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A writer from Finland. Don't know if there's anything else to add really.


(Sorry for the dull, non-unique title. I could not figure anything else.)

This is a some sort of sequel for my previous story: Fluttershy... In a bar? You should check it out!

Its been one week after Applejack found out that his brother was dating somepony from the town. Big Mac was too stubborn to tell her who it was, so she decided to find that mysterious filly herself. Rainbow Dash drops by the farm, and Applejack soon finds out to be accompanied by her rainbow-maned friend.

I decided to make a shipping of every pony from the mane-six, one by one. (or in this case, two at the same time :3)

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 63 )

Good start for this story. Keep writing. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: I want to read more.:flutterrage:

2887069 I agree :pinkiehappy: MORE! :flutterrage: ... please:scootangel:

"She landed flat on the ground. Her vision spun violently put she could see blurry orange blob in front of him."

Him! Rainbow dash is a dude?!

Nice i enjoyed that, would like to see more!

This looks good!
There are some errors here and there but overall it was nice. :ajsmug:
I'm gonna wait for updates :pinkiehappy:

I think this is a nice story and it will grow to an even better one.
Keep up the good work you fine sir :moustache:

50 bits say Fluttershy will cracked.

"You're right, everything will go fine," Rainbow said and went for the door.

Yeah what could possibly go wrong.....:derpytongue2:
I like this chapter. Short and cute

Tank's a tortoise!!!!

"Ohmygosh! What time is it!? Did I overslept?"

Over in the what do in the did i?! Sorry, that error gave me a good laugh!

I like where this is going, im yet again looking forward to the nect chapter!

First I was like WTF?
in my language 'kilpikonna' means turtle/tortoise so I thought that they both mean same thing, like chips and french fries.
But now I know the difference between these two.

I love your stories!!!:heart:

And, once again a nice chapter.
There is one mistake that really confuses me :

"Hey Pinkie, Have ya seen Big Mac around the town with anypony?" Pinkie held her chin with her hoof trying to remember. "I saw HER with Caramel one day."

First Rainbow was a colt and now BigMac is a mare :rainbowlaugh:

Well gang looks like we have a mystery on our hooves.

"I saw her with Caramel one day."

Fluttershy you now have a marefriend:rainbowhuh:
I PROMISE to keep you to that PROMISE:rainbowderp:

sometimes mistakes happen.

Or in my case, all the time :twilightsheepish:

Well at least this was a funny mistake:rainbowlaugh:

2938822 it is a little short, but it is good.

Id guess that coco reads stories that have a lot lengthier chapters like i do. Cant wait for the next chapter though!

Exactly, what Lollingtroll said:derpytongue2::applejackunsure:

I need to give her a change, I own her that.I have nothing to lose after all.

:facehoof: Im sorry, but just :facehoof:......:facehoof:......:facehoof:
That makes NO sense. It should read somthing like....

I need to give her a chance, I owe her that. I have nothing to lose.

There are a couple other errors but not too bad overall.

But they still need to find out who, in their minds, is Big Mac dating?

I have a plan for it. don't you worry about it.

You know, you don't have to use "ya" instead of "you" ALL the time with Applejack. A lot of times, when I read it, it sounds really unnatural. Just try to sound it out in your head, and if it doesn't sound quite right, just keep it as "you."

Sweetie has a coltfriend? I know who.

Ah, so we have some AppleDash as well.

I like where this is going.

So, just a Dash's perspective? Could've been added to the last chapter.

And cue Rarity knowing what's going on and is jealous because she wanted Mac, or Fluttershy, for herself.

Unofficially? I think you mean officially there.

Well they are on a "trial run" so it's not official yet, or something like that

2968394 Well, it's not Pipsqueak, as he's obviously with Applebloom.

It's either Snips or Snails.

And it seems like I was right about Rarity.

It's Spike that Sweetie Belle's with.

Can you have one of them say "Your not going to believe this you are so not going to believe this"? Cause that's when the gossip starts.

Fluttermac. Why am I not surprised?

2971598 Because their relationship was clearly set up in the prequel?

2972593 Ah, yes. I knew there was something fishy going on.

Its official this is my favorite story!!!:ajsmug:

At first I didn't really ship RD and AJ but after reading this I totally ship them

I think... that Granny Smith knows exactly where Big Mac's been!

What a nice and happy chapter :ajsmug:
Just one thing

"Yeah. That's our barn over there, and that one must be the our house."

I think there is one word too much. Either the or our :twilightblush:
(Yes I do that on like every story I read, finding erros and point them out. No. I'm not a grammar Nazi :pinkiehappy:)

Now we just need somepony for Rarity, Pinkie, and Twilight.

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