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What am I exactly?

Good Question!

I'm actually a student, but quite past the 20's. STILL!! It doesn't stop me from being artistic by writing! I'm more of a story-maker for anything that's related to animation. So anime and cartoons are fun things for me, but what I value is how the content progresses in a plot!

I'm counting the My Little Pony universe along with the Human Dimension as a wild ride since it involves inter-dimensional travel, since the two worlds are connected via parallel dimension.

So, yeah. That's pretty much stuff you need to know for now! Let's get along!

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  • 97 weeks
    "What I think about cultures in MLP:FIM" - A random blog #2

    When you think about it, there was always a prediction about how life works in Equestria and the lands beyond. It's always about "happiness" and "parties" in JUST Equestria, Ponyville in particular, but most of the audience watching the series should have seen that it wasn't always the case. Equestria has its own set of rules and ways of etiquette. But life as expected outside Equestria was no different. There's a variety in the cultures that are set in the "Friendship is Magic"

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  • 98 weeks
    "And one day it made sense?" - A random blog #1

    The one thing I'll be looking forward for again in My Little Pony, whether Equestrian style or Equestria Girls in particular, I will be making sure to put in my deep expectation that SUNSET SHIMMER SHOULD BE GIVEN THE LIMELIGHT IN THE SERIES PROPER!!! The one thing I'm seeing in her improved personality is her flexibility around her circle of friends. And, she's forgiven by Princess Celestia, right?

    You know what she had actually done?

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  • 99 weeks
    Who's Flipper Choco exactly? (Original Character Sheet) (UPDATING)

    So Flipper Choco's an original character made from the My Little Pony franchise, under the Power Ponies sub-universe. Of course, I've been busy trying to map out his personality, but it seems I can't put his overall appearance on a base. Not every OC has to start with a female one, right? ^_^

    Here are the character details:

    Name: Flipper Chocolate

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