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It's been three months and I have not seen her once. I need to face it, she's gone. Well, without Twilight here I might as well just move on. I think I'll start over, go somewhere where no one knows my name.

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Seems like it would be more in keeping with her personality to ask Twilight out even if she did become a Princess. Kind of hard to imagine the Element of Loyalty abandoning everyone she ever knew over a romance she never even gave a chance.

I can't really decide on how I feel about this story...it's nicely written and a good read but it feels somewhat incomplete to me and I can't tell why. I liked it though so you earned yourself a fav. Good job :)

I like the concept, but this is just a tad too out of character in my opinion... Although Rainbow Dash is just the bearer of the element of Loyalty and isn't forced to be loyal and so on, it really doesn't seem like her to run away from her problems at all.

Still, I like the concept, I won't go around telling people this is awful or anything :twilightsmile:

2481543 This. I just don't see this outcome happening, this is more along the lines of the 'Return of Harmony' Rainbow Dash where disloyalty comes to the forefront. If anything, it gives her and Twilight more to bond with, flying and all that. We see a very jaded view of Dash here, I'm sure Twilight's princess duties can allow her to get married, look at Cadence for example. :twilightsmile:

I like the story but I agree with some of the other comments.
I think Rainbow Dash would not have given up.
But other than that great story :twilightsmile::heart:

Written excellently, however I agree that there doesn't seem to be a reason to let Twilight go.
Perhaps if you made a second part, where they all go to find her.

Not all fics have happy endings.

Yes, I know that. But the reason for the sad ending on this one doesn't make sense.
Why does being a Princess mean no relationship?
And there's no way her friends wouldn't go looking for her when she disappears.

1st point) Lifestyle, it's one of the reasons why I personally don't see a TwiXprincess fic working. The princesses work hard daily, prioritising Equestria above their own lives and inevitably the good of many over the good of a few.

Admittedly this is looking at it from an established relationship perspective, but think about it from Rainbow's point of view. It would be incredibly daunting to go up to a princess and ask them out like that, and if Rainbow constantly sees Twilight as a princess, it could potentially build up an untouchable attribute to a relationship with her, yadda yadda philosophical words.

2nd point) If Rainbow doesn't want to be found, I can guess that she won't be. She's cut off all ties with Equestria, moving out from the kingdom itself and relocating to where no-one knows her name. If you wanted a story where they never find her but keep on searching... well that's an equal probability as to whether he continues this oneshot or not.

And if you say that she would be tracked down by Pinkie Sense... so help me I will murder someone...

Well, first off, the story said she'd been dating her already, and was getting ready to propose.
To disappear after THAT, I think Twilight at least would search for quite a ways.
And a Princess relationship has to be possible, look at Cadence and Shining.
And how busy could Twilight become? Celestia and Luna already handle most of everything.

I understand that not all stories need happy endings. In fact, many turn out fantastic with depressing ones, and make more sense that way.
But if a happy ending is possible, without looking cheesy or underdeveloped, then why not?
My philosophy on that matter, is that the characters deserve a happy ending sometimes.
Granted, that philosophy came into being when I finished Mass Effect 3, (and was subsequently pissed off), but the meaning still holds.


To quote Kurt Vonnegut: Be a Sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them

Also to quote the story: It was my destiny to be with Twilight, but it was her destiny to go somewhere I could not follow.
this offers some explanation to the disappearance. I'm just speculating over his headcanon here, but I think that R@T goes down the 'confident to a certain point' road with Rainbow and she has an equal probability for running away from her problems, hiding them from herself and just escaping as she's done in this fic.

In regards to the princess points... I never said that Twilight wouldn't search far and wide for Rainbow... but it's not exactly a small world, Rainbow has plausibly relocated to a small place at the end of the line, somewhere which has never had much attention in terms of the media or from the capital, and although Twilight may search, she may also never find her... which knowing R@T is a probable storyline for an extra story.

Princess relationships are possible, yes, but Cadence was already a princess when Shining was presumably dating her, in other words, they were both in stable stages, Cadence was unlikely to spontaneously change into a unicorn whereas Twilight has changed into an alicorn, probably gaining some of the respect that comes with that. In the end it's just another part of change that would probably dissuade Dash's confidence further.

As to the workload... it depends what she was put in charge of. Princess of Magic, Princess of Bookforts, Princess of the Stars or the Princess of knowledge... I'm sure that they'd each come with a pre-allocated stay in Canterlot while Twilight learnt the tricks of the trade, studying long hours and hardly seeing Dash if she was there (which she isn't, but all possible angles here) which would just add to Dash's discomfort and her doubts.

Also also... you do know R@T's stories right? There aren't many happy fics to find in that particular box of spiders and tangled plot lines.

2481543 2481574 2481737 2482200 I could've sworn I put this in the author's note, but apparently not: This was written as if the season finale was the series finale, and as such I don't see Rainbow as abandoning anyone, just moving on.


Moving on is getting over your crush, not cutting all ties with your life.

2482945 Perspective changes everything

Oh my, if it was already there I feel really stupid now and I apologise for that comment.

2484258 It wasn't, totally my fault. :twilightsheepish:

But no, no regrets.


YOU GOT ME!!! Fuck you got me, I cried. :fluttershyouch:

Read this in my college bio class today...my teacher had to stop class to ask why I was crying. That was one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to me. I loved this story. I don't know if you ever will, but I would love to see a continuation of this story. Have one of her friends by the train station find her stuff and the ring. Everyone gets worried and they try to find Dash, maybe they do, maybe they don't. I can see sooooo much potential for a sequel to this. Please, give it a thought. I look forward to reading more from you in the future. Keep up the great writing!

2486614 Ha, sorry for interrupting class.

I originally had no plan for a sequel, but some friends talked me into it. Right now I have a lot on my plate, both with writing and real life. It may take a while but it will happen.

Also, when it does happen, don't expect a happy ending, I'm not good with those.

A happy or sad ending will not matter all that much to me. I just really want to see it continued. I shall patiently wait for everything else of yours to get done. I look forward to the day that it comes out.

sad story but good written... Is this a one-shot or will you continue this?

2482270 Actually I interpreted Twi going somewhere where she couldn't follow, as death. Especially given that Rainbow had gone over to Fluttershy whenever whatever it was that happened to Twilight, happened. So, had whatever tragedy that had befallen Twilight, occurred had Rainbow been there at Twi's side then likely she would have shared the same end. That's how I interpret Rainbow considering Twi having gone to where she couldn't follow. Of course, given that we aren't given any specific details regarding what happened to Twi, then my interpretation is simply that, an interpretation, and one possibility to describe what happened to Twi. There are other possible interpretations for what happened to Twi.

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