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I have drones circling the whole world.


How friendship's are tried and enemys are made. What happens when Luna finds some strange alien equipment and what may she find in the world of this 'internet'?

All rightful credit's go to respective owner's


Chapters (3)
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Master chief has even worse grammar than what is presented here. I doubt he even uses capitols or fully spells a word. He speaks L33T aand T3XT language. Still, I see potential.

Lol. U has no skillz. You got your ass kicked by the worst Halo player in the world. Trolololol.

Lol U has no skill. U got ur a$$ woopd by teh worst Hal0 player in teh worldz. Trolololololol fagotz.

Besides, Master Chief thinks that he is amazing and other players are using Hax.

This is constructive criticism, don't take this the wrong way.

Arby sat on the cold counter top of Jon’s apartment in Canadia.
you spelled canada wrong thats offenive to us jk i dont know if thats the way arby and chef spell canada or not plz do tell us

Insta faved and liked, first story of Arby n 5he Chief since "Toying Around"

I didnt ask for constructive critism did I? Jk lol, thanks for the tip.:twilightsmile:

Arby pressed the guide button opening a new page, that got Chief killed.

Lol :rainbowlaugh:

2245467 its ok :twilightsmile: i just wanted to know if it was a error or not


WoW! I haven't watched this machinima in like forever. reading this makes me want to watch it again.:twilightsheepish:

Sorry for the short chapter I am pressed for time at the moment.


Short chapter or not still good chapter. Now on to the next one.

Also I hate this new setup for fimfic its pissing me off.


I use my phone to use fimfic to read and write and all that good crap but with this new setup its screwing with visuals on my phone.

I know chief speaks l337 and txt but holy hell I liked it better before when it was just green text

I know I used the 133t speech but it didn't come out correctly

2255474 You know why you didn't watch it in forever? b3cuz jon-fag3t dunt poest vide33s!

Yes, and up next is something YouTube would have and I'm going to make in the future.

2272944 if I were you id just use green text

2274352 but you wont look at the chapter name going what the buck does that say

God blessed, is this story that easy to unfoil?:fluttershbad:

This went by too fast but I love this story already.

Comment posted by Corrupt Gnashty deleted Jun 11th, 2013
Comment posted by Corrupt Gnashty deleted Jun 11th, 2013
Comment posted by Corrupt Gnashty deleted Jun 11th, 2013
Comment posted by Corrupt Gnashty deleted Jun 11th, 2013

Woo hoo! The long-awaited update!

Will this be updated more regularly now?

You need to understand the spacing of paragraphs for dialogue, and other things about the subject...
That's the only problem, I can't really say anything about Chief's internet slang :rainbowlaugh:

We haz all the intranet slangz U c0uld th!ink of and all that pu$$y Arbiter's mom k33ps hiding from meh babies.

2716335A1 h4z zhat $l4nG t0... Br0... :twilightoops:

Chief is a dumbass. But that's what makes him so funny.

My Rofl-copter goes Soisoisoisoisoi

Wait so a 7 foot human and an 8 foot Sangheili aren't making these guards poop themselves? They must be braver than anything XD

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