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He has traveled through countless worlds, countless times, and met countless creatures. Although not every creature he meets is friendly. He has seen his fair share of combat, lost those he called friends, and sometimes was the cause of the destruction of entire worlds. Now living in world where his very appearance would cause a panic, he must find a way to ensure that his very presence won't cause the destruction of another world.

Especially one as impossibly kind as Equestria.

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My attention sir. You fucking have it.

I'm going to be honest...I skipped some of the text :twilightsheepish: pleasedon'thurtme
I'm to blame if I don't understand the story, but I like to think that this is the story of the Master from Doctor Who, if he had companions and all.

3437300 Y'know, I was afraid someone would think that. :twilightblush: So let me tell you now. No, he is not The Master.

Sooo.........update soon?

3437491 Were is UPDATE????????

Uumm... Is This story 'DEAD'?

Sudden update is sudden.

Hah, what a cliffhanger! Hope the next one wouldn't be for another two years:twilightsheepish:.


In the name of all Holy Gods. It's been two years. TWO YEARS.

I want more chapters. Please?

Hopefully it won't take as long to update again?:fluttershysad:


I'm proud of you.

:rainbowkiss: UPDATE! Alright let's see if you can keep your quota.

and how in the end the real bride and groom managed to drve the changelings out.

Other than that pretty good.

6727179 And fixed. Thank you!

See if you can find that reference.

"It's been 84 years, and I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used. The sheets had never been slept in. Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was."

What I thought of when I saw your comment.
And yes, that quote is from memory.


This story has a story of great duration. It has improved relative to earlier chapters (baring some exceptions) . I is sad.

I hope you continue and finish this in a reasonable time frame.

This has taken an impressively long time to update

Love it! Nice writing here! Imma like this.

The name is fucking retarded... sounds like some edgelord album name

I enjoyed this so far. I would like to read more

Remulus hummed, believing her as much as anypony else, "Regardless, whether it is your fan stories, this very moment, or a child of another world being lulled to sleep by the story of six ponies and the wolf, it all exists. There is no such thing as fantasy."

Damm, now I looked at the invisible camera because I was so impressed.

I got the 84 years reference. I am both a brony and a whovian, so watch out. very good story telling here. will read again.

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