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Twilight Sparkle was ecstatic to become the personal student of the princess, if only she knew what that entailed. Celestia only wanted to use Twilight's magic as a weapon, to crush any who would oppose her, but in order to do so, Twilight needed to be broken first.

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Wow... This was really well made... I want to have a sequel, but at the same time I am afraid of what will happen in it...

If I am ever going to write a "Twilight is turned into a weapon by Celestia" I would name her Epsilon Sparkle and give her psionic powers like Yuriko Omega.

Let the red rivers flow twi..... Make them flood the world:twilightsmile:

i wanted a story like this all my life *-*

Read author's comment so....
I'd like an actual story to this so if you decide to write one lemme know I'll be there.....

I smelled the Soul Eater Reference almost immediately, and while it is a disturbing take on things... it wasn't that badly done at all. As a simple concept, it's a decent shortfic... possibly a foundation for something much more.

blast it, now I want to read that insanely grimdark Twific.

Its a pretty decent short story. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

We find this absolutely wonderful. It certainly did remind us plenty of Soul Eater. Please, more. :raritystarry:

you may want to throw in a cross-over tag in there, to let more people looking for this kind thing be more able to find it, and also to avoid confusion of what you may have signed up for.

not really sure how to react to this...was well written, no doubt about that, but Im not sure how mush I actually enjoyed it, to be honest it was a bit too dark for my tastes but still good none the less. have a moustache:moustache:

As soon as I saw the title....CRONA!

You know, now I'm wanting to do a Crona in Equestria story. XD

But, anyway, good story! I liked it.

This reminds me of Breaking Twilight, really good fic, this is pretty good also.

Alright, that was dark. Added to Twilight's Library.

I was interested in the premise but the delivery is just so...bland.

Celestia doesn't receive any characterization and Twilight snapping happens so quickly that it doesn't have any impact.

Soul Eater cross-over! *happy dance*
I like the idea of this being expanded all the way...

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