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You cannot have joy without tasting despair.

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That was beautiful.

It was concise, focused, and creatively structured. Mechanically, it was perfect, and word choice was excellent. The emotional impact was soarin' (I'll pay for that one somehow) and I absolutely loved how the character switched between direct description and soliloquy - it added a tremendous amount, and the rhythm it gave to the story made it flow like a river, despite the short paragraphs. Absolutely brilliant, mate.

One passionate writer to another, this is one of the best stories I've ever read, FiMfic or no. I'll definitely be checking out your other material.

Oop, one nitpick: third to last paragraph, 'reasons' shouldn't have an apostrophe before the 's'. That was all I could find, honest.

Here before Nunchucks and Regidar

1798675 First of all, thanks for the catch, and second, this is a series of vignettes, I already have two others posted if you'd like to check them out. :twilightsmile: Thanks for the feedback.

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