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I have drones circling the whole world.


I'm Bear Grylls, excellent survival expert and I spent thirteen years in the British military. I'm here on a new show ever since I was fired from the discovery channel for drinking too much piss and shoving turtle blood up my ass. So it is my sole duty to randomly jump from a plane or helicopter and teach you the ways of Man V. Equestria.
"Remember share with your friends and don't forget to hit that like button."- Bear Grylls

A short story one shot fic.

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And here. We. Go.
Can anyone pass the piss?

javascript:smilie(':eeyup:'); yup

Just saying, I'm pretty sure Bear Grylls is not an OC.
I like the idea though.

Holy cow Bear Grylls.Princess Celestia is discovery channel? :rainbowderp:

Why is he drinking Timber Wolf blood when he could be drinking his own piss?

2864249 cause that got him fired first place.

2864274 But the taste is so irresistible...

2864276 he can always drink it at home. Now is SURVIVAL TIME!

First, if I lost my jacket, I have to drink my own piss.

Rainbow Dash better keep tank away, lest he get a craving for a bloody butthole again.

I wonder what he would think about meeting Zecora and the other ponies in Ponyville?

If they would like to get hydrated with piss.

somebody had the right idea when they came up with this...

Thank you good sir/ madam :moustache:

So... Did he stay in a hotel or motel?

The world may never know.

that's sir.
your welcome.
cantwait for it to finish.
(I only put finished stories on my Kindle.)

now i don't mean to rain on anyone's parade here, but this was a bit sloppy in my opinion.

i think he could've made each of the paragraphs longer and made the exit of the story better. maybe had twilight introduce herself? and besides TV isn't in equestria. their not that technologically advanced. just saying:twilightblush:

Yeah. It was 1 in the morning and I did it of my Xbox console:twilightoops: Sorry.

oh ok. but still next time try to do a bit better:ajsmug:

and you actually tried to do this from your xbox? how long did it take you?:twilightoops:

Like two hours, I have a chat pad so I go really fast, and it doesnt allways pick up buttons, such as in the story where there are J's where there should be apostrophes.
-sent from Xbox.

I'll give you a like for this most glorious of concepts, but I must withhold my favourite until you add a scene where Bear drinks his own piss. This is essential for any Bear Grylls fic, and only then would it truly reach god tier :raritywink:

Okay... this is the first time a story description caused me to spit-take!. I'll have to read this one :pinkiecrazy:

Bear then leapt out of his stone hiding place towards the manticore. Bear let out a battle cry and the manticore roared.

This is why pony-candyland should never fuck with humanity. HFY!

i hope you learn your lesson bear

never make surviving tips on mlp show

A funny idea done pretty well and matching the style of the show! :twilightsheepish: But the execution was a bit... rough.

Overall, enjoyable.

I'd say find an editor and you'd be golden!

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