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Crimson Brush


Crimson Brush opens her new store in the small town of Ponyville. Most ponies wouldn’t think there's anything unusual about a store that sells hairbrushes, but it doesn’t take long for some to find out that well-kept manes aren’t all Crimson is promising...

((Contains spanking and possibly explicit scenarios, but no actual sex.))

Note: As of 2013-06-19, chapters 1-6 have been edited and revamped by Triskelion. While the stories themselves are much the same, he has done wonderful work to fix mistakes, and make the stories a bit more engaging and insightful.

“I love how the use of spanking is more than a fetish and rather a conduit for ponies to get lacking discipline into their lives and feel better for it.” – J_Steelwing

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Comments ( 109 )

Okay... Crimson anything for a name is generally a bad idea as it sounds rather pseudodramatic and cheesy.

You also seem to have planned out your character decently, but you don't give the readers long enough to feel invested, you should probably explain your character's personality and history in a prequel or something.

Use punctuation more, please. :twilightsmile:

And finally, Rarity beating Sweetie Belle? Seriously?:unsuresweetie:


I plan to go more into her back story during the Twilight chapter. As the studious mare is not going to let something as unique as Crimson go without proper study.

And don't worry Rarity loves Sweetie Belle far to much to beat her. The ending was was a bit of fun and a poke at Rarity and Sweetie's obvious give and take relationship. I have no intention of ANY of the spankings to be violent.

Oh and thanks for the comment ^^. As for Crimson it was either that or scarlet and I just felt Crimson sang to me more.

2411012 Thanks for not being a jerk about criticism. Best of luck!

It's a pity this hasn't been continued! I've begun to gain a certain appreciation for spankfics since doing my own, though glad your fic's reception hasn't been as hostile as mine!


I apoligize for the lack of updates. We lost a lot of people at work so I've been working my hooves to the bone. So I just havent had the inspiration to start writing the next chapter. As soon as things are less hectic I promise the story will continue.

Thank you for your support. I was actually suprised by the lack of spanking fics around.


I wasn't too surprised, as I didn't actually expect the pony fandom to have any. I've seen that bronies are no strangers to spanking in art and the like by now, though. I literally went looking for the stuff when people started to bash me for it in private messages.

I'll shoot you a link to mine, if you're interested.

As always I liked the chapter. I could ask you to pay a little more attention to grammar and punctuation, but there were not enough problems to detract from the story. I like your version of the characters, and I believe you play them well. Moreover, I like how you are using Crimson Brush as a tool to resolve conflict rather than the focal point of it.

Don't let anyone discourage you and give me another chapter.


Thanks for the support. And yeah I couldnt get a hold of my editor for this chapter. I tried my best on my own though.

This is relevant to my interests... :pinkiehappy:

Might I suggest, though, that you go back and re-format chapter one? I almost gave up on this because of the way you have large blocks of text with Rarity and Crimson Brush's conversation all jammed together; usually, when I see a story where the writer doesn't seem to understand that one always starts a new paragraph whenever one character stops talking and the other starts, that's a big red flag that usually says to me "this writer doesn't know what they're doing and this story is probably going to be bollocks." Fortunately, I stuck with it and saw that chapters 2 and 3 were much improved in this regard, but it may well be putting some new readers off before they ever get a chance to get into the meat of the story.

Be careful of confusing "your" and "you're". Here's a tip: If one can expand it to "you are", and still have it make sense:
In fact... since your my first customer
In fact... since you are my first customer
then the correct word is "you're." If one expands it and it does not make sense:
If you'd like you can even bring your little sister
If you'd like you can even bring you are little sister
then "your" is the correct form.

"Li'l sis" sounds more like something Rainbow Dash or Applejack would say; Rarity usually speaks more formally than that. It seems to me that she would call her "little sister" in full, "Sweetie", or "Sweetie Belle"...? Just something that seemed a little off to me...

The spanking in chapter 2 might've been better received if Sweetie Belle had actually done something to deserve the spanking right at that moment, or just prior to entering the shop. (Brought home a poor report card, or something.) To be honest, it does somewhat come off as Rarity spanking Sweetie Belle for no reason at all...

Myself, I probably would have played it out something like this:

Sweetie nodded at Crimson. "Thank you ma'am. I'll take good care of it!"

