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"Ah miss the old days.. but maybe the future isn't too bad."

As the Apple family slightly falls apart, Applejack finds out about Big Macintosh's special somepony and although she isn't pleased at first, maybe it won't be too bad.. after all, she is one of her best friends.

And maybe.. just maybe, Applejack might finally be able to tell a rainbow maned pegasus how she feels..

(SHIPPING WARNING. FlutterMac, AppleDash, a hint of Sparity.)

(this is my first fanfic on here, I'm sorry if I messed up on anything!)

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nice story but would kinda think it would be better in third person. I will still look forward to the rest of the story

WARNING: Spoiler alert in the comments.:applecry:

Nice chapter cant wait to see where this goes :twilightsmile:

This is sweet :twilightsmile: I would love to see where this goes

It's off to an okay, start. Nothing gripping, but entertaining enough. Only real criticism I can make is that you jump between first person and third person narration throughout the chapter. Pick one voice for the story, and stick to it. At best you could make the jump to third person for the scene where Mac finds the hat and talks to Fluttershy by throwing in a clear section break, but that would still be disruptive to the flow of the first person narrative. And honestly the scene doesn't add anything to the story itself. Focusing on AJ's own reactions to the scene might have been a better idea.

Alright, I will give you a thumbs up and be on my merry way.


i loved the story, cant belive it was such a shocker to AJ when she found out. i know she dousnt make things up like we humans do.... but still, when big mac and Fluttershy are both gone at the same time, all the time... it sorta speaks for itself....oh well, happy everything turned out well. thank you for sharing.:twilightsmile:

appledash :ajbemused: sparity :twilightsmile: fluttermac :pinkiehappy: you got yourself a reader

So, when in the next update?:pinkiehappy:

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