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You cannot have joy without tasting despair.


It's been a month. I lost her one month ago today. Noticing my distress, Princess Celestia said I should try and write a letter to my lost companion whenever I am feeling down or if I find I'm missing her very much. Here I shall compile the letters, in hopes that one day she may read them.

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1866319 It's going to be a series of letters that Twilight writes to Rainbow, and by what is said in the letters you'll see Twilight going through the healing process.

1866319 I disagree I love it for what it is and look fowerd 2 more :pinkiehappy: but poor twilight:fluttercry::raritydespair:

1871548 If you think this is bad just wait till you see the duality for this, in which Twilight dies and Rainbow is left alone, it should be out soon ish, I'm quite cruel in my writing. I am a bad pony

Started reading....started crying...too depressed to continue...but beautifully written, nonetheless

Aww so happy and yet so sad twilight I am so sorry that this happened to you

Just noticed a continuity fail from the first to the third chapter, fixed it before anyone pointed it out. Sorry 'bout that. :twilightblush:

Man going and making me cry man this is good

For the love god make this a happy ending please?

2123461 Oh, oops. Wasn't Clipped Wings enough of a happy ending *insert evil laugh here*


No. Not it was not. I like happy endings. sue me.

This is a bit painful to read, it touches my heart so strongly.
I do hope that you decide to continue this story.

2137279 I plan to see this story all the way through, it's only marked as "on hiatus" due to updates depending on randomly timed bursts of inspiration. As such, it may be as short as hours or as long as weeks between updates, but yes, I plan to finish this story. :twilightsmile:

I'm not sure if I like where this magic memory thing is going. I've read another fic where the same type of memroy loss happens, and I was sad. Short but amazing chapter, can't wait for the next one.

2142416 Don't worry, it's not memory loss... MUAHAHAHA, oh was that out loud?


Has anyone ever told you you're evil sometimes?

2142443 No, but they've told me I'm evil all the time. :pinkiecrazy:

Twilight will get better once she fully accepts RD's death. At that point her magic Should stop trying to melt her brain... :derpytongue2:

It would be cool if a twist ending would be that Rainbow Dash sends a letter to Twilight.

I am praying for Twilight, that she will be ok!

dame what do you have planed your so good yet bad at the same time

Oh damn... this is getting really interesting. also, enough of my tears have been shed to the god awful amazing story, pease let the tears end? please?

2184681 Not in this story, but I'll be writing happier stuff in the future.

I saw that you have put this on hiatus. That is a bummer. I am still praying for Twilight.

2199524 I'll always leave this on hiatus due to random update times, there should never be longer than two weeks between updates so don't worry. Also with All The Difference finished I can focus on this more.

Ah, thats right... Didn't you mention this to me at some point?
Don't mind me lol
Been a tiring day

Why do you always update 10 minute before I go to bed so I read this, then go to bed and have overly-depressing dreams about this? It's kinda evil....

2215884 I'm a spy, and I'm evil. A very sinister combination :pinkiecrazy:

Wow, that was a dark twist. Dash mentioned in her own paragraph......wow, that's creepy.

I saw this coming since the letter about how her intelligence will start to drop. How she will start thinking Dash is alive.
I both awaited and feared the day that would happen.:pinkiecrazy: Good job, can't wait for more saddening insanity.

Man, this is one heck of a story. I'm hooked.

2244533 Not just thinking she's alive, you'll see soon enough

Sometimes the biggest things are said in the fewest words. This is one of those times.

2244462>>2244231 It only gets better, err, worse. Whichever :pinkiecrazy:

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