She opened her saddlebag to put the brush away -- but in trying to manipulate two different objects at once with her limited magic, she accidentally focused on the wrong buckle, and her bags fell off her body as the girth strap came undone instead. Their contents spilled out all across the shop's floor... including a particular piece of paper signed by Sweetie Belle's schoolteacher, Miss Cheerilee. Rarity saw the signature just as Sweetie Belle tried to hastily sweep it back into her saddlebag with a hoof, and quickly grabbed it with her telekinesis. The guilty look on Sweetie Belle's face was all the proof Rarity needed that her sister hadn't wanted her to see this letter from her teacher, which almost certainly meant Rarity wouldn't enjoy what it had to say.

Sweetie Belle tried to shrink herself down as small as possible, as she half-heartedly tried to sweep the rest of her belongings back into her saddlebags while her big sister read the note from her teacher.

"...I'm sorry to say, this is the fifth time this semester Sweetie Belle has failed to turn in an essay on time with the rest of the class, and she is in danger of... failing both history and language arts if she doesn't improve..." Rarity read, giving Sweetie Belle a stern look over the top of the page at the word "failing".

Sweetie Belle tried to shrink even further. A quick glance towards Crimson Brush told her that there would be no help there; the zebracorn hybrid was watching the scene with interest, but obviously not intending to interfere. "What do you have to say for yourself, young filly?" Rarity said, snapping her little sister's attention back to her stern gaze.

"I'm... sorry?" Sweetie Belle ventured cautiously.

Rarity sighed. It appears I bought you this new brush not a moment too soon, little sister, she thought to herself. "And just what was so important that you couldn't manage to do your homework? No, let me guess... you spent so much time Crusading with your friends that you forgot all about your schoolwork. Am I right?"

Sweetie Belle hesitated, then nodded guiltily. Hoping to make amends, she carefully floated the beautiful new hairbrush back into its box, guessing that Rarity wouldn't think she deserved such a gift now.

Rarity caught the brush in her own magic, and lifted it back out again. "No, Sweetie Belle... this is a gift, and a lady doesn't take back a gift once it's given," she said. "But... this particular gift does come with a price..."

Then let the scene play out from there, so that Sweetie Belle has a reason to be spanked. That would shift the readers' sympathies more towards Rarity, I think.

On the whole, though, I shall be interested to see where this goes from here. :raritywink:


Wow! That's quite an elaborate post. I do plan on fixing the first chapter, I had intended to right away but like the reason for the delay I got caught up in RL.

I'm a fond believer in "Maintenance" spankings and that was more what I was going for in chapter 2. But I do see your point of view and I did consider it before.

I sadly don't have a good program to help with grammar errors so I have to rely on myself or my editor catching it and neither of us are avid writers.

Thank you so much for your passion and I hope you stick with it. There's only 2 or 3 more chapters that I have planned... but I may consider taking suggestions when those are done.

Edit: Actually went ahead and did a quick fix on it for now. Thanks for the suggestion.


Nothing wrong with the idea of "maintenance spankings", of course! But since this is the first time Rarity has ever considered taking a hoof or a hairbrush to Sweetie Belle's flanks, forcing the issue gives her that extra nudge of motivation (IMO) to be able to say "Sweetie, this is going to be how it's going to be from now on, because I love you too much to just let you run wild until you really get into trouble because our parents haven't taken the time to make you understand that your actions have consequences" and make it stick.

But then, that's just me. I admit I do over-think these things sometimes. :derpyderp1: :twistnerd:

As for the grammar errors, alas, homophones like "its / it's", "your / you're", etc. do trip people up all the time. Fortunately, that tip I mentioned, always works: If you're in doubt about which one to use, take the contraction, expand it to its full wording (its = it is, you're = you are, they're = they are, etc.), and stick it in the sentence in the same spot. If it still makes sense, then you do in fact want to use the contraction; if it doesn't make sense anymore, then use the other form. (Admittedly, this breaks down a bit for there/their/they're, since you have three forms to deal with, but I didn't notice any misuse of those, so I think you've got a handle on "there" vs. "their", at least. :twilightsmile: )

Ouch! Scootaloo isn't gonna be sitting down on her haunches for a while, is she. :twilightoops: Yes, it's harsh, but I agree that it does work for Rainbow Dash; she may be Loyalty, but she's also prone to being impatient, short-tempered, and mercurial even at the best of times. The fact that Scootaloo very obviously feels she deserves to be severely punished (the whole thing was her idea, after all) takes some of the curse off it, as it were; she knows she screwed up badly, and she fears having this hanging over their heads, poisoning her relationship with Rainbow Dash, far more than she fears the physical pain of even the worst spanking Dash can deliver.

