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We apologise for the continuing inconvenience · 11:53pm Jun 25th, 2014

I am terribly sorry, everyone. While I have been trying to think of making a sequel to the Twilight Child (as well as trying to figure out what to do with In a Name), a whole multitude of problems have cropped up of the last several months, both personal and technological.

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What exactly is DMing?

Comment posted by StarInferno deleted Nov 11th, 2020
Comment posted by StarInferno deleted Nov 11th, 2020

I thought the twilight child was good enough to read twice, so I did :pinkiecrazy: i also really like this story equally as much as a new hero by Alex the lone wolf, both for different reasons :twilightblush: so keep up the great work!:yay:

News, everyone!
Currently working on a sequel / spin-off to Twilight Child. However, as I have been working I have unfortunately discovered I am suffering from a slight case of burn-out, which means it make take a while before I feel confidant enough to put it up here.
That, and I'm honestly not sure what genre to define it as...
Still, I shall try and have something to show for this, soon.

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