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I'm not one for romance, but FUCK was that good. Also, I'd suggest indenting your paragraphs.

1863483 Oh, oops, guess I missed that when I copied it from google docs, I'll fix that.

1863511 :raritywink: Seriously, though. Great job.

1863516 If you're interested then this is part of a series of vignettes, there are three others. :twilightsheepish: Shameless plug is shameless

:moustache: here, you earned it.

damn that was awesome.

I'm giving this a thup (thumb up, tee-hee) because while it's really too light on dramatic tension, it's also very pretty and very short.

Decently done.

Also, yes
This is a good idea and you should do it.

Damn Codas make me lose my place! But Hell, It's going on the "Read Later" list anyway. I'll tell you what I think when I get around to reading it! :twilightsmile:

1864142 Same here, I hate it when my sheet music makes me think.

Heh. Piccolos sounding like Nazguls.

GOOD-MORNING, you first-post-sneaking... random insult I pull out of my arse.

About the Story
by Emerald Flight


Cobain is a hard motherfucker to draw. You should see Dan's sketch. What a disgrace. I had to help before the going got too bad.

1865235 Dis gon b gud.

A wild well-written romance appears!
Radbunny attempted to not get hit in the feels!
Evasion failed!

Adorable fic. Shame on whoever downvoted this.

Well, I can say one thing...D'aaaaaaw!!!
Awesome read. I'm not quite sure if I was supposed to understand who it was, but if so, please don't tell me. I'll just feel dumb, and then my day would be hurt.
Hooves-up definitely!

All of those are so true...

Okay, so I just read it... RIGHT IN THE FEELS!

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