"Oh, were not really related. : should be "we're", not "were"

Another formatting suggestion:

Crimson laughed a bit to herself as she considered this new pegasus. "Not the humblest mare I've met. But she does seem to have a reason for her confidence if the filly is that enamored with her." she thought to herself even as she gave a small bow. "The pleasure's mine I'm sure."

It's easier to tell the difference between a character's internal thoughts, and their spoken dialogue, if you format their thoughts in italics, like this:

Crimson laughed a bit to herself as she considered this new pegasus. Not the humblest mare I've met. But she does seem to have a reason for her confidence, if the filly is that enamored with her, she thought to herself, even as she gave a small bow. "The pleasure's mine I'm sure."

with that same air of importance she always seemed to carry. ... Did you mean, "impatience", by any chance? (Not that Rainbow doesn't have a lot of self-importance, too!) :rainbowdetermined2:

how upset her Idol was with her -- Don't capitalize "Idol", as it's not someone's name

"cant" is missing its apostrophes ("can't") in several places.


Thank you very much once again. I do have an editor... of sorts but as I said neither of us write often enough.

And yes I believe I did mean Impatience there... I think I grabbed the wrong correction when spell checking. And I'm surprised it didn't catch any of the Can't's when it caught most of the other contractions.

As for the I in Idol... I have a tendency when role playing to capitalize important words. More of a tick then intentional really... so I guess that kinda passed over.

I'll definitely keep the italics in mind for later chapters.

I did write this one in 2 sessions, compared to the other chapters that ran much longer in the making. So I'm happy it wasn't that bad.

I was really scared the harshness of it would turn away the few people that enjoyed it.

The only complaint I have with this chapter is that it felt a little bit rushed. Still liked it though.


I actually worried about that when I was writing it. But I asked a couple people before posting and they told me it was fine. Thanks for sticking with it though ^^.

Worrying about it means that you care about writing, for which I am glad. If there was going to be a chapter that felt rushed, as there almost always is in fiction, then this was the chapter where it would do the least amount of damage.

And of course I would stick with it! There aren't that many spanking stories in this fandom, and of those only a few are good. This one is good.


Thanks very much for the compliments. I'm not really writing for the favs or anything but it still feels nice heh

I'll have to write the next two chapters before I post them, since its another 2 parter. They also have very little to do with the main character. I considered putting them as a seperate story because of this... but I dont think I will.


In rereading these comments, it just occured to me:

Your spellchecker didn't catch "cant" without the apostrophe, because "cant" is actually a word:

cant: n 1. Angular deviation from horizontal or vertical plane or surface. 2. The tilt caused by such a motion. 3. A slanted edge or surface.

"Cant" can also mean "words or phraseology peculiar to a sect, class, or calling."

Eye have a spelling chequer,
It came with my PC.
It plane lee marx four my revue
Miss steaks aye can knot sea. :rainbowlaugh:


The oddest thing about the spell checker on this site is, capitalized contractions. It'll register that they're wrong... but will give completely random fixes for them. But if they aren't capitalized it'll have the right fix.

Hearts express more then words:twilightsmile:
ps: It means I love this chapter:pinkiehappy:
AND;Trixie appeared to not be surprised by Crimson`s appearance. I mean is there a picture of her outside the shop? Did Trixie know about her around town? I don't know. I tend to over think things.


Its been a few weeks since she arrived in town. Its implied that word has gotten around. Plus Trixie isn't one to care about anyone but herself.

Thanks for the support ^^

"Banana" ............... I like where this is going.

This is actually one of my favorite versions of Trixie's story. To me it makes a lot of sense.


Thanks. BronyCuriious a reviewer from Youtube convinced me that there was something dark in Trixie's past. And there's more than a few fics that mentions the Lulamoons. So I built my own headcannon about it.


