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This story is a sequel to Starbloom Chronicles

It's her first Nightmare Night as in this world and Starbloom wants to have fun, but she is unsure if she should spend that time with her friends or with her mother and Spike. This is a short one shot story in the Starbloom series of story between Twilight's Sleepless Nights and Starbloom's First Hearth's Warming Eve.

Cute picture of Noi as a zombie by Lumorn.

Proof-read and Edited by the-pieman

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 22 )

That was fast.

3424611 I was motivated to get it done before Halloween. :twilightblush: And I have no life. :derpytongue2: Only thing I had trouble with was costume ideas.

Why is this on the Spilight romance folder? Is Starbloom the daughter of Twilight and Spike?

im so confused why is this under spilight

3689854 3689781
Spilight? I'm not sure why it's under that group. I didn't add it to it, Starbloom isn't Spike and Twilight's daughter. :twilightoops:

3690422 are they brother and sister or something like that

3690432 They have a brother and sister bond, but they are not related by blood. Starbloom is from an alternate dimension.

Which is why I'm also confused as to how the story ended up in the Spilight group under romance. :facehoof: Someone else must of added it.

Comment posted by Jet Lignite deleted Dec 27th, 2013

3690494 I'm just as confused as everyone else. :twilightoops: I'm not really part of any Shipping groups, outside of Cracked Shippings cause a friend of mine owns it. So I'm not sure how it happened. I'm not part of Spilight group so someone in that group might of added it.

3690451 3690432 The show has never said they are brother and sister or that they have a brother/sister relationship. But well, everyone is entitled to their headcanons. I personally think Twilight and Spike have anything but a family relationship.

I'm not part of Spilight group so someone in that group might of added it.

Maybe because the reader simply supposed it. Spilight romance is a pairing that has so much potential that it's normal if a reader guesses Starbloom is Twilight and Spike's daughter.

3690831 i meant spike and starbloom not spike and twilight

3690845 Spike being Starbloom's brother? :derpyderp1: Kinda strange to me.

3690831 Yea, I think of Twilight and Spike as having a possible bond like adopted family. Like some of my real life friends, we're close that we consider each other family.

3690867 I'll tell you a secret: best friends who are so close to each other that are almost family make the BEST couples and there's nothing wrong about that, just the opposite. Spilight is an example of that. Damn, this kind of pairing happens in a lot of movies and shows.

3690882 True, that is actually how Starbloom and Sweetie Belle ended up as a couple, they grew up together, and became really close friends. They moved in together when they moved to Manehattan and things just progressed from there.


Why is this a TwiSpike fic ?

3692294 It's not, I do'n know why someone put it in the group for that. :facehoof: I might need to join the group so I can remove it.

Eh, don't worry yourselves, I'll tell one of the group moderators (I'm his editor/assistant guy) to have it removed, or moved into a more fitting folder. Maybe brother/sister?

Hey, don't worry about it. I'll get one of the moderators of the group to get it moved to another folder or removed, after all, other people shouldn't have to pay for someone else's mistakes.

This has happened before though, and just a note to other people out there, DO NOT add a story to a group before reading the submission guidelines, or just don't.

3693359 Alright, that sounds good. Thank you very much. :twilightsmile: I do'n mind if it's removed since from what I was looking at the group seems to be more for Twilight\Spike shipping.

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