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While doing a little research in the library Twilight finds out a secret about herself. Something that might change her life forever... or not.

This is a short, and pretty random story based on a silly quote from youtube fanfic reader fred2266.

Fred2266's version of the story Twilight's Secret Past: Revelations And Other Abnormalities To Kinder The Soul (A Fanfiction by Rainbow Dash)

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And, of course, her experience as a plum made it easier for her to change apples into oranges, Or something. :twilightsheepish:

This was fun.

This fic is, wait for it:

that explains why she is that shade of purple, and the fact that her horn appears to be a bit shorter than a normal unicorns.... must delve further into this *investigation on!*

Cute and well written, I like it :)

This story is so random, I can't even use the English word to describe how random it is. So I'll say some of its German translations. Zufällig, wahllos, willkürlich, planlos.

I mean, it's a no-brainer that the CMCs do dumb stuff, but seriously, trying to make someone think they are made out of plums? What genius comes up with stuff like that?

The only thing I don't like is Tiara at the end, as she didn't quite seem like contributing anything to the story.

But overall, it was a nice quick laugh!

2657593 Fred2266 gave me the idea for the story, the whole Plum idea, and Diamond Tiara is his favorite so I added that for him. But he is the genius who came up with the idea of Twilight being a plum.

Cute and funny but I don't see the the Diamond Tiara thing happening; at least with that explanation anyway. DT plays the lead bully role; she's the one that decides what they do while Silver Spoon is the follower. I could understand DT regretting her actions, or maybe that she learns SP is only pretending to be her friend.

Still, good work.

Didn't see that ending coming. Well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

......................:facehoof: I can't believe this was made.........

It's all my fault, guys.......

Yes, yes it is. :scootangel: Still had alot of fun writing it and might get me out of this writing slump I been in and get back to work on Starbloom Chronicles. If not, maybe another short random thing like this one. Only time will tell.

2658063 Great to know I can be so instrumental in one's fanfiction journey! :pinkiehappy:

The base of her horn is blocked by her mane.

Oh I see how it is

Going to post this on fanfiction.net so more people experience its utter-greatness. Don't worry, you'll get full credit.

2658506 Cool :twilightblush: Okay, thank you

2659454 It's no problem. Such greatness should be spread wherever toast allows it on itself.

I was sort of hoping for it to turn out that the CMC pulled a different prank on Twilight, and that the plum thing was actually true. :rainbowwild:

The idea was good, but i felt that it was way too short. The story is very creative, but it lacks dept and was ended rather abruptly. Also, I agree with Sausagefanclub, I was expecting the CMC to have pulled an entirely different prank and the plum thing turns out to actually be true.

This coming from the person who said "...the fact that her horn appears to be a bit shorter than a normal unicorns...".

2660500 I agree. Would have been the icing on the cake if our little Twilight had really been conceived as a plum.

2661498 well, Twilight is a bit shorter than Rarity and teh other unicorns actually, so it makes sense that her horn is shorter.

2662100 And now, Twilight is bigger than all of them! :twilightsheepish:

2667498 They grow up......SO FAST! :raritycry:

If anyone is interested, I made a Part 2 of this epic story, with my own little unique spin on it. Of course, I'd recommend you read Lisa's story "Starbloom Chronicles", otherwise you'll be confused. It's on my page when you're ready....you'll know it when you see it because the title is long as butts.

2673926 I read it, it's actually really funny. :rainbowlaugh:

This kinda reminds me of a quote from a different story ...
Twilight "I'm not purple! I'm LAVENDER!" :trollestia:

Hehe true, she's more of a light lavender then a dark purple plum. :twilightsmile: Kinda like a Smartie :facehoof: Not gonna write that story though someone else can do her being a Smartie candies story. :rainbowlaugh:

2685957 :trollestia: I think this can be done....

2745050 If ya wanna take up the challenge of writing Twilight as a Smartie's candie you have my full support. :pinkiecrazy:

2657672 :applejackunsure: Not FAVORITE, FIFTH favorite.

Comment posted by L_Wolf deleted Jun 19th, 2013

2745059 Ohh could of swore she was higher up then that. :facehoof: Forgive me, I'm old. :twilightoops:

2745057 :rainbowderp: Wait....just got the BEST idea for a story like that, too.....

M'yes....this will do....-stores his idea away for later use.- :yay:

2745065 S'alright. And don't forget that Silverspoon and Twist are 1 and 2 respectively. :trollestia:

2745066 Ohh can't wait for that :twilightsmile:

2745069 I can....:rainbowderp: this is freaking nuts, even for ME.

2745068 I aint THAT old :derpytongue2: Twist do'n exist, she's Apple Blooms imaginary friend :facehoof:

2745072 Now I'm defiantly interested :rainbowhuh: And a little scared :unsuresweetie: If it's nuts even for you.

2745076 How DESPERATE could Apple Bloom BE to create an imaginary friend like.....like HER?!

I'm going to bed....

Not bad. Transitions are a little iffy but it didn't make the story unreadable. Consider it approved for Twilight's Library :pinkiesmile:

2783452 Thanks for the approval :twilightsmile: Never been good with transitions, or endings :twilightoops:

This reminds me of a story I read where Rarity got together with her friends and Celestia to trick Twilight into thinking she was a marshmellow, I can't remember the stories name though.

4710027 Really? That sounds pretty interesting.

Short or in-depth, funny or intriguing I keep seeing your work in the list of stories I like.

Also, I know I said I'd work more on Starbloom Chronicles but I've been horribly unfocused and busy for the last... year? Oh man I am sorry. I just left you out to dry, didn't I?

6313667 Really? That's strange. :pinkiegasp: Not sure why I keep popping up like that.

That's alright, I know things can get busy. :twilightsmile:

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