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I have drones circling the whole world.


The Battlefield Friends all download the Equestrian DLC, but find out it holds a whole 'nother world. The Equestrian DLC allows players to fully immerse themselves into a gigantic open world. With two teams RU and US, players can have huge battles, small skirmishes or firefights. With the upgraded player count engine with now 64 players and Frostbite 3's levolution engine, the Equestrian DLC is an awesome map pack that holds a little bit more than just your average multiplayer content. See you on the battlefield.

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Wow so EPIC update soon!!!!:pinkiehappy:

I've got little birdie legs, little birdie legs, little birdie legs. I've got little birdie legs.

VES awesome! Please more soon

Well, this is very silly. :twilightsheepish:

Eh, not bad. Not great either. It has great potential though.

I can't wait until the ponies figure out that the gang just keeps respawning.

I feel as if the unicorns are overpowered. I can really only see Twilight being powerful enough to destroy a helicopter in one hit.


I... I... What? This was good, but... what?

Omg to intense I can't take it:pinkiesick:

Use your shit bucket for your puke bucket.

Time to watch Celestia VS Colonel 100 face eachother, also I bet 1,000,000 dollars Colonels gonna win and let celestia live.

Oh NO! It seems said White Alicorn has SOMEHOW KILLED the Colonel! Oh Neebs, what to do, what to do!
This is is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You've prepared yourself your entire life for this moment. This is your only chance! You hold your breath in aniticipation aaaaaand....

Dip dip potaaato chip, dip dip potato chip, DIPDIPPOTATOCHIP!


HOLY SHAGAROTH! Two gods are about to throw down. Who will win?

Loving this story so far,
You got the guns, the Colonel who can kill everything with a knife and you even kept all the guys from the cartoon in character.
However, you are missing something. Where are all the dinosaurs at?

I like the silliness of the story. But your magic is a bit more powerful than what we see in the show.

Clearly you have not been breifed on battlefield yet. There are no dinosaurs.

Okay, this is weird... and funny...



Shit's got real! Who would win?! Colonel lvl 100?! or Celestia?!:pinkiehappy:.... Because I got no idea..:twilightblush: Pretty good vs. mashup though. Never thought of that.:twilightsmile:

3726958 Or levitate the Chopper and use it as a Bludgeon on the rest of the team.
Or possible grab all the rockets out of the pods and throw them back at you.

3727436 Colonel what are you doing here shouldn't you be playing Battle Field?!

Comment posted by Paddle Steamer deleted Jan 4th, 2014

Oh god, this is priceless.

Needs more Noob x Pony interaction though. :rainbowlaugh:

I said this on the last BFF Fan fic, I'll say it again here, Give Luna USAS12+FRAGS.

The last BFFs crossover died. Luna gets no death cannon.

Noob is always my favourite characters bevause is soo noob and extremely hilarius


May I ask exactly why my comment was deleted? :applejackunsure:

Because all I said was "it's about time someone made one of these" and linked a video to Engineer shooting out the sun with the USAS.

Also next time if you're going to delete my comments, I'd like to know without just coming back randomly and finding it gone. :twilightsmile:

Cause you ruin the story with your spoiling comments. now hush hush

3736507 That's a terrible reason and you know it.

Particularly since most likely everyone reading this has seen the series.

Besides I didn't know it was a spoiler. All you did was confirm that it's going to be in the story by claiming it as such. :trollestia:



3736535 :trollestia:
Wait... Shit. :pinkiecrazy: Guess I'll just have to delete the story. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

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