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Thank you so much for the fave on Fallout: Project Necessities! It means so much to me! I'm desperately trying to get it featured, so your contribution has really helped!

Thank you for your time.


Well, thank you for adding An Extended Holiday to your read later folder.

Glad to hear you're interested in "Sunset Shimmer: The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well"! Feel free to let me know what you think! :pinkiehappy:

1882038 I honestly have no clue, but I never stopped working on it if that's of any reassurance.

I've been spending all this time since it went on hiatus experimenting and poking at it, trying to figure out why I stopped liking it. After some messing around with other types of stories I sort of got an idea of how to refurbish it and make the story i'd hoped to write and believed the community would enjoy. Since then I've steamrolled over a lot of the issues I had with it, and will definitely focus on it and start releasing chapters again some time after my current obligation is fulfilled. c:

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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