And that's why I never trust spelling checkers. :raritywink:

Damn, didn't even realize you were updating this :( Well, got lots to read anyways. I must say, glad this fic has been well received. Starting to get a fondness for these types of stories. Dunno if I'd ever do another one again since people got pretty offended about it, though.


I'd hate to promote myself on someone else's fic, but if spankfics are your cup of tea, you might enjoy Sisterly Guidance.

Okay, having read both halves now... iiiiiiiinteresting. Very interesting... :pinkiehappy: The backstory for Trixie is certainly one of the more intriguing premises I've seen for her. (Initially, I kind of thought a thousand years seemed a bit long for the remnants of the Lulamoon family to hold that intense of a grudge against Celestia, but after thinking about some of the long-running grudges in places like Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, I withdraw the objection...) Your fanon background for her is certainly as valid as any other, at least! :twilightsmile:

From the purely technical side: still having some trouble with punctuation, and with not always using the right word ("too" instead of "to", etc.) As I commented somewhat tongue-in-cheek earlier: you just can't rely on the spell-checker for this stuff. Frankly, I sometimes wish automatic spell-check had never been invented; it seems to lull people in to a false sense of security more often than it actually catches anything. (And that's by no means limited to fan writings, either; I've seen some pretty egregious bloopers in published books and newspapers these days, too. :facehoof: ) Sometimes the dialogue seems a bit rushed, mostly due to not enough commas... and Trixie is kind of info-dumping at the end, there. Me, I would've broken up those long paragraphs by adding a couple more poses or descriptions of how she was speaking, or actions to indicate her emotions. (Scraping a hoof on the floor in embarrassment, looking away, that sort of thing.) Granted, that's as much individual writing style as anything else -- just a thought to ponder.

I might've drawn out the spanking scenes a bit more, too, but I'm evil that way. :pinkiegasp:


Well it was a first attempt... and sadly while I agree about the spell checker... I've only ever passed one spelling test in my life. Yet still a straight A student up until High School lol. Figure that one out.

The reason I didn't do much else but info dump at the end, was my original intention to split that part off with a warning to the readers so they could ignore it if they didn't like fanon ideas.

Hopefully my new story will be a bit more exciting in the spanking regard as this was really just a way to flesh out my OC and get a bit of an idea on whether I should even attempt writing.

I was surprised when I read this, not thinking it would be much more than the usual fic. Turns out I enjoyed reading this more than others. I love how the use of spanking is more than a fetish and rather a conduit for ponies to get lacking discipline into their lives and feel better for it.
Excellent idea for a story in my opinion.


I expect I can safely speak for Crimson Brush as well as for myself when I say, we're both glad that you enjoyed the story so far. :twilightsmile: (Crimson deserves the lion's share of the credit, really; he came up with the core of the story, I mostly just help flesh out some details and and polish the presentation.) I've always been a "porn with plot" kind of guy; even in a "clop-fic", I think it's always better if the erotic parts still reveal something interesting about the characters.

Crimson just handed off the next chapter to me, so with any luck it should be up before long; keep an eye out! :raritywink:

What started out as a simple idea has bloomed into something far more grand indeed. Glad to have taken the leap with this story. I will also be reading your other story, I have already gone through the first chapter and it seems very promising.


Very glad to hear you enjoyed it ^^. Couldn't have done it without Triskelion, though.

Sadly the other story will take far longer to write, and Triskelion is actually Writing one of the chapters while I work on the final 2.

If a co-authored story between you two results in anything like the last chapter of Many Uses of a Brush, and judging by the first chapter of 'Red'emption I think it will be, then I am confident that the coming work will be very satisfying.

Thank you for the compliments. :twilightsmile: We'll certainly try not to disappoint!

