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Give me a lever long enough and a place to write, and I'll definitely break something.



A simple accident with magic results in a pony claiming to be an accountant appearing on Twilight Sparkle's door-step, and that is just the beginning of an epic tale of revenge, laughter, chaos, family, petty squabbles and on a few occasions, true love, spread across time, space, and entire universes.
Well, sort of.

First time writing. Constructive criticism welcome.

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Critique. Doctor Whooves is a Stalion. Not a mare. Unless this is a Rule 63 Universe.

2081953 I was going by the idea that at some point 'he' regenerated and switched genders, as time lords apparently can do.

With respect to Zocarik's comment, will there be any characters from other fictions actively involved in the plot? I tend to avoid such stories like the plague till I catch up on the other series.

... Other fictions? No. I don't think there's a risk of my using other people's characters.
(At least, not on purpose.)

I shouldn't think so. The odd soundbyte or 'homage' but nothing planned beyond that.
Perhaps. Unless I change my mind.

Thanks for the info, hope you get a cover for this soon.

That song is a lot like the one from the lion king 2

That's because it is in fact from the Lion King 2. "My Lullaby" as the internet informs me. (albeit abridged and altered for ponies. And pony-like things.)

Wait a minute... Rainbow is still trying That one? (yesh, somepony is slipping on the prank-front)

The triple cushion chair gag is just the opening act.

I get the feeling that something horrible is about t happen.

Rhyming IS hard (I have one story I'm working on that has Zecora in it... and theres no way around her talking... unless the one shes talking to speaks Zebreca...)

I was confused half the time they were talking (still good tho)

Hitchhikers reference! i love you now fish!:pinkiehappy:

Ahh cliffhangers, there so... cliffy... yeah I can't really think right now (its one in the morning over here)

"I'm here to prevent the end of your world."

AGAIN?! I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for… for ten minutes!

Not when there's so much 'Fun' to be had.


No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved! You know, for a little bit? I feel like the maid…

and the doctor is in... thisll be good

so... Star Swirl = Doctor?

I am terribly curious about the upload schedule for this story. Is it already written and just gets a chapter update every couple days? Also, I would like to inform you that your story is AWESOME. Seriously. I just read everything in two sittings with the only break being sleep.

Chapters are written in one stroke. Otherwise I'd get distracted and never finish them. This is also why they are so short most of the time.
And thank you for the kind words.

:derpytongue2:if they check those records it's going to seem like Midday just appeared from nowhere :pinkiehappy:
and it's going to be fantastic:pinkiegasp:

It gets more funny if you know the root of the word 'eclipse'.
Which Celestia most certainly does.
(Ekleipo - to abandon, to darken, to cease to exist)
Which is quite spooky, since I just choose it at random.

I dont know if you noticed but half way though the text turns to italics:derpyderp1:
it was the same with the last chapter but it was bold
made it really weird to read:twilightblush:

Loving this story and I can't wait for Twi to figure things out, but what's with all the italics?

It's my computer. It hates me.
Edit: Fixed. Thanks for calling it to my attention.

2281285 Near the top she forgot to press the [ and i button so the whole thing is like that.

Sorry to be the dragon in the ointment but rubies are not made of carbon.
They are aluminum oxide with a touch of iron --- Al2O3(Cr) and just because I can
sapphires are --- Al2O3(Fe). Good chapter good story looking forward to more.

You know, this story really doesn't have the popularity it should. I would like to thank you for working hard enough to put out multiple chapters a week even though it is not read by many people. Plus, it's an awesome story. Gotta tell you that too.

ok so I had finally gotten that song out of my head.... now you pull this number thanks alot...

Shouldn't Twi know better then to say that? I mean really, she's just asking for it.

"Phenominal cosmic power. Can't knit to save our life." At least she corrected the living space problem

She also solved the problems of viziers / chancellors.
Well, she solved the problem of viziers, at any rate. Might be the odd chancellor lying about.

I wonder how long it'll be before she realizes Discord GAVE her a father she never had...

1 big question I have is they say she has no dad after what discord did but hhere ismy question, are they saying She NEVER had a dad or are they saying something like Twilight had a 1 night stand and just gotpregnant. Because ifits the first that could seriously be messed up by saying Then if I have no dad how was I born because to make a child you require 2 parents. Its impossible to be just pregnant with nothing to father you,

Does Twilight Sparkle strike you as a one-night-stand kind of girl?

2351599 No but thats what I am saying. You must begoing to explain it later because right now I am confused. They saying Twilight is the Virgin Mary by the sounds of it right now. I can understand Discord messing with people but still everyone has to look and say its not possible for someone to just pop up from no where. So i was lost as to what supposedly happened to her dad. is everyone forgeting about him are they just trying to ignorethefact he is dead or what is going on? thats what I am confused about.

I can believe bothsides of the coin that 1 discord either gave her memories of a dad she never had or he made everone else forget but it comes down to everyone saying there is no father which is even with magic most likely impossible.

The situation will be explained. Later.
But for now, I'm only going to say that Discord has certainly messed with someone's head.

2352570 oh i knnow that. I have like 15 different theories as to what happened they are boucing around like no tommorow.

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