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Holy Shit, FimFic is a thing. · 7:10am Feb 24th, 2017

Thanks to my new boyfriend, I've come to remember a world of yonder years. A world from which I've been absent for near an eternity. A world filled with pastel shaded tiny equines. And here it is. And here I am. Fuck me.

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Hmm, I am apparently not dead. · 5:55am Jun 8th, 2014

As the title states, I am neither dead nor incapacitated, just preoccupied. I got a couple of jobs this past year and have purchased a new laptop. One of the purposes of said portable computer is to sharpen my writing skills. As such, I thought that it would only make sense for me to return here.

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The final chapter of Letters is actually up now, for realz, sorry for the mishap. · 5:52pm Jul 29th, 2013

Have a pony:

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Guess who's not dead... · 4:22am Jul 12th, 2013

That's right, Elvis.

Although that is entirely irrelevant.

Point is, I've been away from home so often that I've scarcely had time to write. But now that I'm back, and I've fixed my laptop, I can, and will, be writing more.

So here's the schedule:
Finish Letters, that hiatus has been far too long.
Release Flower Girls, an action-adventure comedy romance fic. Quite convoluted.

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I'm a winner, apparently. · 3:01am Jun 2nd, 2013

So apparently "My Dashing Hero" won the TwiDash Group contest.

In other news, I'm on vacation. I'll be back in a week-ish and then... WRITING!

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Oh, Hooray · 8:39pm May 13th, 2013

So this happened:


Forgive my lack of enthusiasm, but I spent all of last night making this happen. I think I'll go take a nap. Y'all just keep on keeping on.

Till next we meet,

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Confound these TwiDashers, they drive me to write. · 2:54am May 11th, 2013

So Subsolar Drift, a good friend of mine both in real life and in the writing community, has convinced me to join the TwiDash Group's first official writing contest. Which, I should probably add, ends on Monday. So I've a few days to write a contest-suitable fic, edit it and publish it.

"But (insert however you address me here), I thought you were too busy with schoolwork to write ponies." you say.

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Hello everyone, it is me, Rainbow at Twilight. As you may have noticed, I've changed my FimFic name. · 10:05pm May 6th, 2013

Why you ask? Because eff logic.

Also because my last name reflected a ship that I didn't even like all that much, I just found it to be easy to write. This new name reflects really the only ship that I actually, well, ship.

Ship my pants, lol.

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The field of lavender. · 5:12am Apr 28th, 2013

Hooray for art!

As you probably are aware, I often use a field of lavender as a motif across many of my stories. Well I finally had it commissioned and here it is.

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So I realized that there was no TaviScratch group on FimFic... · 6:08am Apr 23rd, 2013

And so I made one.

If you too are a fan of this musical pony pairing then please feel free to join the group and share your stories.

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