Actually, in some ways, pretty much the entirety of The Many Uses of a Brush could be said to be co-authored at this point; I revamped chapters 1-6 somewhat right about the same time as I helped him co-author chapter one of Redemption of a Showmare, and they all got got re-upped at the same time. (So a lot of the comments prior to about mid-June 2013 are actually referencing the earlier versions of the chapters.) If you haven't re-read them since they were originally posted... you might want to. :raritywink:

A lot of it was just fleshing out and expanding on what was already written, though, so if I had to put a number on it, I'd say it's about a 70/30 split between what he originally wrote and what I added. Chapter 7 of this story, plus Redemption of..., is where we officially got into the groove of co-authoring things on a more 50/50 basis -- although in many ways, it's still the same process; he gives me a chapter containing most of the basic ideas and plot, and I pick it up and run with it. :twilightsmile:

Well, whoever wrote what in whatever way they wrote it, good job! I enjoyed the story. I didn't go into it knowing it was anything like a "spank fic," though I suspected, but I was still pleasantly surprised by the contents of the story. Nicely done.

The thing that prevented me reading this final chapter was that it looked to be a grizzly beast of a read. But, damn, I'm happy I took the time, tired as I am, to make my cautious way into it.

It is a shame that this fic doesn't get the attention it deserves, really. The scene between Silver Spoon and Crimson Brush was one that I, as an author who has done spanking scenes before, can truly appreciate for how well it was handled.Better than mine, I think. Silver's reaction was very believable and her pain from feeling ashamed of becoming the opposite of what her mother wanted her to be was pretty moving, I ain't gonna lie. I might give this story another full read some day, as I haven't seen any of the previous chapters since before 2882397 put his magic touch to it.

It was a real treat seeing this reach its end, Crimson. I look forward to future work involving this subject matter if you intend to continue doing them (I've gotta check out that Twi/Trix fic sometime). Best of luck and I wish you all the best.


I'm really glad you decided to give it a read ^^. And thank you so much for the compliments. It was a blast having Triskelion's help to give my story the life it needed.

Redemption sadly will be slow going but I have little doubt it'll be worth the wait.

I'm sure the story would have gotten more recognition and maybe even been sponsored on the first page if I had Triskelion from the beginning.

Heh, yeah, the final chapter did run a bit long, didn't it. :twilightblush: It kind of morphed into a "Silver Spoon redemption" story while I was working my way through the original piece C.B. gave me. Knowing that this would be the final chapter of "Many Uses...", I wanted to wind things up with a Big Finish, and it seemed to me that this experience would be the kick in the flanks Silver Spoon needed to make her wake up and realize what she's become. Plus... I wanted Diamond Tiara to pay a price for this too, and having this become the bridge too far that finally breaks Diamond and Silver's friendship seemed appropriate. Diamond won't learn anything from it, of course, but at least it cost her something, and Silver Spoon now has the chance to start over and try to become the kind of filly her mother would have been proud of, instead of ashamed of.

Plus, it was a way to bring some of the other characters back into the story, and bring things full circle to close it out. (Sweetie Belle going all Dirty Harry on Diamond was just one of those amusing little ideas that comes to you out of nowhere, and once it gets stuck in your head, it's just too good not to use. :rainbowlaugh: )

Anyway, I'm glad you liked the result, and I do hope you'll get a chance to go back through the reworked chapters 1-6 at some point. :twilightsmile: I'm working my way through ch.2 of "Redemption of a Showmare" and hope to have it ready soon -- one of the challenges of this kind of story is to keep the spanking scenes from getting repetitive or predictable, so I've been juggling several different ideas to kind of shake things up a bit in that chapter... :trixieshiftright:

:raritywink: i can't wait to read the other chapters:raritystarry:

This story is amazing! A true work of art:derpytongue2:

I thank you for the compliment as well. :twilightsmile: If you liked this one, don't forget to check out our other collaborative effort, Redemption of a Showmare, which picks up where chapters 5 and 6 of this story left off to follow Trixie and Twilight's new relationship. Twilight isn't the only one Trixie owes apologies and atonement to...

“Of course, my dear. Your care"

"You're" :pinkiehappy:

I like this. I had a good friend recommend this to me, and I can definitely see why he liked it! I especially liked how you had Twilight feel bad for all the bad things that she had done in the past. :twilightblush:

I'm SO gonna favorite this...

And also, I see the "sex" tag, but after reading the first three chapters, I haven't really seen anything with any sort of sex, aside from Twilight feeling incredibly exposed on the spanking stand.


Glad you enjoyed the story ^^. I put the sex tag against my own opinions on the matter for the Twi and Trixie chapter. Call it a safety measure.


Reference to an old trollestia joke.

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