brendan... then my heli spontaneously exploded for NO reason, and the flaming hulk landed on Brendan... it was a good day.

3835031 Heh, poor Osprey. I love those things, me and a crew of four chased a UAZ going down south on Chernarus in one. All the time we were hovering right over them, playing "Flight of the Valkyries" on direct comms.

This fits, because it does. :moustache:

I'd laugh my ass off if one of them vaulted off the tank and broke a leg.

A Stryker is not a tank, it's classified as an Armored Fighting Vehicle.

Stryker bursts through doors, SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!

4036556 Hell yeah! And you other comment, i'm aware, I was just using tank as a sort of general term. :trollestia:

Dude, it would be awesome if they were like, the main patrol of canterlot! Like some guard ponies can ride the vehicle and look out for any dangers! Like serving under Celestia for a amount of time. While Chrysalis is trying to figure out what that machine was! Then Roar, Splash, and Raptor meet the main six. :raritystarry:
It would be an awesome series! :moustache:

Just saying, it's a very good idea. Very original, I support it all the way! So now, humans are canterlot's last resort~! AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

"oh I don't know, stop f***Ing up"

//Giggles madly

Awesome XD

Ermergerd I love you
//squees then goes to read like a tornado

Hehehehehe X'D
Fourth wall breakage! //lulz

Nice job.

This is fucking GOLD! I love it! Reminds me of how my friends and I played multiplayer back then. Betrayel, stealing supplies, shooting eachother in the head and Trolling the HELL out of our team!:rainbowlaugh:

6031311 Crossroads sees all, Crossroads knows all. x3

You're not the only one who has an Arma addiction. Arma 3, but since Arma 2. You're my new best friend. ^_^

what do you think of Arma 3 GM and contact's stories?
(global mobilization)

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