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A writer from Finland. Don't know if there's anything else to add really.


Trenderhoof has always been a stallion that liked simple, down to earth things and Maud has always been a simple, down to earth pony. Guess what happens when these two meet?

That's right! A romance filled with awkwardness.

When I saw the episode 'Maud Pie', I immediately got this idea. They're perfect for each other! I would have started writing sooner but I had my hands full with Popping her balloons.
Thank you so much Panzertank, for making this awesome cover art for me! I appreciate it.

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Comments ( 38 )

I actually like the cover as is.

Nice pic, but I think that it should have Trenderhoof in it too.
Thanks :twilightsmile:

I havebeen waiting for Maud/Trend for you don't know how long.

So, I haven't read this yet, but I love the pairing! I intend to write something for them as well, and I've been slacking on the job. Shame on me. (Then again, I've been slacking on a lot.) :twilightsheepish:

This is going in my read later list and hopefully I'll get around to reading it sooooon. In the meantime, I've added it to a bunch of groups to promote your fanfic! Maud and Trend deserve all kinds of love; together, apart, and in general. :twilightsmile: :heart:

I was going to say I'm not fond of the tears, but overall, I have to agree. That picture is so incredibly sweet. :raritystarry:

I'm surprised that there ain't many (maybe none?) ships about these two. They're OTP! :heart:
Well thank you! Also thank you for adding this to all those groups. I didn't even know such groups exist.

You're welcome! I mostly found them through seeing other stories within multiple groups, and over time, I just joined a bunch to make finding things I like easier and to make promoting much easier too.

I think there is so little of this pairing because there is so little fanfiction for Trenderhoof overall. People tend to ignore him. :twilightsheepish:

I was actually thinking about writing a fic with these two, and look at what I find! :pinkiehappy:

You do that. There's way too few stories about them.

Comment posted by Yildun deleted May 21st, 2014

Please do write a story anyway! I agree with FinnPony. We need more Trend/Maud! :pinkiehappy:

I'll get right on it! :yay:

This story was great. I can't wait for the next story. Good luck.

Thanks! I'm already planning for a new story actually.

I'm so glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

You, good sir, have probably invented the best shipping pair in MLP ever! You've totally hit the spot, and it was amazing. I'm ever so happy I've happened to find this story and read it, I enjoyed each and every moment of it. And the only thing that made me sad about it is the fact that it didn't last forever... Thank you for writing it. The choice of words expresses how much effort you've put into it and believe me, it was all worth it!

Kind of makes me desire a sequel...

Thank you very much! I'm pretty sure that there will be a sequel coming. I really want to write more of them but at the moment I have my hands full with other projects. :fluttershysad:

4485547 It's perfectly fine. At least you can be sure that if you ever happen to be out of the ideas, you'll still have this one to hang on. And I'm sure the sequel you're going to write will be just as "simply beautiful" as this story.

P.S. I really loved "A mental dam broke behind him" part! :pinkiegasp:

No, comments at all? That's a bit sad... But at least i'm here!

The story seems really promising so far!

Keep it up xP

Ahh, this chapter was, dear I say it simply beautiful ;)

Well let me just tell you that so far this story rocks, ey ROCKS! Anyone... no...? *Awkward Silence*

Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile: Thanks for the pic!

“Would you like to have some ice cream?”
“Are you sure?”
“What kind?”

aww ~

I'm so glad you have nice cover art now! I promote this fic everywhere. It's even on my userpage.

Awesome! I thank you very much!

This looks like a really good story. I SHALL READ ON! :yay:

Glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

Maud Pie is so down to earth that she's below the earth. With the rocks. Which she likes.


Interesting setup. Though I can't say I agree with your Pinkie shipping. I'm a hardcore CheesePie fan myself. Glad to see at least one other author who writes TrenderMaud. I think they make an interesting couple.

Characterization seemed a little off with Tend, but spot on with Maud. I'll confess your writing style was a bit awkward to sift through. Just felt too description heavy for my taste. That aside, it was an interesting read. Earned my up-vote.


Rocks is love.
Rocks is life.

Well this was cute. A little corny and cliche, but I'm impressed that you made such an unusual pairing work. (I had already thought that Trenderhoof/Tree Hugger would make sense, but I haven't seen any fics with that couple yet.)

Finally another Maud story that doesn't have to do with just clop. I love proper portrayals of Maud, like in The Weed. I shall continue on.

I'm really liking your depiction of Maud. I always assumed she was a deep thinker, the quiet ones generally are. I'm really enjoying this one.

I bet on one of their steamier nights Maud really gof her... rocks off.

Okay that was bad. Anyway, I enjoyed this. I do prefer stories where Maud's personality doesn't change, but this was good. It will be added to my list.

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